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Best 18 Free Monogram and Embroidery Fonts

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Monograms are created by combining or overlapping two or more letters to form one symbol. Usually, monograms are formed by combining the initials of a person or a married couple or a company, to be used for identity and branding materials or as recognizable symbols or logos. Artists and craftsmen have been the first to use monograms as signatures on paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture.

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75+ Free Tribal Patterns and Backgrounds

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They come in bright colors and bold prints, making other patterns look demure. And, yet, they are becoming a commonplace like plaid. I am talking about tribal or ethnic patterns. These loud bright patterns have overtaken not just the web but also packaging and fashion as well as interior design. They are everywhere. You see them in clothes in packaging of cosmetics as well as in upholstered furniture.

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32 Sets of Free Music Vector Graphics

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Summertime is synonymous to parties and music festivals. Thus, we think it is timely to come up with a round up of free vectors and clip art that you can use for your music-related designs. In this post, we put together a total of 32 sets of music-themed vector graphics that you can mix and match. The first few sets includes drawings and illustrations of popular musical instruments such as guitars, violins, drums, keyboard , and piano. There are also sets of vintage instruments for your retro-themed designs. We likewise included a set of wind instruments as well as audio and sound equipment set. To complete your poster or flyer, we also added silhouettes of people holding musical instruments as well as vectors of dancers’ silhouettes doing dance moves like hip-hop and dub step. There are also silhouettes of people in a party or concert.

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100+ Free Indian Paisley Patterns and Backgrounds

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Another design trend that is steadily gaining popularity (in addition is the use of paisley patterns. Surely, you have encountered one paisley designed item once in your life but maybe you just don’t know what a paisley is. Paisley is an intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped decorative design. It is popular in Indian-themed designs but it is said that Persia was the first country to have created paisley designs.

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30 Sets of Pencil Strokes Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop pencil brushes are handy at times when you need to add some sketched or hand drawn effects in your designs. For example, you can simply use some pencil stroke brushes to create new drawings and doodles or to shade some cartoon characters. Below, we rounded up a total of 15 sets of Photoshop brushes that you may download for free. Use them to create a more personalized artwork like post cards, greeting cards, etc. To download the set that you want, simply click the link provided below each preview image. Make sure to review the terms of use of each brush before using them, especially if you want to use them for commercial works.

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100+ Seamless Black Background Textures and Patterns

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Seamless patterns are very useful for website backgrounds because they are lightweight, making your website load faster. And, that is perfect if you are optimizing your website for Google and other web search engines. Fast-loading websites also improve user experience. Nowadays, flat and almost white website design have been a growing trend. If you are among those who love this trend, then you need to balance the look of your site by providing contrast. How about using a dark background to make your light-colored website look more appealing?

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32 Refreshing White Desktop Wallpapers

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White is literally a “color without color” and among the most common colors in nature. White is the color of snow, sunlight, chalk, milk, limestone and other minerals. The color white projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Objects which are expected to be clean, like dishes, toilets and sinks, bed linen and towels, refrigerators are traditionally white. Doctors, nurses, scientists and laboratory technicians, traditionally wore white coats also. Brides and priests also wear white as a sign of purity.

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