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100+ Logo PSD Mockups for Showcasing Your Brand

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For logo designers, the best way to test how your logo design would look like in real life is through mockups. By using mockups, you would be able to visualize how it would look like on paper, signages, billboards, business cards, corporate giveaways like shirts and coffee mugs, among other things.

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100+ Cute Seamless Baby Patterns and Backgrounds

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Creating a nice background is easy breezy using patterns. Patterns, especially the seamless and repeating ones are great for any design since you do not need to worry about having the wrong size for your background. It can fill any space no matter how big without having to worry about resolution. Today, we see a lot of designs using patterns. They are used heavily for printed materials such as invitation cards, brochures, flyers and even for phone casings.

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20 Free Wedding Invitation Card Templates

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An invitation card is one of the most important components of a wedding event. An invitation card serves as the medium to inform would-be guests about the wedding. In designing a wedding invitation card. Given the importance of the wedding invitation cards, there are several considerations that couples getting married should take into account in designing them.

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26 Sets of Free Paisley Photoshop Brushes

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Paisley designs have been in fashion for more than a hundred years. This twisted tear-drop design and pattern has a long and varied history, involving Scottish shawls, the Franco-Prussian war and the swinging sixties. Today, paisleys are currently going through a revival as exhibited in some of the current collections. Paisley designs are not just common in fashion industry. You see them in interior decorations as well as in online and web designs.

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35 Free PSD Magazine MockUps

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In this post, we put together a total of 35 mockups in editable Photoshop PSD format that you can use to showcase your magazine layout designs. You can also use these templates to see how a print ad on a magazine would look like. Likewise, these can also be used to showcase your personal design portfolio in a more interesting way. Or, perhaps, you want to feature yourself (with your photos) on a magazine cover or in a magazine spread.

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22 Amazing Underwater Wallpapers

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It’s been said that being near the ocean can make you calmer and more creative. If you are like me who spend most of my waking hours in front of computer, then perhaps, displaying a beautiful underwater scene as desktop wallpaper can help in keeping us inspired and creative.

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300+ Free Seamless Paper Patterns and Backgrounds

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Adding a paper texture to a design are much easier to achieve using patterns. Seamless patterns are great because they are not resolution-dependent. Since they repeat seamlessly to fill any amount of space, the use for these patterns are endless. Paper textures are popular for greeting cards, invitation cards, posters, as well as for websites as backgrounds or for web banners. Using large background images as website background can take a lot longer to load than seamless background images that repeat seamlessly. The textures below are your best bet if you want to have a paper texture background for your website.

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