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35 Sets of Printable Baby Shower Party Invitation Cards

Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Freebies, Print Designs | 0 comments


Throwing a baby shower party is a great way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child. It also presents an opportunity to let friends and family know about the new addition to the family. When planning a party shower, having some nice invitation cards, whether you are going to send them electronically or by delivered by hand, is an important part of the party preparation. It should clearly set the theme of the shower. Usually, shower invitation cards have themes based on gender. For example, a baby shower for a baby girl usually has a pink theme while those for baby boys are in blue color themes. If the gender of the baby is still undetermined, a yellow or green are the usual color options.

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26 Eye-Catching But Free Responsive Photography WordPress Themes

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Blogging Tips, Webdesign | 0 comments


Is your Wordpress website already responsive? If you have not shifted yet to responsive layout for your website, then you might be losing a lot of potential viewers that are using mobile devices. You can call a web design responsive when it automatically adjusts its layout based on screen size, platform and orientation of the users. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries.

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35 Elegant Examples of Letterpress Wedding Invitation Cards

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in Inspiration, Print Designs | 0 comments


Who does not love letterpress? It has been there for centuries and no modern technology today can match the gorgeousness of print that this technique produces. So I guess, letterpress will be here for maybe the next centuries. Letterpress is popular for printing wedding card invitations because it exudes timeless elegance. Designing for letterpress printing is a bit tricky especially if you are working on a complicated design such as the use of different colors, a textured background pattern, etc. Also, when designing a wedding invitation card, one has to consider the personality of the couple in conceptualizing its design and theme.

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35 Motivational Posters About Graphic Design and Arts

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Inspiration, Print Designs | 0 comments


In this age of social media, everyone is a designer. Some people just do it full time. I’m sure most of you reading this are raising your eyebrows. I’m saying this because I have come up with a round up of beautiful posters about design, art, creativity and sorts that I am sure that not just designers are going to appreciate. So I am taking a time off from posting resources and let’s all together go on a break by reading these tastefully designed posters full of inspiring messages.

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25 Brilliant Brochure Examples for Inspiration

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Inspiration, Print Designs | 0 comments


Brochures come in different forms and shapes. The most common types that we see come in single sheets but differ in how the single sheet is divided into panels through folding. There are bi-fold, which results in four panels, and the three-fold brochures, which has six panels. Brochures also differ not just in the number of folds but based on how they are folded–the accordion or “z-fold” method, the “c-fold” method, etc. Brochures also come in booklets made up of several pages and are most often saddle-stitched, stapled on the creased edge, or perfect bound like a paperback book.

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30 Top Free Spring Clip Art and Vectors for Designers

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Freebies | 2 comments


Spring is the season of new beginnings, when nature awakens after winter and the world comes alive. For designers, Spring also brings new opportunities in terms of projects since a lot are being celebrated during these months. By this time, perhaps most of you have already started getting requests from clients for promotional designs for the upcoming Spring blowout sales. For crafty people who does their own designs (DIYers), I am sure you are all on the look out for fresh graphics you can use in your projects. With these things in mind, we decided to look around for some new vector graphics that were released for free. There are actually hundreds of thousands of free resources out there that it’s easy for someone to get overwhelmed.

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35 Free Flat User Interface (UI) Kits in Editable PSD Format

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Freebies, Photoshop, Templates, Webdesign | 1 comment


Gone are the days when you see shiny glossy websites. Today, websites have all gone flat. But this does not mean that web designs have become boring. In fact, most people have embraced this trend that even big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have taken a liking towards flat design. What defines this trend is the lack of gradients, shadows, 3D effects or various other wild design elements. Flat design is a product of minimalism. Elements are removed from the layout so that people can focus more on the content.

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