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10K+ Free Photoshop Gradients for Creating Backgrounds

Having a collection of gradients that you can use anytime you need one in Photoshop is a great time-saver. The gradient tool is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop especially for making backgrounds, icons, buttons for the web, among many other things. If you need a tutorial on how to install and use gradients in Photoshop, then checkout our previous post about photoshop gradients. Today, we would like to present some fresh, new but free Photoshop gradients that you can use in your designs, both web and print. As in most freebies, be sure to check first the terms of use before deciding to use any of these free resources. So start downloading or bookmarking them for future reference.

01-Infinity Family Gradients by Infinity Style
A huge set of gradients containing 10,000 swatches you can use in your projects.

free photoshop gradients preview

02-Dooffy gradients by Dooffy Design
Here are 30 beautiful swatches that you can use for free even for commercial projects. The downloadable zipped format contains a GRD file you can install in Photoshop.

glossy web 2 gradients for photoshop

03-Trendy Web Styles by bestblogbox
Here is a collection of 26 trendy Photoshop web styles that you can download and use for free both for personal and commercial design projects. You are not, however, allowed to redistribute, resell or claim exclusive ownership rights of this file.

trendy adobe logo style photoshop gradients

04-Ocean Breeze Photoshop Gradients  by Elven Sword A set containing 140 swatches that may be useful for creating ocean-themed designs. You are free to use them for both personal and commercial projects provided you follow certain rules of the author.The archived file that you can download contains the Ocean Breeze preview in PNG and the Ocean Breeze.grd (Photoshop gradient file with 140 swatches).

free ocean blue photoshop gradients

05-Vintage Gradients by Artik-NL
A set of 18 vintage swatches for Photoshop that you can use for free. Perfect for creating backgrounds for retro-themed designs for both web and print.

free vintage retro photoshop gradients

06-Emerald Dragon Photoshop Gradients by Elven Sword
This set has a total of 30 green gradients for Photoshop. The zipped file that you may download includes the Emerald Dragon.grd file with 30 swatches and a preview image. These are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes under certain conditions. Checkout the author’s page for more information after the jump.

free green photoshop gradients

07- 30 Web Gradients by Crazykira Resources
There are a total of 30 swatches in this set that you may use for creating nice web 2.0 style in your web projects. Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

free dark color photoshop gradients

08-Monochromatic Gradients by Purple Graphics
Here is a set containing 38 swatches going from very light to very dark in a single spectrum color.

free monochromatic photoshop gradients

09-Dark Photoshop gradients by Scully 7491
This set contains some 32 darker colored gradients that you can use freely under certain conditions.

free dark photoshop gradients

10-Real sky Photoshop gradients by Feniksas 4
A set of swatches representing the true color of the sky from sunrise to sunset to sunny to stormy skies. Free for personal uses only.

free sky color photoshop gradients

11- New Photoshop Gradients by Roman
There are 15 fresh dark-colored gradients in this set that you can use for free in your projects.

free glossy dark photoshop gradients

12- Soft Blue Gradients by Infinity Style
A huge set containing 20 soft-blue gradients that you can use in your projects.

soft blue photoshop gradients

If you need more gradients or the onhe you are looking for is not included above, then we suggest that you checkout our earlier post on Photohop gradients.



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