1000+ More Free Photoshop Custom Shapes-Part 2

Using custom shapes in Photoshop brushes can save you a lot of time. For example, if you need to draw a star, instead of drawing it from scratch using your pen tool, you can actually use a custom shape. Like Photoshop brushes, there are also plenty of Photoshop custom shapes that you can download for free and use in your designs. But unlike Photoshop brushes which are made up of pixels (which means, resolution or size of the image is limited to the maximum set by the author such as 500 pixels, 2500 pixels, etc.), custom shapes on the other hand are made up of vectors. This means that you can enlarge a shape to whatever size you want without losing quality or sharpness.

Today, we gathered together in a single post a total of more than 1000 custom shapes that you can download and use for free. These shapes range from decorative to sketches to logos to silhouettes  and many other shapes and objects. Again, we would like to stress that we are not releasing these packs as freebies from this site. Thus, you need to go to the respective author’s page where you can download the pack which are usually in archived format. Make sure you read and understand the terms of use first before using any of these sets as they may vary from one author to another. To download the set that you like, just click on the preview image.

Not familiar with Photoshop Custom Shapes? If you know how to install and use Photoshop brushes, then you must have a clue on how to use  shapes as the steps involved in downloading, installing and using them are practically the same. If you need a tutorial, and thousands more Photoshop custom shapes, then check out our previous post, 3000+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes in 55 Sets, where you can also download more custom shapes.


But first, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have just finished working on my own set of Photoshop custom shapes featuring labels, badges, ribbons and tags. Below is a preview:

40+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes: Badges, Ribbons and Labels

photoshop custom shapes


01 – Sketched Transportation Shapes

doodled transportation photoshop custom shapes

02 – Summer and Beach Shapes

summer beach photoshop custom shapes

03 – Useful Custom Shapes for Photoshop

miscellaneous photoshop custom shapes

04 – Doodled Paisleys

paisley doodles photoshop custom shapes

05 – Sun Shapes
A collection of 35 sun shapes that you can use in Photoshop.

sun photoshop custom shapes

06 – Doctor Who Ultimate Shape Pack
Includes 30 various shapes adapted from both versions of the writing on the Doctor’s cot from ‘A Good Man Goes to War’.

photoshop logo and typography custom shapes movies

07- Sacred Geometry

geometry photoshop custom shapes

08 – Miscellaneous Comic Symbols

comic symbols photoshop custom shapes

09 –  Kiddy Stuffs

kids stuff photoshop custom shapes

10 – Stars Photoshop CSH Stars Version 3

stars photoshop custom shapes

11 – Assorted Logos

brand logos photoshop custom shapes

12 – Car Logos

car logos photoshop custom shapes

13 – Ribbons

ribbon photoshop custom shapes

14 – Butterfly Shapes

tribal butterfly photoshop custom shapes

15 – Silhouettes of Sexy Fashion Girls

women silhouettes photoshop custom shapes

16 – 173 Free Vector Shapes of Splashes and Drops

vector ink splashes custom shapes

17 -Valentine’s Day clip art as Photoshop Custom Shapes
Valentine’s Day clip art of vector silhouettes. Includes 55 relative vector shapes such as hearts, silhouettes of people in love, angels, cupids, etc. You just need to mix this elements, add romantic background and decorate with floral ornaments.

valentine hearts, couples, cupids photoshop custom shapes

18 – Nate’s Shapes

miscellaneous photoshop custom shapes

19 – Urban Designs

urban grunge photoshop custom shapes

20 – Banner and Scrolls

banner scrolls photoshop custom shapes

21 – At the Beach

beach vacation photoshop custom shapes

22 – Retro 50s Shapes

retro photoshop custom shapes

23 – Vector Retro Cars as Photoshop Custom Shapes
This pack includes 27 quality and detailed vector units of retro cars.

vintage car photoshop custom shapes

24 – Star Custom Shapes for Photoshop

star photoshop custom shapes

25 – Red Faction Guerrilla

guerilla photoshop custom shapes

26 –  Valves Custom Photoshop Shapes
Includes over 50 custom shapes from the Half Life 2 and Portal Games

gun ammunition photoshop custom shapes

27 -Skyline Collection as Photoshop Custom Shapes
The skylines of New York (with twin towers), Seattle, San Francisco, London and Sydney – plus separate Statue of Liberty.

city skyline custom photoshop shapes

28 – Useful Shapes

maps logo photoshop custom shapes


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  1. Wow! Thanks!!

  2. This is one of the best sites I have seen for free custom shape downloads. I bookmarked this baby!

  3. Super nice collection. thanks a lot

  4. Wow, thanks for featuring my Transportation, Doodled Paisley, and Beach doodle shapes! The 258 floral shapes, swirls, link seems to be broken. :-( I’m off to Google it to see if I can find that great set!

    Thanks for the fabulous roundup of shapes, love your site!

  5. Hi Deb! Thanks… I love your shapes and brushes! Great work…

  6. any idea on how to use this in Gimp? thanks.

  7. I haven’t tried using GIMP. I am sure the .csh file will not work in Gimp but you can try opening the .png or .eps files. Some sets do have .png or .eps files in the folder that you can download.

  8. this is a really useful list! thanks a lot!

  9. Awesome custom shapes designs for Photoshop – the geometry and comic shapes are excellent.

  10. This is a great collection! Thanks for putting these custom shapes together.

  11. best collection of custom shapes. I just love everything and downloaded all. any one no how to use them in windows ?

    ok Here you :just paste csh files in this directory and restart photoshop.

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Custom Shapes

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