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2K+ Free High-Quality Illustrator Symbols

One of the most powerful features in Adobe Illustrator is the very under rated “symbols” palette. By using the Illustrator symbol palette, you would be able to make illustrations faster and build a library for quicker reference later on. One original symbol can be used any number of times. In addition, you can also use a symbol as template to build other illustrations. You can also make a beautiful star-field background using symbols, for example, in just a few strokes. So if you are not already using this Illustrator feature, I suggest you should be because it is a real time-saver especially if you are doing digital illustration and animation.

Below is a selection of more than 2000 free Illustrator symbols to choose from. As mentioned, these free Illustrator symbols can be modified, re-colored and effects can be applied to them. And that’s just few of the things that you can do with these free Illustrator symbols. These are all vector designs and can be used to any size of document.

To start using these free Illustrator symbols that you can download from this post, the simplest way is to (1) open a new .Ai file,(2) and then click on the symbols tab, (3) go down to where the symbols menu (4) then go to “other libraries”. (5) Find where you saved the .ai (symbol) file you downloaded earlier and then double click on that. Voila! the symbols tab should then open up and you’re able to use the symbols. Again, you need Adobe Illustrator to use these symbols. I am sorry I have to stress this one!

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01 – Simbolos by Cherry Flip
Here is a splendid pack of varied shapes that you can use as Illustrator symbols. Using them will surely in any vector project will surely save you a lot of time.

free various illustrator symbols

02– Angela’s Butterfly Symbols
Here are 62 free vector butterfly symbols that you can use  for your fluttering pleasure.

free butterfly illustrator symbols

03 – Flores by CherryFlip
Here is another set of free Illustrator symbols containing floral designs.

free flower illustrator symbols

04 – Tokidoki Trees
This set includes a total of 36 highly detailed illustrations of trees that you can use as symbols in Adobe Illustrator.

free trees illustrator symbols

05 – Ridiculously Cool Hippy Flower Symbols
20 detailed ridiculously cool hippy flower symbols for Adobe Illustrator CS3.  If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator CS3 then there is also an EPS included in the zip.  Have fun you hippie creative.

free hippie flowers illustrator symbols

06 – Graffiti and Other Art
Here is a set of Illustrator symbols featuring 33 graffiti and other art related symbols.

free graffiti art illustrator symbols

07 – Starstruckilly pack

free illustrator symbols

08 – 15 Glossy Boxes
We all love the Web 2.0 glossy effect. Here is a pack of vector glossy buttons and boxes that you can use in Illustrator as symbols.

glossy buttons illustrator symbols

09 – 203 People Silhouettes
This silhouette pack includes a total of 203 vectors featuring men and women fashion stylized as silhouettes.

people silhouette illustrator symbols

10 – Integration and Application Network (IAN) Symbol Libraries
he IAN symbol libraries contain over 1500 custom made vector symbols designed specifically for enhancing science communication skills. The libraries are designed primarily for use with Adobe Illustrator (requires version 10 or better), however we also offer eps and svg versions for non-Illustrator users. The symbols allow diagrammatic representations of complex processes to be developed easily with minimal graphical skills.

aquatic animal illustrator symbols

You may also want to checkout the illustrator symbol libraries that you can download from the following websites:

Illustrator Symbols at Vector Portal
There are hundreds of Illustrator symbols waiting to be downloaded from this site.

stars and gears illustrator symbols

Free Symbol Libraries for Adobe Illustrator at
From Halloween to Valentine’s to Easter to St. Patrick’s Day. These are just some of the vector symbols that you can download from this site.

Easter spring illustrator symbols Symbols
Checkout also the free symbols from the creator of Illustrator. There are also plenty of symbols that you can download for free.

weather and lights illustrator symbols

Graphic Extras
Checkout also the symbols (shapes) packs for Illustrator® CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10, PC + MAC OS X from this site.

various illustrator symbols

Code Zebra’s Symbols for Adobe Illustrator
There are thousands of symbols contained in seven categories from Code Zebra. Although these symbols are not free, I still decided to include them just in case you are wiling to pay the small costs for using these symbols.

various illustrator symbols


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  5. The IAN Symbol Libraries ( now include 2500 symbols in AI, SVG and PNG versions. A custom download builder lets you search/browse for just the symbols you want. There is also an online vector editor!

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