1000+ Free Vector Flower and Swirls Designs

It is always useful for every designer to have an arsenal of vector objects that you can count on in creating different designs. Since the use of flowers and swirls have been very popular lately and most probably in the near future, we decided to pool together the best vector flowers and swirls that we found from around the web. Here, you will find 27 sets of high quality vectors containing more than a thousand items consisting of flowers, swirls, foliage, spirals, curves and other floral shapes that you can use to create your unique frames, backgrounds or patterns. These designs are available in either Adobe Illustrator, EPS or SVG for your designing pleasure. Most of the sets can also be used for non-commercial purposes although  there are some where commercial use is allowed. Please checkout the license before using them commercially as the license may change from time to time.

To download the set that you want, simply click on the preview image and it will take you to the author’s page where you can get additional information, terms of use, and most importantly, the download link for these free resources.

If you find this post useful, then you might also be interested to check out our previous post on free vector swirls, leaves and foliage. Also, if you do not know what to do with vector files but need some flower elements in your design, you should visit out post featuring over 1,000 free-to-download flower PNG files.


01-Vector Floral Wallpapers
Here are 25 high-quality wallpapers with floral curves, swirls, flowers and leaves in vector style. Various color schemes and ornaments are available in this set.

floral swirls vector wallpaper elements

02-Simple Vector Flowers by Dezignus
A nice set of vector flowers, they very simple, but still nice.

free download- simple vector flowers

03-Vector Love Flowers by DaPina Colada
Nice spring illustration of vector flowers in eps format.

vector spring love flower illustration

04-Vector Flowers by Q-vectors
38 colored vector flowers, also available in GIF/PNG 1000x format for you guys that don’t have adobe illustrator.

colorful hand drawn vector flowers

05-Vector Flowers Set 2 by Q-vectors
A very large vector set containing over 30+ unique flowers, great for using them as brushes.

unique drawing of flowers in vector format

06-Vector Daisies by Q-Vectors
Another great vector graphic exclusively for QVectors.com. Special thanks to DragonArt for creating these excellent vector designs.

vector flower white daisies

07-Red Silk Flower Design Vector by Dragon Artz
Silk flowers with hearts, circles and lines in eight different color designs. Useful as background, design element or announcement card for invitations.

red vector silk flower designs

08-Flower Vector by Vector4Free
One super hot file of various botanical and flourish like elements. This file is a little different than our usual products, because it contains illustrator transparencies and we saved as CS3. Typically our stock vector products are saved as EPS version 8, so basically anyone can open them with any major image/vector editing application.

vector flourish botanical designs in eps format

09-Vector Flower Patch by Vector Jungle
This flower patch uses transparencies so the file is available in  native Adobe Illustrator to keep the file size down.  However, EPS format is available upon request.

vector flower patch in different colors

10-Flowers and Swirls by Open Graphic Design
Decorate and improve your designs with vector flower swirls. Use this set of floral graphics as inspiration for your own designs. Instead of providing a long tutorial on how to create swirl graphics, we give you the source file with many decorative variations and let you study it, dissect it and come up with your own design. Included in this set are various forms of swirly flowers, floral arrangements, grunge flowers,  and leaves. Also in this set are flower branches, roots and long curly stems. Combine the flower graphics with the swirls to create your own retro flower collage or floral wallpaper.

hand drawn flower and swirls vector

11-Floral Elements by Dezignus
A collection floral elements of all kinds: curls and swirls, flowers and buds, leaves and foliage, leaf and blade, trees and bushes, silhouettes of realistic plants. Also there are Bonus elements such as: crowns, clouds, stars, snowflakes, heart, birds, dolphins, sharks, bat.

vector floral and swirls design elements

12-Mega Vector Collection by Graphic Free Download

vector flower roses with water splash background

13-Vector Stem and Flower Set by Vector Jungle
A collection of vector flower, swirls and stems  that you can use for free. Available in both native Illustrator and EPS formats.

vector stem and flower illustration

14-Swirl Vector 1 by T2M on Deviantart
Floral Elements in EPS format to use on Photoshop & Illustrator.  Download & Enjoy!

flower and swirls vector graphics

15-Retro Grunge Floral Vector by Keepwaiting on Deviantart
This collection includes lots of splatters, details, lines and funk that you can use for non-commercial purposes.

retro grunge floral vector graphics

 16-5 Floral Ornaments by Idealhut on QVectors
This set includes 5 decorative floral ornaments that you can use freely as ornaments in your designs.

decorative flower vector ornaments

17-Floral Vector by DragonArtz on QVectors
Several floral ornaments with and without flowers. Useful for your scrapbook and to freshen up your website and blog or use them as paper decoration.

vector vine and floral ornament design

18-Swirl Vector 2 by T2M on Deviantart
Floral elements in EPS format to use with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

detailed flower, leaves and swirl vector designs

19-Free Vector Flower Downloads
There are around 50 sets of flower designs in vector format that you can get for free.

free hand drawn vector flowers download

20-Fight by Neslirawles on Deviantart

vector disco ball with flowers in eps format

21-Elegant Vector Florals by Artbox7 via All Silhouettes
Here are 7 elegant floral ornaments created by ArtBox. You may use them in your artwork, no matter if it is for your client or for your personal projects and to redistribute these vector samples as long as you provide a back link to their website. You are not however allowed to resell these artworks nor create any artwork using these vectors for sale.

elegant vector flower and swirls designs

22-Vector Flourishes Designs by All Silhouettes
Here is another Amazing set of Detailed Premium Flourish Designs in Vector. There are 24 ready-to-use flourish elements. Easy to mix and modify it for any purposes – personal or commercial. Includes Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop  custom shapes files.

free vector flourish and swirls graphics

 23-6 Flowered Labels by DaPino via QVectors
Awesome free vector art from DaPino, this set contains 6 variations.

vector flower labels and bookmarks in green, orange and pink

24-Random Free Flower Vectors by Bittbox
These vector flowers are available in Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and SVG for your designing pleasure.

free hand drawn illustrator vector flower designs

25-Swirls and Flowers by DaPino via QVectors
Beautiful swirls and flowers vector graphics by DaPino. Free for non-commercial use.

free vector swirls and flowers graphics

26-vector Flower 3 by DaPino via QVectors
All are created in illustrator CS3 and are completely vectored.

flowering trees in vector eps format

27-Vector Lotus Flowers by Triptyrasaily via QVectors
This is a beautiful lotus flower illustration by triptyrasaily.com.Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

free vector lotus flower graphics


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