35 Most Creative Infographic Resume Examples

Infographic resume has been gaining popularity among creative professionals as a way to standout from the competition and grab the attention of employers. Especially if you are applying for a creative or design job, it is advantageous to make a good impression at the first glance by submitting a resume that represent the skills that you have. Think of resume as your biggest opportunity to show your creativity before even meeting the person tasked to hire you. Do not be afraid to set yourself apart from the crowd and dare to try something unique. In this post we gathered a total of 35 of what we believe are the most creative resume examples to inspire you in creating your own unique resume. Some of these resumes were actually used by applicants in applying for a job while some are just concepts.

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01-Michael Anderson Resume/Infographics
This infographic resume was designed by a graphic designer and features a colorful chart to show his work experience and skills.

infographic resumes with colorful charts and graphs

02-Resume of Ariane Denise Lunod via Deviantart
Graphic resume of a copywriter. The design includes a typewriter and pieces of paper to covey education, personal and work background.

infographic resume of graphic designer

03-Infographic Resume of Pau Morgan on Flickr
A colorful pie chart showing education and work experience of a creative professional.

pie chart resume of graphic artist

04-Life Chart Infographic Resume
A life chart showing timeline of the resume owner.

infographic resume-life chart

05-CV of Robert Sexton, Graphic Designer, Artist, Illustrator

paint splatters graphic resume

06-Poster Resume by Hippie Designer
A poster designed to be printed A2 size, put in a A4 envelope and mailed to prospective employers.

infographic poster as resume

07-Newspaper Resume by a Graphic Designer
This resume was included in each issue of DESGINERD (toward the end where the novelty ads would normally be).

newspaper graphic resume

08-One-Page Printed Resume and Portfolio
The one page resume portfolio is a 6-panel pamphlet that shows your resume when folded and your design portfolio when unfolded. You can click on the link below the image to view it in full.

folded brochure used as resume for designer

09-Graphic Resume of a Graphic Designer
The preview image below shows only the first page of the graphic resume. Visit the link below the image to view the other pages.

graphic resume of a designer

10-Curriculum Vitae of Branko Vukelic

graphic resume  with scrapbook style

11-Personal Resume of Steven Duncan
The idea is to design an eye catching resume illustrating the author’s education and work experience since high school.

infographic resume design

12-Infographic Resume of Greg Dizzia
This lists the author’s history in the design world (some lesser clients have been left out). Designed using Univers, this graphic resume is an appendage to a traditional resume, to be included as a forward page in the author’s portfolio.

infographic resume with charts

13-Curriculum Vitae of Jason Feng

graphic resume-book style layout

14-Brochure-inspired Curriculum Vitae

brochure-style graphic resume

15-Self-Promotional Poster-Mailer
The mailers are two-color litho printed A2 sheets (A2 pullout poster folded to A5 booklet) on 140gsm Cyclus Offset.This mailer was purposefully designed before the author moved to Australia and used as a self-promotional piece which was sent out to agencies in Sydney. The A5 format booklet housed an introduction and resume which then folded out into an A2 poster showcasing a selection of work images.

graphic resume-poster mailer style

16-Resume of Samuel J. Mallett

folded graphic resume

17-Infographic Resume of Mike Wirth, Designer, Educator, Artist.

artist infographic resume

18-Christopher Perkins’ resume, using the subway map metaphor

graphic resume using subway map metaphor

19-Subway Map-Inspired Visual Curriculum Vitae of Kevin Wang

graphic resume using subway map metaphor

20-Character Resume of Sean McNally, Level 15 Artist, Level 7 Animator

infographic resume in black and white

21-Booklet Curriculum Vitae

booklet graphic resume

22-Infographic Resume by Justin Evilsizor

infographic resume with charts and graphs

23- Isometric Resume by Arnaud Veltin, Cartographer of Complexity

isometric infographic resume

24- Resume of Jolie O’Dell, Graphic Designer, Print and New Media

vinyl record inspired graphic resume

25-Magazine-Inspired Resume by Eugene Isaac, Writer/Editor

magazine-inspired resume for editor

26-Curriculum Vitae of Jonathan Wong

typographic infographic resume

27-Boxed Resume of Sid Santos, Graphic Artist

boxed resume of graphic artist

28-Sid Santos’ Resume on a paper cup, tissue paper and a piece of receipt

graphic resume on paper cup

30-Aamir Sha

power line graphic resume

31-Resume Passport

passport inspired graphic resume

32-Folded Card Resume of Alexander Parker

folded card graphic resume

33-Rashmi Gupta

folded brochure type graphic resume

34-Personal Resume of Chester Lau

infographic resumes with charts

35-Jesse Burton, Designer, Illustrator, Director, Musician

infographic resumes with charts

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  1. Absolutely original! They are worth trying!!!!

  2. Great! it shows creativity and colorful designs

  3. The creativity behind the designs is simply amazing! I really like how these guys think! :)

  4. Very creative indeed. I’m sure it helps if you’re applying for graphics designing job but isn’t too sure how well it work with 9 to 5 day office job. :)

  5. Worth trying! very innovative!

  6. Really inspiring! Makes me want to start thinking of ideas to make my resume more interesting!

  7. Excellent set of examples. Very inspirational. In fact, so inspirational that I did one myself.

  8. That’s Awesome simply how can they think always new and creative always, have any medicine you taking for that.

  9. While graphically interesting, these résumés are not likely to actually be read by prospective employers. Busy Human Resources professionals want to be able to quickly scan a résumé and get the gist of who you are. These complicated résumés demonstrate that the candidate is not thinking about the reader, and facilitating ease of readability for them. Your portfolio is the place to show off, not on your résumé.

  10. Really neat. I like Chuck D Lay, but they’re all awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. These resumes are great. Thought I would throw mine out there for praise, bashing or criticism. Here is a link to it :: http://stapleydesign.com/resume_2011.pdf

    Thanks, Craig

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