35 Free Handwriting Fonts for Natural Effect

Handwriting or handwritten fonts are a great way to add a natural and personal touch to any design. Many designers have been using handwriting fonts to spice up their designs and give it a hand-drawn look. But what are handwriting or handwritten fonts? They are basically those types that simulate a manuscript or letters written by hand. These types are usually used for website headers, notes such as those found in some tutorials to explain certain elements or as tagline for a logo. Most people also use it in designing personal cards to make them look like the message, for example, was written by hand by the sender. Scrapbook enthusiasts also make use of handwritten fonts to customize the look of their artworks. Handwritten fonts, however, do not look good in cases where you have long texts or paragraphs as these types could become very difficult to read.

So, as a follow-up and at the same time to complement our previous roundup of sketched and doodle art Photoshop brushes, we decided to showcase a total of 35 free handwriting fonts just in case you will need to use some of these in your projects. Like in in any other free stuffs that you can download online, make sure to check first the terms of use or restrictions from the authors. Most of these free fonts are available only for personal use.

01-Hannah’s Messy Handwriting
This was created using the author’s personal handwriting.

Hannah's Messy Handwriting font

This would be nice to use for a greeting card or any personal note.

Jenny- a free handwriting fonts

03-Sweetie Pie
An adorably cutesy handwritten font, you may use this font to create cute designs such as a birthday invitation for your daughter or for cute caption for a cute photo in a scrapbook.

Sweetie Pie-free handwriting fonts

04-Joe Hand 2
For a more formal handwritten font, you may use Joe Hand.

Joe Hand-  formal handwritten font

05-Ammy’s Handwriting Font
This one is a casually uptight handwritten font.

Ammy's Handwriting Font

06-Vince Hand Two

Vince free handwriting fonts

07-Honey I Stole Your Jumper

Honey I Stole Your Jumper

08-Onetrick Tony

Onetrick Tony handwriting fonts


angelina free handwriting fonts

10-Beer Note

Beer Note free handwriting fonts

11-Joyful Juliana

Joyful Juliana handwriting fonts

12-Just Me Again Down Here

Just Me Again free handwriting fonts

13-Popstar Autograph

Popstar Autograph free handwriting fonts

14-Aaron’s Hand

Aaron's Hand free handwriting fonts

15-Slevdog 2

Slevdog 2 free handwriting fonts

16-VNI Thuphap

VNI Thuphap free handwriting fonts


Chilly free handwriting fonts

18-Crossword Belle

Crossword Belle free handwriting fonts


Schneller free handwriting fonts

20-Jayne Print

Jayne Print free handwriting fonts


Margarosa free handwriting fonts


Yelly free handwriting fonts

23-Writing Stuff

Writing Stuff free handwriting fonts

24-Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting

Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting


Dali free handwriting fonts

26-Burst My Bubble

Burst My Bubble free handwriting fonts

27-Ma Sexy

Ma Sexy free handwriting fonts

28-High Fiber

High Fiber free handwriting fonts


Wacomian free handwriting fonts

30-Skipping Brush

Skipping Brush free handwriting fonts

31-Acki Preschool

Acki Preschool handwriting fonts


Lovitz handwriting fonts

33-Kids First Print Font

Kids First Print Font

34-Cheryl Hand

Cheryl Hand font


Morgan free handwriting fonts

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