100+ Cute Summer Photoshop Brushes

For many people, summer is the most undeniable season. You cannot escape it, you gotta have it. Many people look forward to this season as though it were Christmas because of the fun and nostalgia that it brings. Schools are mostly off during this time of the year, thus this is the perfect season to go out of town, go on a holiday or vacation or party all night long.

To set the summer mood, we decided to have a round up of some cute Photoshop brushes that include mostly summer graphics–from pictures of beaches to white beach sand, surf boards, hibiscus, sea shells and star fishes. I hope you will find these cute summer Photoshop brushes useful. You can create a scrapbook of your summer vacation photos using some of the cute summer Photoshop brushes here or maybe create a personal blog that serves as a journal of your summer escapades.

Most of these cute summer Photoshop brushes are free for non-commercial use only. Please make sure to check out the individual terms of use set by each author of these brushes as they may vary from one to another. Also, please do not forget to credit the author whenever you use the brushes even if he or she is not asking for it.

Have a fun summer everyone!


01: Summer Fun Photoshop Brushes
Whether you are designing your own post cards, a poster for a Summer party at the beach, or a beach-themed birthday or baptismal party, these brushes will surely offer you endless of design options. Included in this set are 24 high-res images of beach-related stuff.



02– Beach Clip Art
Photoshop brush pack featuring different clip art that you can use in designing a beach-themed designs such as websites, brochures, summer party invitations, etc. Images included in this set are silhouettes and vector renditions of girls in beach summer outfits, a girl surfing, men in board shorts, some hibiscus and palm trees among other things. Brushes intended to be used as background in your designs were also included. These summer-inspired brushes are also in large sizes, with each brush having a resolution of about 2000 pixels. There are a total of 28 brushes in this set and should work with any CS version of Adobe Photoshop.

summer photoshop brushes- girls in bikina, surfer, hibiscus


03– Seaside Memories Brush Set
A brush pack containing graphics that you can use in creating summer-inspired designs. Includes sea shells, pearls, earrings, and much more. Also very useful for scrapbooks.

summer seaside things such as pearls, sea shells, pebbles, sand


04– Hibiscus Flowers
Cute Photoshop brush set composed mainly of different hibiscus flowers. These are ideal to use if you are planning to print your own postcards or a beach party invitation. You may also use these brushes in making scrapbooks of your pictures taken from a beach summer vacation.

summer hibiscus photoshop brushes


05– Free Summer Brushes
A positive set of summer vector brushes in the form of beach backgrounds.

beach background photoshop brushes


06– Summer Sails
This cute summer Photoshop brush set includes 12 high resolution nautical theme brushes.

nautical sails photoshop brushes


07– Summer Life
This set was created using using vector images of beautiful girls and summer backgrounds. Brushes about entertainment and party at the pool, summer night disco,the summer Show and many more also included.

beautiful girls and summer background brushes


08– Hot Summer
A mixture of cute Photoshop brushes that you may find useful in creating summer-inspired designs.

hot summer design elements as photoshop brushes


09– Summertime brushes
Contains 23 brushes inspired by summer at the beach and made with Photoshop CS.

summer beach photoshop brushes


10– Summer Landscapes
A collection of serene summer landscapes. Since these are created using vector files, the quality of the graphics are also very crisp and nice.

summer landscapes photoshop brushes


11– Summer Mood
Includes over 10 high-quality and beautiful summer scenery. Just touch the canvas and the picture is ready!

summer scenery photoshop brushes


12– Sand Print Brushes
A set of 13 sand prints of hearts and letters. These cute summer brushes were made in Adobe Photoshop 7.

sand prints summer photoshop brushes


13– Beach Sketches Brushes
A set of 25 Photoshop brushes made up of sketches of beach themed elements. These were all drawn by hand! They are high resolution, with the average size being about 1900 pixels.Includes: beach ball, umbrella, a conch and various other shells, dolphin, lighthouse, lounge chair, message in a bottle, palm tree, pelican, sea turtle, several ships, a stylized sun, starfish, waves, and more!

beach sketches summer photoshop brushes


14– Surf Board Brushes
Summer is the perfect time to hit the waves. So here are 6 beautiful designs of surfboards. Use them as highlight of your scarp book or as background of a summer vacation photo collage.

summer surfboard design photoshop brushes


15– Tropical Cocktail
Another set of cute summer Photoshop brushes that you can use in your designs such as beach party invites or digital photo album of your summer vacation.

tropical cocktail photoshop brushes


16-Shells brushes
These brushes were created using real pictures of starfishes, shell fishes and other sea creatures in Photoshop 7.

beach sea shells photoshop brushes


17– Retro Summer
Nostalgic, but very Positive Retro Brushes!

retro summer photoshop brushes


18– Free Summer Brushes
A free summer-themed brush pack containing pictures of Afro man, butterfly, floral artwork, half tone pattern, hat, palm tree, among other things.

summer photoshop brushes-swirls, palm tree, afro man


19– Free High-Res Hibiscus Realistic Flowers
This brush set includes 20 brushes created using real pictures of hibiscus flowers. The brushes are high resolution, with each brush sized at 2500 pixels. They are created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 but should work with any CS version of the program.



20– Beach Summer Photoshop Brushes
A set of cure brushes with a summer beach holiday theme. The set includes images of starfish, sea shells, swimsuits, palm trees, fishes, etc.



21: Summer Cocktails Photoshop Brushes
The pack contains various cocktail drinks such as martini, margarita, pina colada, mojito, manhattan, daiquiri, bloody mary, name it, you’ll get it from this set. These cocktail brushes would look great for summer-themed post cards, posters for Summer parties at the beach, or a beach-themed birthday or baptismal party. We are sure you will have endless uses for these brushes.


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