25 Eco-Friendly Packaging Design Concepts

Consumers are becoming more and more environment-conscious and have started to demand eco-friendly products from manufacturers. As a response, there have been a tremendous effort from the part of manufacturers to project themselves as eco-friendly by coming up with products and packaging that are not harmful to the environment.Food and drink packaging, for one, can be both costly and a detriment to the environment. When packaging such as plastic, styrofoam cups and plates are thrown away, they end up in a landfill where they stay for hundreds of years before they completely decompose.

Who says that eco-friendly packaging designs are boring? Here, we listed down 25 creative packaging that are not only stunning but also good for our environment.

01-Lacoste Eco/Techno Polo
The concept was to explore two very different materials and the technology used in the production process of these special edition eco shirts from Lacoste. The most eco-friendly way to package the eco polo was not to print on the packaging at all but use embossing instead. The techno polo is vacuum-packaged in screen-printed foil.

lacoste eco shirts packaging

02-Sennheiser Eco-Friendly Packaging
This eco friendly packaging for Sennheiser CX 300 ear phones is made from cardboard and is 100% recyclable – “no nasty plastic clam shell to clog up land fills.”

Sennheiser earphones Eco-Friendly Packaging

03-Light Bulb Package Redesign
This environmentally friendly package is redesigned for General Electric high-end light bulbs. It is highly encouraged nowadays in the design world to design with sustainability in mind.

sustainable Light Bulb Package Redesign

04-Phycisian’s Formula Organic Wear
Here is an eco-friendly mascara from Physician’s Formula. Its 100% Recyclable Eco-Brush defines each lash with ultra-soft plastic bristles and is claimed to be 100% free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, clumping, smudging, flaking, fibers and dyes.

eco-friendly mascara packaging

05-Reserve Collection Coffee Packaging
These were printed at the popular Minneapolis-based letterpress studio, Studio on Fire.

eco-friendly coffee packaging

06-GreenYard Winery
A green packaging for a wine label created with sustainability in mind.

eco-friendly wine label packaging

07-COLORLESS–an eco friendly package proposal for Coca-cola. A convex logo substitutes colorfully sprayed can.Naked can help to reduce air and water pollution occurred in its coloring process. It also reduces energy and effort to separate toxic color paint from aluminum in recycling process. Huge amount of energy and paint required to manufacture colored cans will be saved.

eco friendly package proposal for Coke

08-Yellow+Blue = Green, as in organic wines in recyclable Tetra Packs
Spear Design Group developed the new packaging that tells the Yellow+Blue story for the company’s four eco-friendly, organic wines: Malbec, Torrontes, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé.

organic wines in recyclable Tetra Packs

A brand dedicated to design clothes for twins. All materials and inks used in their clothes are eco-friendly, creating a packaging design that is simple but impressive.

eco-friendly packaging for twins clothing

10-An eco-friendly Packaging Design Concept for Tide
Environmentally friendly laundry soap that uses only what is necessary to get your clothes fresh and clean while keeping the ecological impact low.

eco-friendly packaging design for Tide laundry soap

11-Eco Undies
An eco-friendly packaging design for an eco-friendly underwear., which made use of organic cotton, dye free and bleach free.

eco-friendly packaging design for underwear

12-Sustainable CD Case
Here’s a simple concept to replace the traditional CD case. The system is actually proposed in a detachable continuous strip adaptable to the number of CD to be packaged. This package contains no adhesive and is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard.

Sustainable CD Case

13-Meaty Packaging
The packaging is completely biodegradable. Since the paper was treated with water proof starch, it is completely nonabsorbent to prevent any unsightly damp spots and discoloration.

biodegradable packaging for meat

14-Roll-Out Veg Mat
A simple, fun solution which could encourage families and individuals to grow there own food, saving them money and of course the environment.The final design solution was a simple nutrient enriched corrugated cardboard seed mat.

nutrient enriched corrugated cardboard seed mat

15-Puma Clever Little Bag
By providing structure to a cardboard sheet, the bag uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoe box, has no laminated printing, no tissue paper, takes up less space and weighs less in shipping, and replaces the plastic retail bag.

eco-friendly packaging for puma shoes

16-CD Case (Student Work)
Here is another sleek concept for CD storage. It proposes a classification system that reduces the handling of plastic cases and complex envelopes and gathers all disks in standard size DVD boxes. The material used is made of simple recycled Kraft chipboard and printed in one color. The design allows generous space for the identification and description of content.

eco-friendly kraft paper for CD case

17-Olive Poop Bags
It seems strange that conscientious dog owners pick up their dog’s poo (which is 100% biodegradable)…only to pop it into a plastic bag that will be with us for 100 or so years.

eco-friendly poop bags for dogs

18-Bee Yogurt
Bee manufactures environmentally-friendly goat cheese and yogurt. Its products are absolutely natural and it follows bio dynamic agricultural practices in its own farm.

environmentally-friendly goat cheese and yoghurt

19-Incredible Dissolving Bag
A new packaging material called harmless-dissolve which was created in the UK by Cyberpac.

eco-friendly bag that dissolves in water

20-Märsödal Farm
Identity and packaging concept for ecological farm products. Together with the ecological look, A classic French cloth pattern is combined with a classic use of typography to create a one-of-a-kind branded experience.

packaging concept for ecological farm products

21-The eBay Box
eBay just launched a new set of reusable boxes as part of a pilot program to make shipping a little greener. Starting in October, the company is giving away 100,000 shipping boxes to eBay sellers, and encouraging reuse. According to eBay, if each box gets used five times, the program could protect nearly 4,000 trees, save 2.4 million gallons of water, and conserve enough electricity to power 49 homes for a year.

reusable ebay boxes

22-Student Spotlight: J. Chris Schwartz
Everything on the menu is peanut-based and all designs were screen printed on raw materials.

eco-friendly packaging for peanut-based products

23-Hangerpak (Student Work)
A sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create a coat hanger. The packaging could be made from recycled material whether it is card or plastic and the only waste is the green tear-away tab.

recycled t-shirt packaging that converts into hanger

24-60 Bag
These bags are the perfect natural answer to the environment’s needs. They are biodegradable carrier bags made out of flax-viscose non-woven fabric. Its material was scientifically developed and manufacture in Poland. The flax-viscose fabric is produced with flax fiber industrial waste, which means it doesn’t exploit any natural resources and requires minimal energy during its production.

biodegradable carrier bags made out of flax-viscose non-woven fabric

25-Revelry Wines
Revelry wines are sold in patent-pending REVELution cask. According to 425 Magazine, the “unique, boxed design holds almost twice the amount of wine that a bottle holds, isn’t susceptible to cork taint and keeps wine fresh for several weeks after opening”. It is also recyclable.

eco-friendly packaging for Revelry Wines

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  1. I love the concept of eco-friendly orientation to design and especially packaging. Im wondering how many were actually adopted finally.

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