35 Business Letterhead Stationery Designs for Inspiration

Having a professional letterhead design is very important in building a brand for your business. Since you use this piece of paper in your day-to-day business communication such as in issuing receipts, invoices, bills, verification, among other things, it is just logical to use your letterhead in building your brand. A letterhead should contain your company logo and contact information. Other companies also list their products or services in their letterheads.

Using a professional letterhead sends an important message–that your business is a professional organization and is an established one. To inspire you in designing your corporate stationery or letterhead, here, we gathered 35 beautiful letterhead designs. If you want to view these letterhead design examples in big format complete with the details, just click on the link provided below each preview image. I hope these designs would inspire you in creating letterheads and other corporate identity materials in the future.

01-Flywheel Stationery

minimalist letterhead design for Flywheel

02-THEN JSC Corporate & brand identity

corporate brand identity letterhead design in white, black and orange

03-We Are All Connect Promotional Material

brown and white clean letterhead design

04-SEEC Brand Identity Design

simple black and white letterhead design

05-Helga Identity

clean minimalist letterhead design

06-Constructa Branding

clean black and white letterhead, envelop and cd designs

07-CRESO – LED it work!

clean blue and white letterhead design

08-Freestyle Print Brand Development

black and white letterhead design

09-The Foreign Policy Stationery Set 1

yellow and pink plaid letterhead designs

10-SZ Developments

blue and white letterhead designs

11-Rooftop Stationery

white with cityscape letterhead designs

12-Musica Corporate Identity

letterhead designs in black and white with graffiti graphics

13-Quantum Brand and Stationery

minimalist with gold foiling letterhead designs

14-Dylan’s Barbershop Identity

blue and white letterhead design with comb for a hair salon

15-House Proud Cleaning Services

white minimalist letterhead designs

16-Integrity Spirits

minimalist black white letterhead designs and envelopes

17-Corporate basics

simple letterhead designs in red and white

18-Studio Imbrue

red and white letterhead designs

19-Design Work Life

decorative dotted lines letterhead designs

20-Epoch Letterhead Design

simple letterhead designs in brown and red

21-EightHourDay Business System

plaid background letterhead designs

22-Haarlems Uitgevers Bedrijf — Corporate identity

blue, purple, white letterhead design with envelope and business card

23-A Three Design

orange and black letterhead designs

24-Eastside Bookshop Identity

black and white patterned letterhead designs

25-FA-DANES Identity Collateral

white minimalist letterhead designs

26-FA – Van Slyke

black and white letterhead designs

27-Absurd Machine Productions

yellow and black gear design for letterhead

28-The Pixel Cup

pixel cup letterhead designs

29-Law firm corporate identity

law firm simple letterhead designs

30-Tropicana Residents’ Association Logo Design and Corporate Stationery

green environment-themed letterhead designs

31-Stationery: Rice University MBA School of Management

clean blue and white letterhead design

32-Stationery: Charcoal

letterhead designs with red patterns in red

33-Debut London

letterhead designs in orange and black

34-Letterhead and Compliment slip: Restore Furniture

letterhead designs in orange and black brick

35-Bronx Zoo Letterhead

typographic letterhead designs

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  1. Awesome stuff!
    I love Dylan’s Barber Shop!

  2. Great collection of letterhead designs, thanks for the inspiration !

  3. Amazing and superior design!

  4. It’s nice to see Musica’s corporate identity here. Musica is a music store here in South Africa!

  5. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing these! 😀

  6. Great collections…truly inspiring…keep it up, thanks.

  7. very good…

  8. Will you please tell me which software should i use to create professional look design like this? these are great designs.

  9. wow collection I need design of letterhead idea, and found here.. thanks for best idea !

  10. You can use Illustrator or Photoshop or InDesign, depending on which program you are most comfortable witn

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