20 Romantic Script Fonts for Valentine

Are you searching for some romantic fonts that you can use in creating greeting cards, party invitations and love letters this Valentine’s Day? If yes then a nice calligraphy font would surely complete that design you are working for. These fonts are not only useful for Valentine-themed designs but also for weddings, engagement announcements or even Mother’s Day greeting cards and for other occasions.  Here is a list of 20 most romantic fonts for you including links on where to get them. The first ten are free fonts, with most of them available for free for personal usage. The last ten fonts, on the other hand, are commercial fonts that you can purchase online if you need them for commercial projects. To get the font that you want, simply click on the preview image.


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01-League Script #1 by Haley Fiege
League Script #1 is a modern, coquettish free romantic font that sits somewhere between your high school girlfriend’s love notes and handwritten letters from the ’20s. Designed exclusively for the League of Moveable Type, it includes ligatures and will act as the framework for future script designs.

romantic script fonts


02-Mural Script
Mural Script is a free romantic font that you can download from Fonts2u.com and use in your design.

Mural script romantic fonts


03-Swenson Script Font
This is a true type font created by The Type Foundry and can be downloaded for free from DaFont.

swenson romantic font


04- Windsong Script Font
A free romantic font. However, this could be hard to read if used in more than one sentence. This is best to use for titles, names or any one-liner text on a greeting card or invitation card. If you are tired of Scriptina and want a variation, this one is a good alternative.

windsong romantic script font


05- Champignon Free Font
Champignon font is a true type available for Windows and Mac and can be downloaded and used for personal purposes. Like the preview font, Champignon is best to use three to four words in a page. We would not recommended using this font for the body of your poem or greeting card.

champignon romantic script font


06-James Fajardo Brushed Font
Another free romantic font that you can use for your greeting cards, party invites or even Mother’s Day cards.

league script romantic font


07- Dear Joe Casual Script Font
A trial version of the new Dear Joe 5 casual font. It features all characters, but no special signs. The complete version is available on : www.joebob.nl. The Dear Joe 5 casual font can be mixed with the regular version and its alternates.

dear joe script font


08- Angelina Handwritten Font
Another free romantic font that you can use for a handwritten look and style. Perfect for creating the body text for greeting cards, etc.

angelina romantic script font


09-Fiolex Girls Font
If you want a cute font for a girly party invitation card this Valentine’s Day, then here is a free romantic font that you can use.

fiolex girls script font


10-Honey Script Font
Create a more personalized design using these free romantic fonts for Dieter Steffman available at Dafont.

honey script romantic font

If you didn’t find the free romantic fonts that you are looking for from the list above, then you might want to check out this high-quality premium fonts available at MyFonts. Of course, these romantic  fonts come at a price ranging from around $20 to $50.


11-Linotype Zapfino
For each character there are four alternative versions, so text can be far more individual than with normal calligraphic fonts. There are accompanying fonts of ligatures and ornaments to complete the package.

zapfino script font


The Mistral font was based on Mistral’s own handwriting and has become an institution among script typefaces. The Mistral font was the first of the textured edge styles and its fresh, distinctive appearance makes it very popular. Perfect to use even for body text.

mistral script romantic fonts


13- Aphrodite Slim Pro
More delicate and meticulous, Aphrodite Slim Pro is once more a new typography with deep calligraphic ideals: We immersed ourselves into the world of each calligraphy ductus and each calligraphy masters by studying from decoration to lettering books.

aphrodite romantic script font


14- Affair Script Font
Affair is an enormous, intricately calligraphic Open Type font based on a 9×9 photocopy of a page from a 1950s lettering book.

affair romantic script fonts


15- Corinthia Pro
A festive, elegant script, Corinthia flows with perfect connections and beautiful curves. It’s a delightful design that offers wide usage…Now available in Open Type format, this award winning font comes with over 500 glyphs, and character sets for European languages. All three weights are perfect for creating elegant design work from packaging and romance novels, to invitations and social expression products.

corinthia script romantic fonts


16-Regina Script Font
Designed by Laura Worthington, Regina – an elegant and flowing script suitable for headlines, wedding invitations and advertising. Named after, and dedicated after the author’s my mother – whose beautiful handwriting was an inspiration to her.

regina romantic script font


17- Sheila (Premium Font)
Another romantic font from Laura Worthington, is inspired by the handwriting of a girl named Sheila. Sheila is a hand lettered font featuring 35 alternate letters and 30 ligatures.

sheila romantic script font


18-Mr. Sheffield Script Font
Alejandro Paul and Sudtipos bring the Bluemlein scripts back to life in a set of expanded digital versions, reflecting the demands of today’s designer. Extreme care has been taken to render the original scripts authentically, keeping the fictitious names originally assigned to them by Bluemlein.

romantic script font sheffield


19-Suave Script Pro
Sun-tanned, smooth, and fluid. Suave Script is based on disconnected calligraphy originating from a how-to lettering book from the 1950s. Suave Script is at once fashionable, human, and creative.

suave script romantic fonts


20-Palace Script
Palace Script is sharply inclined, with dramatic contrast between the thick and thin strokes; the lowercase is a connecting script with only one looped ascender, the lowercase f. Use Palace Script for invitations and announcements and occasionally for commercial display work that needs a formal look.

palace script romantic font

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