20 Best Futuristic Fonts for Modern Designs

Achieving a futuristic or contemporary look and feel in your designs can be achieved by using modern graphic elements such as images, vectors, backgrounds and typography. There are countless websites out there dedicated to images and vectors that you can check out to have a grasp of the latest design trends. However, when it comes to typography, you can rarely find a site dedicated to modern fonts and typefaces. Thus, we thought that coming up with a round of futuristic looking fonts will help designers a lot.

Having a collection of futuristic fonts that you can rely on and use  for creating modern designs is a big time-saver for designers. To help you get started or increase your collection of modern and useful futuristic fonts, we decided to look around and review 20 of them in this post. Most of these fonts are free to use for both personal and commercial projects. However, there are a few of them which are restricted to non-profit use only. Check out the license agreement before using any of this font for commercial projects.

examples of futuristic fonts preview

To download the fonts that you want, simply click on the preview image and it will take you to a new page where you can download them and at the same time get more information about each of them.

Futured is a very modern and legible futuristic font that you may find useful in creating modern designs. Since it contains only capitals or uppercase fonts, this is therefore ideal both as headlines and titles. Although, this font would also look good as body text.

modern futuristic fonts-Futured

02-Space Age
A sci-fi font based on the logotype for Epcot’s “Mission Space” attraction. It contains uppercase types, alternate capitals, numerals, punctuation and some extended characters.

space age fonts

Another contemporary typeface that you can use to create a futuristic feel in your designs. It contains uppercase letters, lower case, numerals, punctuation and some extended characters in dotted form.

dotted futuristic fonts- astronaut

Elektora is a sleek and thin typeface with a contemporary look. Included are uppercase characters, lowercase characters, punctuation characters,  and some special characters.

modern thin fonts

Here is another sleek and thin futuristic font that you can use for a modern and minimalist style of design. This font is great as title or headlines or maybe for logos but not so much for body text.

modern thin wide fonts

06-Venus Rising
This is part of Larabie Fonts collection by Typodermic Fonts and it is free for commercial use. Do not forget to read the files inside the zip for details. Updated in 2010.

Venus rising modern font

Exceed is available in different weights, such as medium, bold, oblique and contains uppercase and lowercase characters as well as numbers, punctuations and other special characters.

wide thin futuristic fonts

08-Neuropol X
A  font recalling sci-fi, video games, Vectorbeams, and flatbed plotters. Neuropol X bridges the style gap between the geometric sans serif fonts of the late 20th century and super elliptical futuristic fonts.

modern geometric fonts

09-Alien League
Alien League is a Truetype Font for Windows. This font is thin and tall and is ideal for creating sleek and modern looking designs. Free for personal use only.

thin and tall futuristic fonts

10-Space Man
Space Man is also a Truetype Font for Windows. This font is thicker but available only as lowercase characters. Included also are numbers and most punctuation characters. This font is ideal as headlines or titles.

thick and wide modern fonts

This is the updated version of “Transformers” font, which is no longer supported. Cleans up the glyphs and has a much improved and accurate character set. Does NOT include the Hasbro Autobot and Decepticon symbols.

futuristic transformers Optimus fonts

Another sleek contemporary font available in two weights. Includes both lowercase and uppercase as well as numbers, punctuation characters and special characters.

sleek geometric fonts-Digital

This typeface features rounded design and ideal for logos or shorter texts in your designs.

futuristic rounded fonts

14– Zero Hour
Also part of the collection from Typodermic called Larabie, this is  free for commercial use. Please read the files inside the zip for details. Updated in 2010.

modern geometric fonts

A free sans serif for your modern designs.

futuristic sans serif fonts

16-Android Nation
A futuristic square fonts that you can use to create headlines with big impact. This font is freeware for independent comic book creation and non-profit use only.

Android nation contemporary fonts

Another sci-fi themed font for your designs. Contains capitals, numerals, most punctuation and some extended characters. Available in Regular, Bold and Oblique.

sci-fi futuristic fonts

18-Across the Stars

thin and rounded modern fonts

19-Sony Sketch
Contains capitals,lowercase characters, numerals, most punctuation and some extended characters.

thick and rounded modern fornts

20-Good Times
As part of Typodermic Fonts’ Larabie Fonts collection, this typeface is free for commercial use. Please read the files inside the zip for details. Updated in 2010. This font is a free part of a larger font family.

wide and thick modern fonts for titles

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