10K+ Free Seamless Background Patterns

Background patterns, especially those seamless and scalable ones,  are very useful as design elements. As background for websites, for example, you can simply add a bright and interesting pattern as background and presto! the appearance of your website will instantly improve without much effort. Patterns as backgrounds are also useful for scrapbooks, invitation cards, even business card designs.

In case you are looking for some pretty but free background patterns that you can use for free, here are more than a thousand (1000+)  designs that you can use for your projects. To download the set  that you like, just click on the text link found below each preview image. Also, do not forget to check out the terms of use of each set as license could change from time to time and from one author to another.


On the other hand, if you need scalable and high quality pattern that you can edit in programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, then check out our earlier posts about free illustrator patterns or vector patterns.

Please note that the first 12 entries are websites where you can download or generate free patterns. These websites alone will give you limitless seamless patterns that are enough to last you a lifetime.


At Pattern Cooler, you may download thousands of seamless patterns that you can use for your projects for free. The patterns are organized into styles, so if you are looking for stripes patterns, clicking on that style caegory will show you all stripes patterns on the site. Pattern Cooler also offers an editing tool to customize the size of the pattern, color as well as the background textures.



Here is another site where you can get thousands of free patterns. You’ll find over 5,116,137 user-created seamless patterns to use in your creative projects. At colourlovers, you may color a pattern, design your own seamless pattern or get the ready-to-use latest patterns.



Pattern8 was created to make it easier to find high quality free seamless patterns. Pattern8 keeps things simple and allows searching by color. When you preview a pattern you’ll find a link to the vector version of the pattern from PatternHead.com (if available).



Created by designers for designers, this site offers thousands of cool seamless patterns that you can use for free in your projects and websites. Whether looking for a wallpaper pattern for your iPhone or your living room, the Pattern Library is a fun resource. It allows you to keep scrolling through a responsive web library of great patterns. If you’re a designer you can also contribute your own design to to the Pattern Library.



There are thousands of free seamless patterns for Photoshop layering that you can download from Web Treats. The collection includes around a hundred sets of patterns in various themes–from grunge to stripes to polka dots and a lot more!



This site also offers thousands of patterns in various categories, styles and colors. DinPattern offers its patterns in numerous formats — .jpeg, .png or .gif — so you can use the most convenient option for your site.



This site lets you make your own own patterns through a seamless background tools found in the website. You can preview your pattern on the website and make any adjustments before downloading it. This is a fun option if you find it difficult to create patterns using programs like Photoshop. Using the seamless pattern generator tool at BG Patterns, creating your own pattern can take less a few minutes only.



If you are not a fan of bright and festive patterns and colors, then this website is for you. It offers hundreds of patterns that are more subdued in light and dark hues. The preview option allows you to see it in actual use on a website and give you a good feel for how it looks.



This website offers hundreds of fresh, cool, minimalist, awesome repeating backgrounds and patterns.



The patterns that you may download from this blog includes both editable vector patterns and pixel patterns that are useful for projects both web and print.



Aside from high-quality brushes for Photoshop, you may also hundreds of quality patterns from this website. The patterns range from geometric to ornamental, swirls, and floral designs. Digital papers at 12 x 12 inches in JPEG or PNG formats are also available to download.



DeviantArt also offers tremendous free seamless background resources. Most of these seamless patterns come in Photoshop PAT files as well as ready-to-use image files.



13-Miscellaneous Textures and Patterns
This DeviantArt member has a lovely collection of patterns that you can use in your projects. Most of the patterns in the collection are floral and other decorative patterns.

free floral background patterns


1416 Seamless Pink and Gray Geometric Patterns
There are seven styles and layout in two different color schemes. If you know how to use Photoshop patterns, then good for you, because you can do many things and make different color schemes by changing the background in Photoshop. The patterns come in transparent background.



15Pink Photoshop patterns

seamless geometric pink patterns


16Blue Photoshop patterns
Inspired by the Spring season, here is a set of seamless Photoshop patterns in blue.

seamless geometric blue photoshop patterns


17 Pretty Plaids 001
This set features 30 100×100 seamless plaid patterns that you can tile as background for websites.

plaid photoshop patterns free


18Seamless Tiled Backgrounds
This set contains 50 seamless patterns that you can use as tiled background for personal sites, blogs and social networking profiles, family sites, kid-friendly sites, and business sites (of a certain nature). Very clean and professional-looking, fun and cute. Plus, These backgrounds will work at any resolution.

seamless tiled background patterns in light and dark colors


19Pattern set 2
A set of 12 seamless tile-able patterns that you can use for Photoshop 7 and above

decorative seamless free patterns


20-Patterns #38
This pack includes 25 seamless patterns for Photoshop and an image pack just in case you need to use these patterns in another program.

floral and geometric background patterns


21GypsyGarden” Seamless Tile
A pack of seamless patterns thatyou can use as background. Included are two sets of .pat files in different resolutions and a PNG files so you could also use these patterns outside of Photoshop.

seamless swirls and floral background patterns


22 Textured Stripes
A set of of 6 textured stripe patterns made in Photoshop CS2.

textured striped background patterns


23Pattern Part 1
A set of 9 seamless patterns featuring floral and swirl designs that you can use as background. The zipped download file include .pat (for Photoshop patterns) and JPEG files (in case you want to use it outside of Photoshop).

flower seamless patterns and backgrounds


24Patterns #23
This set of seamless and can be tiled patterns is intended for Photoshop CS+. In case you want to use it outside of Photoshop, an image pack is provided as well.Includes a total of 33 background patterns.

seamless decorative background patterns


25 Green Patterns
This set of 6 green patterns is made in Photoshop CS2 & PSP 9. The zipped download pack contains .pat file and an image pack for other programs.

free green seamless patterns and backgrounds

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