30 Sets of People Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes

Last time, I listed down several resources about people silhouettes in vector format. Vector formats are very useful when making large-format designs since you can scale these drawings into any size you want without losing the quality in terms of sharpness or the crispness of your artwork.  However, not all of us use vector or drawing program like Illustrator and Corel Draw. So I might as well come up with a list of Photoshop brushes. However, since these are in .abr or Photoshop brush formats, these files are resolution-dependent, making them unsuitable for large format printing (As I mentioned, use the vector format instead!). But, I would like to note, though, that some of these brushes have really high resolution, making them useful for print designs at 300 dpi.

If you need a tutorial on how to load these brushes in Photoshop, I have a 20-second Photoshop quick fix on how to install brushes in Photoshop 7 and above. I hope you will find these resources useful.

people silhouettes photoshop brushes

01-Photoshop Brushes: Silhouettse by gutterlily10
This set contains 17 high-resolution people Photoshop brushes. The brushes are made with Photoshop CS2. Thus these brushes should work with all Photoshop CS versions.

people silhouettes in action photoshop brushes

02- People Silhouettes Brushes by redheadstock
This set consists several large-sized people Photoshop brushes.  Because of its size, this set may take a little longer to download but it’s worth the effort. Included are people of all ages and walks of life, from a baby to a small child to a little girl or boy to a woman or man! Also includes a few pregnant women, a little girl holding a teddy bear, a father holding his child, and a mother holding her child.

young and old people photoshop brushes

03-Business People Photoshop Brushes
This set consists high-resolution people Photoshop brushes featuring silhouettes in business suits and in different poses. The set includes both men and women either in group or individually. These are useful in creating business-related and financial-themed design projects such as brochures, website design and even Powerpoint presentations. There are a total of 21 people Photoshop brushes in this set.

people silhouettes in business attire photoshop brushes

04- Hi-Res Silhouettes by blackbelt777
Set contains 22 high resolution (up to 2500px) male people silhouette brushes.

male people engaged in sports photoshop brushes

o5-Fairy Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes CS2 by joannastar-stock
Description: This is a set of 12 Photoshop brushes of fairy silhouettes. If you are unable to use these brushes, please check out the image pack, which contains the PNGs used to make them.

fairy silhouettes photoshop brushes

06-Female People Silhouettes by IceXsainT
15 female people Photoshop brushes with resolution ranging from 600 – 1400 pixels. These people Photoshop brushes were created using Photoshop CS2.

female poses silhouettes photoshop brushes

07-People Brushes by King-Billy
This pack of people silhouettes consists 21 high-resolution brushes  (with sizes ranging from 511 pixels to  2398 pixels)

female poses silhouettes photoshop brushes

08-People Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes by King-Billy
This package of silhouettes was created using Photoshop CS3. A total of 53 brushes are included in this set.

vintage female silhouettes photoshop brushes

09- Extreme Sports People Silhouettes by Invisible Snow
This pack has 21 brushes of skaters, dancers, extreme sports enthusiasts and a few others. These brushes were made in Photoshop CS.

male people engaged in sports photoshop brushes

10- Large People Silhouettes by Physical Magic
This set consists 12 very large people silhouette brushes made with Abobe Photoshop CS3.

people silhouettes photoshop brushes

11-Football Silhouettes Brushes by Pharaoh King
This pack contains 19 people Photoshop brushes from 19 different images and were created using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

male people playing football silhouettes photoshop brushes

12-People Silhouettes Photosop Brush Set 1 by sevendays
19 brushes made using Adobe Photoshop CS2. These brushes can be used with any Photoshop CS version.

young and old people silhouettes photoshop brushes

13-Romantic Silhouette Brushes by memories-stock
25 high resolution romantic silhouette brushes. Resolution of these brushes range from 750 pixels to 1266 pixels.

romantic couple silhouettes photoshop brushes

14-People Silhouettes for PS7+ by Readheadstock
26 people silhouette brushes. These people Photoshop brushes were made with Photoshop 7.

young and old people silhouettes photoshop brushes

15-Hi Res Female Silhouettes by blackbelt777
24 high-resolution (up to 2500px) female silhouette brushes.

female poses silhouettes photoshop brushes

16- Silhouette Brushe Set 10 by sevendays
Total of 16 brushes created using Adobe Photoshop CS2. These brushes can be used also with any Photoshop CS version.

talking male and female silhouette photoshop brushes

17- Silhouettes Brushes by king billy
Some silhouettes people Photoshop brushes made with photoshop Cs3.

people silhouettes photoshop brushes

18-Jumping Silhouettes Brushes by lp dragonfly
15 high-resolution jumping people silhouette brushes.

jumping people photoshop brushes

19- Silhouette Brush Pack by An1ken
10 brushes, seven of  which are 1800 plus pixels while the other three are just under 1000 pixels in size

people silhouettes photoshop brushes

20- Female Silhouette Brushes by Tink-ling
10 high-resolution silhouette brushes of females. The brushes were created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 but should work in any Photoshop CS version.

female poses silhouettes photoshop brushes

21- People Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes by An1ken
18 people silhouette brushes fro Photoshop.

party people silhouette photoshop brushes

22- Band Silhouettes by el-k1k0
This set of  band silhouette brushes is very useful if you are creating a website for a band or any music-related site. The size of the brushes is set at 1600 pixels.

music band people silhouettes photoshop brushes

23- Dancing Silhouettes by richilemex
About 10 dancing silhouette brushes in different sizes. The people Photoshop brushes, which include a ballet brush, belly dance, and even a Cambodian dance brush, were created using Adobe Photoshop CS.

dancing people silhouettes photoshop brushes

24-Women Silhouettes Photoshop Brushes by mariekris
14 high-resolution Photoshop brushes of sexy female silhouettes. This set was made using Photoshop CS3 but should work also in other CS versions.

women poses silhouettes photoshop brushes

25- People Silhouettes Doing Hand Gestures by Whits896
These people Photoshop brushes were made in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

people doing hand signals silhouettes  photoshop brushes

Checkout also five (5) unique people Photoshop brushes set from Photoshop Free Brushes:

female shopping bags silhouette photoshop brushes

female fashion poses silhouette photoshop brushes


kids silhouettes photoshop brushes

yoga poses silhouette photoshop brushes

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