200+ Fabulous Hair Photoshop Brushes

Hair brushes are useful for photo manipulation in Photoshop. You can, for example, change the length or the hairstyle of your subject instantly by using them. There are also brushes that you can use for creating an illustrated/drawn look for characters such as animated characters. In this roundup, we pool together more than 200 individual hair brushes contained in 20 sets. These  are all high-quality and high-resolution.

To download the set that you want, simply follow the link provided below each preview image. Also, these brushes came from different authors who have also their respective terms of use. So make sure to check the individual licenses or terms of use, especially if you want to use them for purposes other than personal or educational.

01-Photoshop Hair Brushes by Design-Maker
Available in two sets: one in 2500px and the other in 500px resolution. Although created in Photoshop CS3, this should also work with any CS version of the program. There are 15 brushes total in this pack.

hair photoshop brushes for men and women

02-Hair Brushes by ~photoshopweb
A set of 7 curly and wavy long hair brushes created in Photoshop 7.

curly and wavy long hair photoshop brushes

03-Hair Wigs Brushes Set 1 by intenseone345
There are total of 40 hair wigs you can use as brushes.These are great for on the fly hair replacement, especially if you are not good at hair cutouts or if you simply want to drop an instant hair do on your subject. These brushes are shown as black but you can make them any color and size you want by changing your foreground color into any shade you want.

short hair wig photoshop brushes

04-Hair Wigs Brushes Set 3 by intenseone345
Another set of 40 hair wigs you can use as brushes, this time, featuring medium to long hair.  Again, hair wigs are shown as black but you can make them in any color and size you want.

long to medium hair wig photoshop brushes

05-Hair Wigs Brushes Set 6 by intenseone345
This is the third set of hair wigs that you can use as brushes to give your subject an instant hair do. Compared to the two previous sets, this pack contains hairstyles for both men and women. The preview image shown above is the actual brush guide chart for this brush set, use it to view the brushes and note the number of the brush you want to use for ease of locating it in the brushes window. There are a total of 7 sets of these wig brushes for this author. Be sure to check out the other sets. Links can be found after the jump.

hair wig photoshop brushes for men and women

07-Wavy Blown Hair Brushes
There are 23 hair Photoshop brushes in this set featuring wavy wind-blown hair. These are compatible with Photoshop 7 and newer versions.

wind blown hair photoshop brushes

08-Very Hairy Brushes by Arrsistable
These were made with horses in mind, though they could probably be used with other animals as well. Piecing them together would likely be the best way to go about arranging them. Made with Photoshop CS2.

very hairy horse hair photoshop brushes

09-Lineart Hair Brushes 3 by sm-exery
There are 8 hair styles in this set featuring line art hair styles. The brushes includes different hairstyles from short and messy to long and straight and a lot more.

hand drawn hair style photoshop brushes

09-Anime hair brushes by OrexChan
These hair brushes are useful for drawing animation characters. Included in this set are different hair styles from short to medium to long. An image file in PNG pack is also included so you can use these artwork outside of Photoshop.

hand drawn anime hair photoshop brushes

10-Anime Hair Brushes Set 2 by OrexChan
Here is Set No.2 of the anime hairstyle brushes. This pack includes hairstyles from Mermaid Melody. An image file in PNG is likewise provided for those who are using a different program or a lower version of Photoshop.

anime hair photoshop brushes

11-Hair brushes I by lpdragonfly
7 high-resolution brushes of hair locks you can use to enhance hair of your subject.

wavy hair locks photoshop brushes

12-Hair brushes II by lpdragonfly
Here’s another pack of hair brushes from lpdragon consisting 8 high-resolution (2500 pixels in size) brushes of hair locks you can use to enhance hair of your subject.

straight hair strands photoshop brushes

13-Woman Hair Photoshop Brushes
18 high-resolution brushes featuring different hairstyles and cuts for women. These brushes are useful for creating web and print creative materials where you need to highlight hairstyles for women such as for web design, posters, brochures, etc. for hair salon and hair stylists. Created in Photoshop CS2, these should be compatible with any CS versions of Photoshop. The resolution of each brush is around 150o-2500 pixels.

woman hair photoshop brushes

14-Hair Strands by frozenstocks
There are 16 brushes in this set composed of various hair strands and compatible with Photoshop 7 or later versions.

hair strands photoshop brushes

15-Sphu’s Hair Brush V.2 by ~sphu
Here is a new brush set containing different hair strands you can use for creating animated characters. These are compatible with Photoshop CS+ only.

cartoon hair photoshop brushes

16- Wavy Hair Strands Brushes by redheadstock
A set of 16 brushes made up of various strands of hair, mostly wavy. These should be able to be used by photo manipulators to add a full head of wavy hair, if used correctly.

wavy hair strands photoshop brushes

17-Hair Photoshop Brushes by *redheadstock
22 brushes made up of various types of hair. Includes: bangs, braids, wavy, straight, curly, ponytails. Compatible with Photoshop 7+.

long hair photoshop brushes

18-Curly Hair Brushes
This pack consists mainly curly locks of hair that would be useful for photo manipulation.

curly hair locks photoshop brushes

19– Hair brush set by para-vine
A set of 5 custom hair brushes for Photoshop (created in CS3). These brushes work quite nicely when combined with one or more of the set.

custom hair photoshop brushes

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