30 Beautiful Free Waterfalls Wallpapers

Waterfalls haveĀ  magnetic effect on most people simply because they haveĀ  something that makes us feel good. Because people are drawn to waterfalls, it is also no wonder why waterfalls are one of the most photographed subjects. Photographing waterfalls, however, is not as easy as it looks like. For one, photographing a moving subject like waterfalls presents a major challenge but also an opportunity to get a dynamic shot. In photographing waterfalls, most photographers opt to go slow by putting their shutter speeds to lower speeds and let the water blur, making them look more dramatic.

To inspire you in taking waterfalls pictures or simply to relax you by just looking at them, here are 30 of the most beautiful waterfall shots taken from around the world. If you want a relaxing diversion right in front of you, you can also use some of these photos as desktop wallpapers. Most of these photos are from Flickr Creative Commons. Check out the terms of use of each photo if you want to use them in your designs. To view the original size, simply follow the link provided below each preview image.


30 Free Waterfalls Wallpapers

01-Havasupai Falls
Called paradise on Earth, Havasu Falls is an absolutely amazingly beautiful waterfall located in a remote canyon of Arizona in the United States.

Havasupai Falls free wallpaper

02-Krai Woog Gumpen
Krai Woog Gumpen is a waterfall in the Hotzenwald, a remote part of the southern Black Forest. It wasn’t discovered until 1952 and then subsequently made more accessible (although you still need to drive on narrow roads deep into the forest). The name is of Alemannic origin and means “roaring waterfall into basin”.

free Krai Woog Gumpen waterfalls wallpaper

03-Wallaman Falls, Queensland

free Wallaman Falls wallpaper

04-Hongryong Waterfalls
Dubbed as waterfalls from heaven, this falls is located near the Hongryong temple in Yang-san, Korea.

free Hongryong Waterfalls wallpaper

05-Mardis Mill Falls
A little different view of Mardis Mill Falls.

free Mardis Mill Falls wallpaper

06-Lake Falls
The 45 foot tall Lake Falls in Matthiessen State Park, near Utica, Illinois. Ice is beginning to form along the canyon walls.

Lake Falls desktop wallpaper

07-Waterfalls at Midnight (Taken in Iceland)

Waterfalls at Midnight computer wallpaper

08-Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gulfoss, Iceland

Raging Waterfall of Gulfoss desktop wallpaper

09-Ramona Falls

waterfall with rainbow wallpaper

10-James River Waterfall

James River Waterfall wallpaper

11-Cedar Falls in autumn
Cedar Falls is located in Petit Jean State Park near Morrilton, Arkansas.

Cedar Falls in autumn wallpaper

12-Sunset over Iguazu
The great thing about the Brazilian side of Iguazu is that there are no limits on taking pictures at any time of day….(unlike the Argentinian side).

Sunset over Iguazu waterfalls wallpaper

13-The Ice-Blue Pure Glacial Water Runoff
Taken at the mountains of Glacier National Park.

Ice-Blue Pure Glacial Water Runoff waterfalls wallpaper

Waterfall at the base of the Frankfort resort, stone steps lead down to this semi-cavernous area of cascading water

Waterfall at the base of the Frankfort resort wallpaper

15-Liquid Gold
This is Magnolia Falls, located in the NW part of Arkansas in the fabulous Buffalo River Valley.

Magnolia Falls wallpaper

16-The water music
Plitvicka lakes (Croatia)

Plitvicka lakes Croatia waterfall wallpaper

17-Luckiamute Falls
Falls City, Oregon.

Luckiamute Falls wallpaper

18-Hamilton Pool near Austin, Texas by Dave Wilson Photography
Hamilton Pool is one of the best kept secrets in Central Texas. The place is a spectacular circular swimming hole half covered over by the massive remains of the previous cave’s roof.

Hamilton Pool near Austin wallpaper

19-Upper Desoto Falls
This is the upper section right before the main drop of the Desoto Falls.

Upper Desoto Falls wallpaper

20-Wide and Long
This shows the upper section of the fall on the top left where most people take their shot of Kirkjufell in the background.

cascading waterfalls wallpaper

21-El Salto
Located in Chella, Valencia

El Salto waterfalls wallpaper

22-Wulai Waterfall, Taipei

Wulai Waterfall, Taipei wallpaper

23-Thoovanam Waterfalls
Deep with in the Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary lies the spectacular Thoovanam water falls. The river Pambar flows eastwards through the sanctuary and forms the waterfalls. The enormous waterfall on the Chinnar River , with its breathtaking silvery cascade is a major tourist attraction.

Thoovanam Waterfalls wallpaper

Thoovanam Waterfalls wallpaper

25-Wigan Waterfall
Wigan is a town in Greater Manchester, England.

Wigan Waterfall wallpaper

26-Life is a waterfall
Night shot, long exposure.

long exposure shot waterfall wallpaper


paradise waterfalls wallpaper

28-Skull Falls
Taken in Disneyland Paris in Adventureland.

Disneyland Paris in Adventureland waterfall wallpaper

29-Cascade Langevin In Reunion Island

Cascade Langevin In Reunion Island waterfalls wallpaper

30- Waterfall
Waterfall at Juneau’s Salmon Bay in Alaska

Waterfall at Juneau's Salmon Bay in Alaska

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