21 Attractive Chart and Graph Design Examples

Charts and graphs are often used to give a visual representation of data, especially for publications like Annual Reports or in slide and Powerpoint presentations. Through graphs, you can easily provide your readers or viewers with facts about certain patterns, trends and future outcomes. Also, most people find it easier to understand and analyze data and figures when plotted into charts and graphs such as pie graphs, line charts, bar graphs, among others. In this post therefore, we put together 21 very attractive and visually appealing charts and graphs examples that you can use as inspiration in creating your own data visualization. The examples include pie charts, bar graphs, infographics and a few tutorials that you can follow in case you have no idea how to come up with your own charts. To know more about each graph or chart and view it in larger format, simply follow the link provided below each preview image. We hope you will find these chart and graphs examples inspiring as well. Have fun!

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01-Tourism Victoria Annual Report 2008 – Graphs

internet usage chart

02-Who is Coming to America by Good Magazine

chart and graph examples

03-‘Know It All’ Coffee Mug
This graph shows the formulas of ten of the best coffees going, with a visual breakdown of ratios of coffee to milk and other, sometimes unexpected, ingredients. Helping you to create the most perfect, or most bonkers, cup of coffee.

various coffee mix chart

various coffee mix chart

04-Realities of the Industry
An information visualization exercise exploring the ideal design process and the disruptions that hinder it.

design process chart

05-The world – infographic elements template
This PSD file Includes dozens of professional graphic elements, great for any design you need, such as presentations, websites, ads, brochures, posters etc.

infographic chart template

06-Lunar Tides & Moon
A three-dimensional piece to demonstrate my concept using reflected light, cast shadows, and rhythmic flow.

lunar tides and moon chart

07-Infographics for British Airways

infographic for british airways

08-Staircase Users
This is an infographic I did with some raw data collected from watching people use a staircase in an office building. The project is to study staircase users and try to improve the experience in an attempt to get more people using the staircases in office buildings.

staircase users infographic chart

09-Charts and Graphs in Vector Format
This set contains various colorful charts in vector format. Some samples include pie graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, line charts, and other statistical graphs. If you’re collecting visitor information on your website, you have probably seen various analytic graphs used.

vector charts and graphs for making infographics

10-The Feltron 2007 Annual Report

feltron 2007 annual report infographics

11-Internet Speed and Cost Around the World

internet speed and cost infographic

12-Home Schooling By the Numbers

homeschooling infographic

13-Oil Imports to the US
This chart shows  how reliant is the US on foreign oil.

oil imports to US infographic

14-Women in the Boardroom
Women still hold less than a quarter of senior management positions in privately held business globally.

women in the boardroom inforgraphic

15-Hunger and Malaria

hunger and malaria infographic

16– Breakdown of Average Student Budget

student budget infographic

17-Find Your New Mattress
Mattress choices vary for levels of comfort, style and quality. Coast to Coast has some of the finest in well-crafted mattresses available. Which one of these mattresses is the right mattress for you?

mattress choices infographic

18-Create eye-catching charts and graphs with this Adobe Illustrator tutorial
Create your very own attractive charts and graphs through this tutorial.

create graphs and maps using illustrator

19-Create a simple 3D Pie Graph using Illustrator CS5
This tutorial lets you create a simple print ready 3D pie graph seen in many corporate or annual reports.

3d pie graph tutorial

20-Spice up Pie Charts
For some charts you might only want to spice up the most important slice or the biggest one. Although most topics aren’t as fun as mutations, any sort of added graphics make boring charts look a lot better.

causes of mutation infographic

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