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500+ Free Paint Brushes for Photoshop

Paint Photoshop brushes are very useful for creating grungy and abstract backgrounds. In addition, you can also create a different feel in your designs by adding textures using these paint brushes. Most of these brushes are ideal for simulating paint brush strokes as well as paint splash by using them as stamp brushes. Below, we rounded up more than 500 individual paint brushes contained in 32 brush packs. To get or download the set that you want, simply follow the link provided below each preview image. Have fun using these brushes!

01– Incredible High Resolution Photoshop Paint Brushes by Colorburned
These 53 paint Photoshop brushes are not only good for roughing up or distressing your designs, but these Photoshop brushes are also great if you just need to reproduce a paint brush effect.

paint photoshop brushes from colorburned

02-Acrylic Brush Strokes: 57 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes by Colorburned
A set of 57 High Resolution Acrylic Brush Strokes that you can use for Photoshop. These brushes are really nice if you are looking for ways to simulate a realistic brush stroke in Photoshop. Feel free to download then and try them on for size.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic brush strokes

03-Paint Rollers: 20 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes by Colorburned
Here are  20 Paint Roller Brushes for Photoshop that can be used to simulate the look of paint being rolled on to any surface. This set could also be used to create some really nice photo borders.

paint photoshop brushes-paint rollers

04-Paint Trails Brushes by env1ro
This set consists some trails and smudges created using paint. There are total of 7 paint trails in high-quality brushes (resolution about 2500px) and compatible with Photoshop 7 and up!

paint photoshop brushes-paint trails

05-Abstract Paint by ~env1ro
This brush pack contains 8 big (up to 2500px) brushes that are compatible with Photoshop 7 and up!

paint photoshop brushes-abstract

06– Abstract Paint 2 by env1ro
This is the second installment of Env1ro’s abstract paints. As usual, these brushes are in high quality format, with resolution around 2500px. These are compatible with Photoshop 7 and up as well.

paint photoshop brushes-abstract

07-Free Hi-Res Acrylic Texture Brushes Set 1 by the Shoreways
This set features a more circular design for the paint brushes,giving you a different feel from any angle. The set contains 15 brushes, all of which are 2500px exactly.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

08– Free Hi-Res Acrylic Texture Brushes Set 2 by the Shoreways
these brushes are perfect for textures, overlays, and even poster making, letting you achieve a great organic feel. This set has a total of 9 Acrylic Texture Brushes all hovering at exactly 2500px.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

09-Splash Brushes by Flow Graphics
There are 5 quality paint splash brushes in this set great for creating artistic backgrounds as well as for adding textures in your designs.

paint photoshop brushes-splashes

10– Free Acrylic Photoshop Brushes from Shoreways
Here is another set of acrylic paint Photoshop brushes from Shoreways. This time, the set includes 25 brushes with resolution of each brush set at around 2500 pixels.

paint photoshop brushes-acrylic

11– Oil Paint I by ~Grayscale Stock
These are stamp brushes, not continuous brushes.These were tested in Photoshop CS3. So if you encounter incompatibility problems/issues with this set, you have the option to use the PSD file included in the download folder.

paint photoshop brushes-oil painting

12– Oil Paint II by ~GrayscaleStock
Like the first set, these are also stamp brushes, not continuous brushes. Tested to work in Photoshop CS3 although it should also work with any CS version. For those using another program or a lower Photoshop version, you have the option to use the PSD file included in the download folder.

paint photoshop brushes-oil painting

13-High-Res Acrylic Paint Brushes by Think Design
Here are some high-resolution Photoshop acrylic paint brushes. They vary in size a bit, but are mostly all on the very large side. These are different from your average paint brushes because they are sort of blob-ish. They are all different sizes and brush strokes, and the pack includes 40 brushes total.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

14– 100 Essential Brush Strokes by Denny Tang(Photoshop Tutorials)
A set of 100 brush strokes created using a variety of paint brushes and acrylic paint. This set of Photoshop brushes contains everything from simple brush strokes to smiley faces. Add this essential set of Photoshop brushes to your collection.

paint brushes for photoshop-brush strokes

15– 28 High Resolution Acrylic Brushes by Premium Pixels
The brushes range in size from 1300px up to 2300px – certainly large enough for most situations – and contain a variety of dry and wet strokes.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

16– Free Hi-Resolution Paint Stroke Photoshop Brushes by Chris Spooner
A  set of free paint strokes brushes, all of which are at the max 2500px size and packed full of detail. Perfect for creating your next roughed up design.

paint brushes for photoshop-brush strokes

17-Painted Strokes Brushes CS3 by eliburford
Here are 13 paint Photoshop brushes, ranging from 1700-2500px in size. They were made in Photoshop CS3 so there is no guarantee that they will also work with earlier versions of Photoshop.

paint brushes for photoshop-brush strokes

18-Acrylic brushes set by doodle-lee-doo
This is a collection of 14 high resolution acrylic paint brushes for Photoshop. Great for texturizing or for creating grungy and abstract backgrounds.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic brush strokes

19– Paint markers brush set by LDN755
These Photoshop brush set were created using a Posca Paint Marker.

paint photoshop brushes-markers

20– New Exclusive High Resolution Photoshop Brushes by PSDTuts
This is a set of 18 Brushes, which are all high resolution at around 2500 pixels by 2500 pixels.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

21-18 High Resolution Acrylic Sponge Brushes by Premium Pixels
The brush set was created with a pot of acrylic paint and a collection of different sponges – what followed was a whole bunch of dibs, dabs, blobs, and strokes. The brushes range from 1100px to 2400px in size leaving you with plenty of options.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic

22– Flow and Dirty
There 20 high-quality paint Photoshop brushes in this set for adding splash and grunge in your designs.

paint photoshop brushes-grunge

23– Splatter Paint Photoshop Brush by Naldz Graphics
These are Splatter Paint Brushes. It contains of 7 High Quality Brushes which you can use where ever you want. This was made in Photoshop CS4.

paint brushes for photoshop-splatters

24– Dry Paint Strokes from We Graphics
This is a new Photoshop brush set for We Graphics friends. In these days I played with my acrylic colors to create dry paint strokes . The set contains 40 high-resolution brushes.

paint brushes for photoshop-dry paint strokes

25-High-Res Paint Strokes: Set I by Raekre
There are 25 high-quality brushes in this set, with sizes ranging from 1836-2500 pixels.

paint photoshop brushes

26– High-Res Paint Strokes: Set II by Raekre
Here is second Set of Raekre’s paint stroke brushes. Like the first set, these are also high-quality brushes.

paint strokes photoshop brushes

27-Finger Paints Brush set by LDN755
These brushes were created with bare hands using some poster paints.

finger paints photoshop brushes

28– 20+ Paint And Stains Brushes by gambling with souls
These brushes are compatible with Photoshop 7 and newer versions.

stains and paints photoshop brushes

29– Grunge Paint brushes by ~melemel
Large set of grunge paint brushes (file size 2.2mb) made in Photoshop 7.

paint photoshop brushes-grunge

30– PS Brush-19 Color Splatters Plus Image Pack by rocked-out
Here are 19 paint splatters that you can use for creating interesting background and textures. Included in the download pack is the image version in case the ABR file is not compatible with the program/software you are using.

paint brushes for photoshop-color splatters

31– 24 Paint Texture Photoshop Brushes
This is a set of Photoshop brushes composed of different paint textures and paintbrush strokes that you can use for free in your designs. Ideal to use for making background or for creating paint effects. There are a total of 24 paint texture Photoshop brushes in this set with resolution of each Photoshop brush set at around 2300-2500 pixels.

paint texture photoshop brushes

32– Grunge Brushes: 18 Acrylic Paint Strokes
This is the second part of the grunge brushes series at Photoshop Free Brushes. This time, they came up with a set of Photoshop grunge brushes composed of different acrylic paint strokes. The shapes of each strokes varies from thin to thick varieties.

paint brushes for photoshop-acrylic brush strokes


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