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200+ Gorgeous Free Watercolor Textures

I love watercolors in my designs because they bring back good and happy childhood memories. As a child, I loved drawing landscapes, people and things in vibrant colors. These days, watercolor art is one of the hottest trend in web design. Using watercolor textures  in web design is one of the easiest trick to make your websites look more artistic.  Watercolors also give your design a personal touch, making it more warm and inviting to others. At the same time,  they make our designs lively,  especially those in bright happy colors.

free watercolor textures preview

In this roundup, we listed down some of the best free watercolor textures that can be found online. I hope you will also find most of these images useful in your work and personal projects.

01 – High Resolution Watercolor Textures by Gomediazine
This pack consists two very high-resolution but free watercolor images that you can use for free. The size of these images are  around 8.5″ x 11″ at 300 DPI. To get the best results, try setting the layers to multiply or overlay in Photoshop.

yellow and blue watercolor designs

02 – Free Watercolor Textures by Outlaw Design
Outlaw has come up with high-resolution and beautiful free watercolor images that you can download for free. These are posted in five batches, which means you have to download them separately and in batches. But it is worth the time and effort.

paint strokes watercolor textures

03 – Grungy Watercolor Textures by Bittbox
This pack consists 10 very high-resolution and also free images that you can use in your designs and projects.  These were created using Photoshop brushes created by the same author. You can either download only the free designs that you want by clicking on the images at or download the entire set by clicking the “download” button.

grungy watercolor textures

04 – Textures: Watercolors by Jocosity
This pack consists 8 free textures with resolution of at least 1300 x 1900 pixels.

paint splatters watercolor textures

05 – Large painted textures by Kiho-chan
Five high-resolution free textures featuring colorful paint strokes that are perfect for creating natural effects in your designs.

colorful watercolor paint strokes

06 -High Resolution Watercolor Textures by PSDTuts+
This set includes 27 extremely high-resolution but free watercolor designs at about 2400 x 3500 pixels wide and can be used to easily add a splash of color to your designs.

grungy watercolor backgrounds

07 – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by looks like rain
This pack consists 8 colorful watercolor designs with resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels each. Total file size of the zipped download pack is 10.2 MB.

free watercolor backgrounds

08 – Painted Textures by Ikeschatzi
This pack consists 5 free colorful painted textures. Total file size of the zipped download pack is only 1.1 MB.

colorful painted texture backgrounds

09 – Watercolor Painting by I Love Colors
This pack consists two very high-resolution scanned watercolor paintings.

watercolor painting textures

10 – High Resolution Watercolor Textures by Cgarofani
Cgarofani’s gallery at deviantart features 10 high resolution watercolor textures that you can use for free. However, you have to download the textures one by one since these images were posted individually (not as a package that you can download as a set). But it is worth the hassle because the images are really high-resolution at around  2349×3037 pixels each.

high-resolution watercolor textures

11 – 25 Free Hi-Res Watercolor Textures by Lost and Taken
This set contains 25 super high-quality images that you can use to add some artistic flare in your layout. Each of these images is 30-40 MB in size and the zip file is over 800 MB. So expect downloading time to be longer than the usual.

artistic watercolor backgrounds

12 – 23 High-Res Water Color Backgrounds from Sad Monkey
Here are 23 more watercolor backgrounds you can use for free, including commercial usage. Each individual file can be found and downloaded for free at Sad Monkey’s Deviant Art Page. Follow the link by clicking on the preview image. You can  download each watercolor texture that you want after the jump.

free watercolor backgrounds

13 – Watercolors Pack Volume 1 by Media Militia
This collection consists 36 high quality watercolor background designs that are great for adding a spicy freshness to your style. Using them is an awesome way to change up and tweak your Photoshop projects.

free watercolor background designs

14 – Watercolors Pack Volume 2 by Media Militia
Here is the second batch of Media Militia’s free watercolor textures that are sure to make a great addition to your designs. Try switching the colors by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer or a gradient layer and changing the layer style to overlay. Personal and commercial use is welcome and encouraged! This set contains 30 free images.

free watercolor background textures

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