400+ High-Quality Wings Brushes for Photoshop

A lot of people fantasize about having a pair of wings simply because flying is one of those natural skills that human beings obviously were deprived of. This is also the reason why fantasy-themed designs usually involve wings such as fairies and angels. If you find yourself needing some wings in your designs, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we assembled over 400 wings brushes contained in 30 sets. The images that you may find below range from angel and demon wings to fairy and butterfly brushes. These are great for photo manipulations as well as in dark and fantasy-themed designs.

To get the set that you want simply click on each preview image. Enjoy these awesome brushes. We guarantee that these are among the best wings images that you can find online.

01– Wings Brushes Set by Dezignus
This set includes 36 wings of all types: birds, angels, butterfly, dragonfly, etc. These brushes are ideal for creating dreamy and magical to fantasy themed designs.

wings photoshop brushes

02– Fractal Wings by ~flashtuchka
There are 33 images in this set which are all in high-resolution format. These are perfect for creating dreamy and fantasy-themed designs. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, this set should work with any CS version of Photoshop as well.

fantasy wings photoshop brushes fractal

03-Fairy Wings Photoshop & GIMP Brushes by Obsidian Dawn
A set of 30 Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various fairy wings! Some of these are different from your traditional plain old fairy wing, with glowing tendrils of dots and such. High resolution, with the average brush size being about 1800 pixels. Includes both right and left wings.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

04– Wings Brushes Set by Dezignus
A set of 38 Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various types of wings. There are both left and right versions, which are usually different, and side angles. Includes fairy, angel, butterfly, insect, bat, demon/succubus, dragon, dragonfly, and more!

insect wings photoshop brushes

05– Wings Photoshop & GIMP BrushesDark Wings Brushes by Hawksmont
This set contains 9 pairs (18 brushes) of bat wings, demon wings and anything-you-can-imagine wings.

dark demon wings photoshop brushes

06– Grungy Wings by Bittbox
A set of grungy wing brushes made using a sketch pad, a can of spray paint, and a kitchen sponge.  There are 5 pairs, making the brush total 10. As usual, the images are high-res at 2500px.

grungy wings photoshop brushes

07-Angels And Demons Wings Brushes by Coby17
There are 20 brushes in this set composed of wings that you can use for designs that need angels or demons. Set was created in Photoshop CS3.

angels and demons wings photoshop brushes

08– Feathery Wings Brushes by ~Scully7491
There are five big brushes in this pack composed of real feathers of birds.

realistic feather wings photoshop brushes

09– Wings by Aphotic beauty
Here are 8 butterfly brushes featuring both wings. Good for use with fairies and such. Please note that these are not the whole butterfly just the wings.

butterfly wings photoshop brushes

10– AquaLilia Wings Brushes by AquaLilia
Here are some dreamy wing brushes that are perfect for fantasy-themed designs.

fantasy wings photoshop brushes

11– Bat Demon Wings Brushes by =Falln-Stock
There are 11 bat wing brushes in this set that you can use for dark-themed designs. These were made for Photoshop Photoshop CS+.

bat and demon wings photoshop brushes

12– A 3D Fractal Wings Set 7 by angela3d
There are six pairs of wings in this brush set in fractal style.

wings photoshop brushes fractal

13– Feathered Angel Wings Brushes by =Falln-Stock
There are 14 brushes in this set composed of feathers for angels.

angels wings photoshop brushes with feathers

14– Faerie Wings Brushes Revamped by =Falln-Stock
This set includes the two sets of fairy wings from this author. A total of 17 brushes were compiled in this pack.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

15– Fantasy Wings Brushes CS2 by Cybrea-Stock
There are 18 total wings brushes in this set created from 3D Poser renders.

fantasy wings photoshop brushes

16– Belladona- ‘Fairy’ Wings by ~Belladona-Stock
Another set of 6 fairy wings brushes for magical and fantasy designs.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

17– Fairy Wings set 2 by Lileya
There are 10 beautiful fairy brushes for PS CS and higher.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

18– Wings Brushes by =Coby17
There are 6 high-quality angel wings brushes in this set created in Photoshop CS3.

fantasy angel wings photoshop brushes

19– Fairy Wings by Lileya
Here is another set of fairy wings brushes for your graphic manipulation projects.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

20– Fairy Wings Brushes by Scully7491
These fairy wings were created from vectors so these are high quality. Brushes were rendered in Photoshop 7.

fairy wings photoshop brushes

21– Fractal Wings I by Kime-ra
These 13 fractal wings were created using Apophysis and later converted into brushes in Photoshop.

fractal wings photoshop brushes

22– Fractal Wings I by Kime-ra
Here is second set of the fractal wings brushes. Like the first set, these 14 brushes were created using Apophysis and later converted into brushes in Photoshop.

fractal wings photoshop brushes

23– Creature Wings by ~WitsResources
Here is a set of 8 creature wings that you can use for dark designs. These were created in Photoshop CS2.

wings photoshop brushes-bat and dark creatures

24– Wings by Angelo
A total of 7 unique wings brushes in this set.

grungy wings photoshop brushes

25– Wings of Water Brush by Photoshop Maniacs

wings photoshop brushes water

26– Wicked Wings CS by BrushHaven1

wicked wings photoshop brushes

27-Fantasy Wing Brushes by cosmos-Resources
A fantasy-themed photoshop wings brushes you can download for free. These were created in CS.

fantasy wings photoshop brushes

28– Cursed wings by ~angeldream
There are 4 unique wings brushes in this pack.

angels wings photoshop brushes

29– Tribal Wings Brushes by ~Oceannist
A total of 22 brushes, three separated designs: in and outlined.

tribal wings photoshop brushes

30-Dragon Wing Brush by ~lotusii

dragon wings photoshop brushes

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