20 Sets of Japanese-Themed Photoshop Brushes

For those of us who want to infuse some Japanese art in our designs, we are featuring today some of the best Japanese-themed Photoshop brushes that can be downloaded for free from around the web. Most of these Photoshop brushes are composed of the famous Sakura or cherry blossoms, which are a metaphor for life in the Japanese culture. Aside from cherry blossoms, we also included graphics about the rising sun, Japanese temples, paper folding fans, paper lanterns, bamboo, and other well known symbols or the Japanese culture and art.

To get the brush pack that you want, simply click on each preview image and it will take you to the download page. Terms and conditions on the use of these brushes are explained in the download/author’s page. I hope you enjoy this collection.

01-Cherry blossoms PS brushes by Lileya
Composed of vector Japanese cherry blossoms that are perfect for Spring-themed designs as well. These are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS and higher.

japanese hand drawn cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

02-Sakura: Cherry Blossom Brushes by ~differentxdreamz
Set includes  12 high-resolution Sakura or Cherry Blossom brushes between 500-800 pixels each in a .abr brush file.

japanese sakura drawing photoshop brushes

03– Sakura PS6 Brushes by Ninja-Ryo
This kit contains an .abr brush file (various brushes in different sizes), 1 preview image, a color chart (cherry blossom colors) and a ‘how to add this brush’ instruction sheet. For best results, start with the ‘branch’ brush on a separate layer – you can build up a unique branch image with overlaying the same branch at different angles. You can enlarge the branch by using CTRL-T. Try other blending options keeping everything on different layers as this is a multi piece kit (blossoms are in 3 parts for example).

japanese sakura blossoms with branches photoshop brushes

04-Sakura Brushes by *Erulisse2
There are over 40 brushes of sakura in this set featuring different types of petals, some solid blossoms, line art/design of flowers, and some branches. Made in Photoshop CS2 but they probably work also for some older versions.

japanese cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

05-13 High-Res Cherry Blossoms Photoshop Brushes
A set of 13 high-res brushes that you can use in your designs. These brushes were created using real pictures of cherry blossoms. They are high-resolution as well, with each brush measuring between 1500 to 2500 pixels.


06-Japanese Stencil Brushes by ~solitary-stock
A set of 10 brushes for Photoshop 7 and later versions created using Japanese stencils. Brushes are in various sizes, between 100-1300px.

japanese stencil flowers photoshop brushes

07-Flower Brushes by ~Aka-Joe
The brushes work with Photoshop 7 and up (and even in CS4 and CS5). Most of the flowers are a bit japanese and the sizes are between 1049 px and 2500 px.

japanese hand drawn cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

08-Japan brushes by ~Vincik
If you need to add some Japanese touches in your design, then this brush set is for you. Includes Japanese temples on spring time with sakura cherry blossoms in the foreground.

japanese temple with cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

09-Sakura Vector Brushes by ~smacc-stock
These are illustrations of Cherry blossoms and foliage with swirls and dots.

japanese vector sakura illustration photoshop brushes

10-Japan style by ~Gwendrilla
This set includes brushes paper lanterns and paper folding fans, which are popular in Japan.

japanese paper fans and lanterns photoshop brushes

11-Cherry blossoms PS brushes by Lileya
Composed of vector Japanese cherry blossoms that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS and higher.

japanese cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

12-Roshi DA Brush Set 02 by ~roshi
Japanese calligraphy, old botanical/floral artwork, stamps, seals, and a bit of English text. Made with Photoshop 6.0.

japanese calligraphy photoshop brushes

13-Sumi-e Style Brushes by ~NoirCat
This set includes 13 brushes composed mainly of cherry blossoms and other Japanese-inspired art.

japanese art and cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

14– Japanese Brushes Set 2 by Kai Princess
This set includes 9 brushes made with Photoshop CS4.

japanese flowers and art photoshop brushes

15-Japanese Brushes Set 1 by KaiPrincess
12 brushes made with Photoshop CS3.

japanese cherry blossoms photoshop brushes

16-Free Photoshop Brushes: Cherry Blossom 1
A huge pack of cherry blossoms buds and petals. For best results, try playing and testing different brush presets such as shape dynamics, scattering and color dynamics (just like in this preview you see below).


17-Cherry Blossoms by ~haru-chan037

japanese cherry blossoms on branch photoshop brushes

18-Kanji Brushes by ~snowgarden
50 Kanji brushes for PS 7, ImagePack and translation of the kanji included.

japanese writing kanji photoshop brushes

19-Japan Brushes by ~ki-cek
Pack of 11 Japan Brushes made in Photoshop 7.0.

japanese flowers photoshop brushes

20– Japan Brushes by ~lunabeam18
There are 29 Japanese-inspired brushes in this pack, including flower drawing, Japanese girl holding a paper umbrella, kanji or Japanese writing, and other Japanese symbols.

japanese art bamboo umbrella photoshop brushes

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