1,300+ Free Vector Animal Silhouettes

Aside from people silhouettes, animal silhouettes are also popular in both web and print design. Here, I have listed more than a thousand free resources that you can use for free just in case you need some animal silhouettes in your designs, both personal and commercial. All of these animal silhouettes are in vector formats (either Illustrator, EPS or SVG). Of course, we always prefer vector format because it gives us the flexibility in terms of resolution and it also allows us to further edit these artworks to suit our individual needs.

Also, I tried my best to make this list a very exhaustive one by including various types and classifications of animals, from zoo to farm animals, wild animals, to water animals and even insects.

The last seven entries are actually dingbats (fonts), which are also convertible to vector images. To use these dingbats as scalable vector image, just convert these fonts to outlines and presto! you have a vector image that you can use even for large-format printed materials. There is a detailed discussion on how to convert these dingbats to vectors at the end of this post.

For some animal-themed design resources that you can download for free, checkout also our roundup of animal photoshop brushes and some furry animal textures here at Best Design Options. Enjoy these freebies!

horse animal silhouettes vector clip art preview



01 -Safari and Zoo Animals
A free collection of 28 vector animal silhouettes, featuring a range of land based mammals alongside some aquatic life. As always, feel free to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

zoo animal silhouettes clip art vector

02 – Vector Horse Silhouettes by Dragon Artz Designs
Twelve silhouettes of horses in different poses, standing, running, galloping, vaulting, etc., that are ready to use. Included in the archive as a bonus is 1 wallpaper based on one of the horse silhouettes. These vector graphics of horses are available in 4 different formats (eps, pdf, svg, png). These are free to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

vector horse animal silhouettes clip art

03 – 46 Horses by All Silhouettes
This set contains 46 high-quality vector images and detailed silhouettes of horses, horsemen, jockey, war-horse, vaulting-horse, and a lot more.

horse vector animal silhouettes

04 – Vector Birds by Free Design Magazine
This set includes around 10 silhouettes of birds–flying, resting on a tree branch, birds in groups– in vector formats. Total downloadable file size is only 10 KB.

vector birds silhouettes clip art

05 – Free Vector Birds by Vector Room
A sample of four bird illustration such as rooster, hen, heron, flying bird, in vector EPS format that you can use for free. Total file size is only 173 KB.

birds animal silhouettes vector clip art

06 – Vector Birds-Sparrows by Ben Blogged
This set includes five free vector sparrow graphics that you can use for free. You have the option to download this artwork either in Illustrator CS2, Illustrator 8 or Illustrator EPS formats.

hand drawn bird sparrow silhouettes

07 – Vector Dog Silhouettes
A mega pack of dog silhouettes. There are 86 free vector silhouettes of dogs in various poses and breeds. There are sitting dogs, standing dogs, etc. There are also poodle, bulldog, dachshund, sheep dog and many other breeds of dogs.

vector dog animal silhouettes

08 – Dog Vector Silhouettes by Snap 2 Objects
Here is another set of 13  dog silhouettes. This pack contains 13 silhouettes in vector format that you can use for free. The files are in Adobe Illustrator, EPS and SVG formats.

vector dog animal silhouettes clip art

09 – Pets Silhouettes Snap 2 Objects
There are 16 Free vectors composed of pet silhouettes, from the most common animal companions, birds, kittens, puppies, fishes, bunny, and even an iguana. The files are in Adobe Illustrator, EPS and SVG formats.

pet animal silhouettes clip art

10 – Vector Cat Silhouettes
Cool pack of cats silhouettes! 67 different shadows of cats and kittens in various poses.

cat animal silhouettes clip art

11 – Insect Silhouettes by Gloomus
This set consists about 70 silhouettes of a wide variety of insects including bugs, ants, fly, grasshoppers, spiders, cocoon, moth, bee, locust, cockroach, centipede, mosquito, gnat, and more. The files are in EPS format.

vector insects and bugs silhouettes clip art

12 – Beautiful Horse Silhouette Vector by Design Shoot
A free horse vector with wings background and splatter, nice for creating t shirt design. Free to download in EPS file format.

vector horse animal silhouettes clip art

13- Animal Vector Freebies by Go Media
There are 17 really cool vector images including an awesome warthog and a variety of nice antlers in this pack. Downloadable file is 3.2 MB.

vector animal silhouettes clip art

14-Vector Group of  Birds Silhouettes
This set of free vector birds was kindly created and shared by snap2objects. It is not very detailed silhouettes and better to use them in mass or groups.

group of birds vector silhouettes

15- Vector Dinosaurs Silhouettes
A set of vector dinosaurs clip art composed of 50 various and sundry dinosaurs. These Dino silhouettes were converted from a dingbat font created by Daniel Zadorozny.

vector dinosaurs silhouettes

16-Bird Silhouette free pack by ~123freevectors
A free pack of about 30 detailed and high-quality bird silhouettes in vector format.

birds silhouettes vector

17-Various Animals Silhouettes
A huge set of 150 miscellaneous animal silhouettes and outlines. Here you can find elephant, rhino, bison, bear, and many other animals, wild and domesticated alike.

vector animal silhouettes

18-Vector Sea Animals in Silhouettes by Artus
Here is another stunning set of vector graphics composed of around 100 ocean creatures such as sharks, fishes, octopus, crabs, and many more,  in silhouettes.

vector sea animals silhouettes

19-Underwater Creatures Silhouettes in Vector Format
Here are 21 different underwater or sea creatures such as shark, whale, dolphin, scuba diver, octopus, squid, etc., that you can download and use for free.

underwater creatures silhouettes vector

20-Sea Giants Vector Silhouettes
A set of around 100 sea giants in silhouettes or outlines. The various ocean creatures in this set includes sharks, dolphins, whales, turtle, and a lot more. Included also are some ancient underwater dinosaurs.

sea creatures vector silhouettes


To use these dingbats as vector image, Install first the font file in your computer.  Your starting point is to select the dingbat font in your drawing program (or any program that will take a symbol and convert it to curves or render it from text) and type the chosen character. In vector programs, you must convert the font to curves or outlines.

In Illustrator, for example, type a character, select it and convert to outlines. In Photoshop, you must convert the text in order to use filters. Type your character and render the layer. But, remember to set approximate desired size and color first before rendering the text layer. All of these dingbat fonts are available in both PC and Mac OS platforms.

15- Butterflies by Typadelic
A set of 26 very detailed outlines or silhouettes of butterflies.

butterfly dingbats silhouettes clip art

16- Birds of a Feather by Iconian Fonts
A set of more than 50 silhouettes of birds.

birds animal silhouettes clip art

17- Zoologic by Iconian Fonts
A set of more than 50 silhouettes of zoo animals such as lion, jaguar, giraffe, elephants and manymore.

zoo animal silhouettes clip art vector

18- Farm and Wild Animals by CSP Backgrounds
A set of more than 22 outlines of farm and wild animals such as goat, monkey, horse, pig, rooster, and a lot more.

farm and wild animals silhouettes vector

19- Ding-O-saurs by  Typadelic
A set of more than 80 dinosaur silhouettes.

vector dinausors animal silhouettes clip art

20- WW Furry Friends by Angela Lane
A set of 36 very detailed outlines of furry animals such as rabbit, mouse, raccoon, rabbit, etc.

furry hairy animals silhouettes

21 – Ocean Lacy by  lacy
A set of 26 outlines of ocean creatures such as shells, starfish, dolphins, whale sharks, sting ray, and many more.

ocean animal silhouettes clip art

22- Whales and Dolphins by Manfred Klein
This a set of around 80 detailed outlines of dolphins and sharks and other fishes.

vector dolphin silhouettes clip art

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