250 Free Polka Dot Patterns and Backgrounds

Polka dot patterns have a lot of uses in design, both web and print. In fact, these patterns are usually used for stationary, children’s design, package design or fashion design, among other things. Patterns can even be used as overlay on top of your artwork in Photoshop to add some texture. For websites, patterns are usually used as background such as for social network sites like Twitter. Polka dots are also popular as background  for scrapbooks and even for cloth and textiles.

The first five sets below are Illustrator swatches while the rest are pixel patterns in the following formats: JPEG, PNG or PAT. All are seamless or tile-able, which means you can use it in any canvass size without worrying about resolution since the design repeats seamlessly.


01-53 Impressive Polka Dot Pattern Swatches from Colorburned
A more symmetrical set of polka dots for you guys to download and use in your designs for free. These patterns are actually swatches for Adobe Illustrator (not Photoshop).

seamless polka dot patterns in red and black


02-25 Seamless Polka Dot Pattern Swatches
Here is another set of 25 seamless polka dot pattern swatches that you can use in your projects such as invitations for baby showers, birthdays, package design, website design, etc.

seamless polka dot patterns with small and big dots


03-Polka Dots Pattern by Patternlicious
24 seamless polka dots patterns to use in all your creative projects in Adobe Illustrator. Have fun! Just open the file or load the patterns to your swatches library.

colorful seamless polka dot patterns in illustrator format


04-Free – 50 Ultimate Polka Dots Illustrator Swatches from Mels Brushes
This is a bumper collection of 50 different seamless polka dot Illustrator pattern swatches. To use these swatches, put the .ai file in your Illustrator > Presets > Swatches folder. They are for personal use only.

seamless polka dot patterns in different color schemes




06-6 Seamless Colorful Polka Dot Patterns Background from Web Texture
Here is a free combo pack of seamlessly colorful polka dot patterns in .jpg format.To use as pattern in Photoshop, simply open the file and define pattern.

seamless retro and vintage polka dot patterns


07-Seamless Repeat Pink Polka Dot Patterns in Pixel Format from Patterific
These pink polka dots contain a soft texture. Some dots in the patterns are placed in line, some are rather unsorted. The previews show them all with a pattern size of 100 percent.

pink seamless polka dot patterns


08–Seamless Repeat Black and White Polka Dot Patterns in Pixel Format from Patterific
It is always good to have black (the first are dark grey) dots in different sizes on a white background. Simply select the background and invert the selection if you want to use them as overlays.

black and white polka dot patterns


09-Free Exotic Polkadots Photoshop Pattern Set from Web Treats
A combo pack of 8 free tileable colorful exotic polka dot patterns in Photoshop patterns (.pat) and a corresponding set of seamless images in jpg format (.jpg).

vintage grunge polka dot patterns


10-Grungy Polka Dots Photoshop Patterns from Web Treats
Here is another combo pack of tileable grungy polka dot in both Photoshop patterns (.pat) and a corresponding seamless grungy texture pack (.jpg) formats. The resolution for both textures and patterns is 740px * 740px.

retro grunge polka dot patterns


11-Seamless Colorful Grunge Polka Dot Patterns
Yet another  pack of seamlessly tileable patterns from Web Treats. This time, the pack consists colorful grunge polka dot patterns in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop pattern (.pat) set.

seamless colorful grunge polka dot patterns


12-Colorful polka dot patterns by RubzZ
A set of 6 polka dot patterns in candy-like colors.

repeating colorful polka dot patterns


13- 18 Navy Pink Polka Dots Patterns and Backgrounds
A set of 18 seamless patterns and backgrounds featuring polka dots and stripes in pink and navy combination. The polka dots come in various sizes and arrangements and so do the stripes patterns. These are great to use as background for your printables and even for web projects such as website background or web banners.



14- 18 Pastel Polka Dots Patterns and Backgrounds
A set of 18 dotted patterns in pastel, blue, pink, purple, brown, color combinations. These are great as background for your projects such as for party invitation cards, baptism card, baby shower cards, or even as wrapper for your party supplies.



Below are single polka dot patterns (not is packs or sets) that you can also download for free. The best thing about this individual pattern is that they are  easy to download, especially if there is one particular pattern that you want to get. Unlike when patterns come in packs, you have to download everything, extract the content of the folder and finally get the individual texture that you need. Like the sets above, all of the patterns below are free to download and use in your designs. Simply click on the preview image to get to the site where you can download each of them.



seamless pink and yellow polka dot patterns

red black polka dot patterns

small delicate pink polka dot patterns

red pink black polka dot patterns

retro colored seamless polka dot patterns

fine colorful seamless pink polka dot patterns

vintage polka dot patterns

retro color polka dot patterns

vintage textured polka dot patterns

seamless diagonal blue polka dot patterns

candy colored polka dot patterns

seamlessmetallic polka dot patterns

seamless dark polka dot patterns

seamless pink polka dot patterns

seamless light pink polka dot patterns

seamless red polka dot patterns

seamless yellow blue polka dot patterns

seamless dark brown polka dot patterns


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