550+ Stripes Patterns and Background Textures

Stripes are among the most popular patterns used by designers in creating backgrounds, either for web or print designs. Thus, having your own library of colorful stripes pattern, which is scalable and tileable, could prove very useful, if you are a designer.

In this collection, we put together more than 550+ free Photoshop stripes patterns that you can use in creating backgrounds. Since these are tileable, you can actualy use them in websites, banners, as well as in printed materials such as leaflet, poster, cards, etc. Most sets come with the PAT file as well as image packs in PNGs. There are also set that you can download as EPS, giving you more flexibility since you can still edit the pattern as well as the colors. Enjoy this collection!


01-24 Pastel Pink Striped Patterns
A set of Photoshop patterns featuring striped patterns in different shades of pastel pink. You will find stripe backgrounds in horizontal, vertical, diagonal stripe designs that you can use for both print and web designs.



02-30 Striped Patterns
The download includes the Photshop PAT file as well as gif images.

stripes photoshop patterns


03-Texture Set No. 14: Candy Colored Stripes Patterns
There are 10 diagonal stripes pattern in this set in various colors. These are high-resolution images you can use as background for your designs.



04-Free Vector Repeat Patterns – Diagonal Stripes Set 1 by Patternhead
A set of free repeat patterns. There are six in total and they are all diagonal stripes. Each pattern is seamless and will tile perfectly on all sides. The download contains six EPS files that you can load into Adobe Illustrator or your favorite vector editing program. It also includes six 24 bit transparent PNGs that you can use “as is” or load into Photoshop (Edit->Define Pattern).

vector stripes pattern


05-Free Vector and Pixel Repeat Patterns – Seamless Stripes Set 1 by Patternhead
A free pattern set with a stripey modern feel. You can download these vector and pixel patterns and use them in your own designs. The download folder includes 3 EPS files that you can load into Adobe Illustrator (or your favorite vector editor) and edit to change the scale, colors etc. and 3 PNG thumbs that you can use right away in your web designs or load them into your Photoshop pattern library (Edit->Define Pattern).

stripes photoshop and vector patterns


06-Grungy Stripes Photoshop Patterns by Webtreats
Another combo pack of tileable grungy stripes Photoshop patterns (.pat) and a corresponding seamless grungy texture pack (.jpg). The resolution for both textures and patterns is 740px * 740px.

grungy stripes photoshop patterns


07-Grungy Stripes Photoshop Patterns Part 2 by Webtreats
a free combo pack of large (740px * 740px) seamless Grungy Vertical Stripes textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

grungy stripes photoshop patterns


08-Flat Grungy Summer Stripes Seamless Patterns
A free combo pack of large (740px by 740px) seamless Flat Grungy Summer Stripes textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

grungy stripes photoshop patterns


09-12 Free High Resolution Grunge Stripes Photoshop Patterns by Webtreats
Another conveniently packaged Photoshop pattern set (.pat). This time they are made from slightly tweaked versions of 12 of the previous tileable grunge stripes background set. They range in resolution from 512px by 512px to 1024px by 1024px.

grungy stripes photoshop patterns


10-Stripes by Peter Plastic
A set of 13 stripes patterns that you can use for creating interesting backgrounds, headers, banners, among other things, in Photoshop.

dark stripes photoshop patterns


11-Photoshop Stripe Patterns Set 2 by Peter Plastic
This set includes 20 patterns that you can use for free in creating backgrounds in Photoshop.

stripes photoshop patterns


12-Bourbon Stripes pattern set by ~melemel
Set of rich and colorful seamlessly repeating stripes. Not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Please credit the author if you use them.

bourbon stripes photoshop patterns


13-Retro Stripes Pattern by Capsicum Design
There are a whopping 70 different stripes patterns in this set. They are ideal for creating retro and vintage themed designs.

retro stripes photoshop patterns


14-Stripes Pattern Pack 1 by ultimate gift
There are 8 patterns in this set, mostly horizontal stripes.

horizontal stripes photoshop patterns


15-Stripes Pattern Pack 2 by ultimate gift
This pack contains 9 vertical stripe patterns in various themes.

vertical stripes photoshop patterns


16-Stripes pattern pack 3 by ultimategift
This set consists 7 diagonal stripe patterns for Photoshop.

diagonal stripes photoshop patterns


17-Stripes pattern pack 4
This set consists 7 diagonal and horizontal stripe patterns for Photoshop.

stripes photoshop patterns


18-Patterns .17
The set is composed of 30 patterns to use as textures or wallpapers for your forums or in your artworks.The patterns are intended for Photoshop CS or newer.  Image pack is also included so you can use it in other programs.

stripes photoshop patterns


19-Patterns .26
There are 25 patterns in this set that you can use in Photoshop CS or newer versions. Available in different colors, you can use them as wallpaper in layouts, as they repeat well. Image pack is also included for those who are using older versions of Photoshop.

pastel stripes photoshop patterns


20-Textured Stripes- 6 patterns by ~aeiryn
There are 6 textured stripe patterns in this set made in Photoshop CS2. Credit the author if used.

vintage stripes photoshop brushes


21-9 Blue Striped Patterns

blue stripes photoshop patterns


22-Stripes Pattern
Here are 10 stripes pattern. Please credit the author if used.

stripes photoshop patterns


23– Gray Background Striped Patterns
Here are 26 colorful striped patterns (tiled). Compatible with Photoshop CS and up. Image pack is also included.

diagonal stripes photoshop patterns


24-Stripe 1 Patterns by Ascended Arts
Here are 30 various stripes with gradients. All are seamless and 512 pixel by 512 pixel. Download contains a .pat file for Photoshop and all .PNG files for Gimp.

blue stripes photoshop patterns


25-Grunge Stripe Patterns
A free set of patterns for Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. The set contains 30 vertical grungy stripes. All are 512pixel by 512 pixel.



26-Striped Photoshop Patterns
A set of 30 colorful striped Photoshop patterns in one .pat file. These will only work in Photoshop.



27-Dark Photoshop Stripe Patterns
A set of 20 seamless Photoshop striped patterns in dark color combinations.



28-Pastel Striped Patterns for PS
This set contains 24 seamless striped patterns in pastel colors. The patterns are available in 8 different colors and in 3 various sizes.



29-Colorful Striped Patterns
There are 18 colorful patterns in this set featuring vertical, horizontal and diagonal striped backgrounds.



30-Digital Vintage Stripes Retro Paper Goods
Here are 20 striped digital paper backgrounds with vintage feel. These are useful for digital scrapbooking, crafts, stationery, gifts, and event supply designing.



31-Stripes Collection
Here is a collection of 55 patterns in colorful combinations.

colorful stripe photoshop patterns

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