30 Lovely Rose Textures, Backgrounds

Among the different species of flowers, roses are the most popular not just because of their beauty but also for their symbolism. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. “Rose” means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as Romance languages, Greek, and Polish). The rose was also sacred to a number of goddesses, including Isis and Aphrodite, and is often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Roses, depending on their colors, also have various symbolisms. The red rose, for example, represents the passion and desire of love that we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Red and white roses, if given together, signify unity while yellow roses represent hope or promise of a new beginning. In design, therefore, the use of roses is common for themes like wedding, engagement, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, among many other things. In this post, we gather together a total of 30 lovely rose textures that you may use as background for creating beautiful compositions in Adobe Photoshop.

01-Yellow Roses Textured by Elise Wormuth
(3738 x 2492 pixels)

yellow roses textures

02-Soft petals of rose by Holly Kuchera
(3832 x 2508 pixels)

red petals rose textures

03-Pink Rose Textured by Elise Wormuth
(3738 x 2492 pixels)

pink rose textures

04-Roses Textured by Liz West
(3154 x 2148 pixels)

pink rose textures

05-Rose texture by Ben Byrne
( 3418 x 2439 pixels )

red petals rose textures

06-Rose by Sam Simpson
(3850 x 2567 pixels)

rose textures on paper background

07-Agness Rose Textured by Elise Wormuth
(3257 x 2171 pixels)

yellow roses textures

08-Fall Rose
( 2590 x 2072 pixels )
Taken at the Des Moines Art Center Rose Garden. Texture by Distressed Jewel.

red petals rose textures

09-Rose Petals by Temari 09
( 1000 x 666 pixels)

pink rose petals textures

10-Rose Core by Ben Byrne
(3006 x 2145 pixels)

rose textures

11-Red Rose Texture by Ben Byrne
(3418 x 2439 pixels)

red petals rose textures

12-Shattered by Elise Wormuth
(2670 x 2160 pixels)

red petals rose textures

13-Bed of roses- free texture by Eddi
(2816 x 2112 pixels)

grunge rose textures

14-Yellow Rose Bud by David Malantic
(1280 x 853 pixels)

yellow rose bud texture

15-Rose with Texture by Melissa Baldwin
(3000 x 4000 pixels)

red petals rose textures

16-Melted Rose petals by Diana Thorold
(2336 x 1913 pixels)

melted rose petal textures

17-Pink Roses by Imprinted Memories
(1024 x 683 pixels)

pink roses textures

18-After by Christina B Castro
(2048 x 1536 pixels)

wilted rose textures

19-Dewy Rose by pollyalida
(2048 x 1536 pixels)

dewy pink rose texture

20-Many More by Petras Gagilas
(3888 x 2592 pixels)

roses textures in black and white

21-White rose petal texture by Daryl
(2816 x 2112 pixels)

white rose petal texture

22-Wraps of petals by Daryl
(2112 x 2816 pixels)

white rose bud texture

23-Antiqued Roses by Elise Wormuth
(3888 x 2592 pixels)

antique rose textures

25-White Rose Spiral by Daryl
(2816 x 2112 pixels)

white rose textures

26-Sensual Rose II by *somadjinn
(1800 x 1200 pixels)

pink rose textures

27-Yellow Roses Petal Texture by Margotka
(3264×2448 pixels)

yellow roses textures

28-Rose Background Texture Stock by ~SockMonkeyStock
(1600 x 1200 pixels)

pink rose textures

29-Charlie’s Rose by Ruby Blossom
((1024 x 899 pixels)

pink rose closeup texture

30-Vintage Rose Texture by C Lemons
(2592 x 1944 pixels)

vintage yellow rose textures

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  1. Great set of roses to use on Photoshop

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