45 Unique Chocolate Packaging Designs

Chocolate rules! Most of us have this strong affinity with chocolates. And since chocolates are among those products that come in almost the same taste, packaging or product presentation, therefore, is an important factor. That is why, chocolates come in various color, strength, shapes and sweetness. We have seen varied forms of chocolate packaging that range from very interesting and very creative. In this post, we tried to put together a total of 45 mouth-watering chocolate packaging designs for inspiration.

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01-True Rum by Zoo Studio
The pack contains coins made of chocolate and Caribbean rum by the chocolate artist Ramon Morató.

chocolate packaging design-cloth


02-Thomas Haas Chocolates
These chocolates are perfumed with fine BC wine, oak barrel aged maple syrup from Quebec, vanilla beans from Tahiti, fresh citrus zest, loose leaf teas and organic herbs and spices.

Thomas Haas chocolate packaging design


03-Gü Puds & Trifles by Big Fish
Dark, matte cardboard and delicious typography communicate Gü’s mission to evoke “the nostalgic memories and magical smells of baking with chocolate.

dark chocolate packaging design


04-Origens Chocolate Packaging Design for Arcadia

chocolate packaging design for Arcadia

05-Ricard and Marta’s Wedding Invitation
A special box of chocolates for Ricard and Marta’s wedding invitation. A letter was concealed beneath each chocolate, and when all the chocolates were eaten, the complete message was revealed. The invitation thus became a gift for the invited guests as well as a very sweet way of inviting them to be part of the special day.

chocolate packaging design for a wedding invitation


06-The Marmara CHOCOLATE Package
Package design for the Marmara Hotels Chocolate and Wine Shop. The goal is to create elegant, luxurious and useful package sets for different kinds of handmade chocolates.

chocolate packaging design for a hotel and wine shop


07-Dude. Sweet. Chocolate.
Local pastry chef with experience in the area’s top kitchens launches her own quirky brand of chocolates and confections. The packaging has simple logo type, supplemented with series of stamps and stickers. Decorated standard boxes to create a feel unique to the brand were used.

simple chocolate packaging design


08-Merchandising FMK
Manufactured for the anniversary of Faculty of Multimedia Communications in Zlin.

chocolate packaging design for anniversary giveaways


09-Midor AG Packaging Design
New packaging design for Midor’s export brands.

bright chocolate packaging design

bright chocolate packaging design


10-Wafer Dallas
Proposal Packaging Wafer Dallas. Creation of 3D illustration (Packaging plus mockups).

3D packaging design for a chocolate brand


11-Chocolate Packaging by Yael Miller

chocolate packaging design for Yael Miller


12-Brix Chocolate
Brix is the first line of chocolates specifically blended to compliment wine. Based on the finest single origin chocolate from Ghana, Brix masterfully combines the outspoken character of the single origin chocolate with the smoothness of the highest quality confectionary chocolate.

chocolate packaging design for Brix


13-John & Kira’s
The packaging represents the handcrafted and careful aesthetic instilled in the John & Kira’s brand. The system of boxes is extremely versatile and can be efficiently assembled easily during busy seasons.

chocolate packaging design using versatile boxes


14-Vintage Packaging: French Chocolate Box

vintage themed chocolate packaging design


15-Who wouldn’t like to receive a postcard chocolate in the mail? The idea is pretty amazing. Check out this Post Chocolate from Lila Tóth from Budapest, Hungary.

postcard chocolate packaging design


16-Green Truffles From Brussels
Organic hand drawn type upright and tall just how sprouts grow out the ground. The Gold on the label is letter pressed and other details are also embossed.

chocolate packaging design for Green Truffles


17-Sweet Content chocolate
This product gave birth to same-named project that connecting creative talents from many countries.

creative chocolate packaging design


This packaging was Indonesian culture combined with the flavors of Monggo: dark, caramello, cashew nuts, praline,and ginger. Batik is a culture that was used for the design of this packaging because it has a certain philosophy and has a meaning when combined with each of these flavors.

Indonesian chocolate packaging design


19-Mast Brothers Chocolate
These artisan-made chocolate bars come wrapped in imported Italian papers and are finished with a simple label. They make a gorgeous presentation when stacked side by side.

chocolate packaging design for Mast Brothers


20-Santini for Selfridges
Selfridges wanted a special chocolate, to coincide with National Chocolate Week 2008, and the fact that – due to world events – people are spoiling themselves with little ‘treat’ purchases.

Credit Crunch chocolate packaging design


21-Chocolate Pie Chart
This unique chocolate pie chart is produced by New York designers Mary Matson and Matt Even from Mary & Matt.

chocolate packaging design featuring pie chart


22-Bite Me
The Bite Me brand was developed based on the concept of healthy life with correct portions. Now we can have a correct portion of chocolate since the new packaging is taking into consideration the percentage of cocoa. The more the percentage of cocoa to milk and other ingredients the bigger the chocolate size and vise versa, the less cocoa the smaller the chocolate becomes

chocolate packaging design for Bite Me


Co Couture produce award winning handmade chocolates and chocolate bars, supplying many high-end retailers including Liberty in London.

hand made chocolate packaging design


24-Divine Chocolate Packaging
This design takes a step back and creates a simpler, more elegant package for the chocolate. Instead of using a paper wrapper, the candy is now encased in a thin cardboard to create a tactile experience that suggests that the chocolate is more precious than ordinary wrappers.

Divine chocolate packaging


25-Chocolate Alchemy
Packaging design for a new range of chocolate bars launched 2012

chocolate bar packaging design


26-Belmont Biscuit Co. Packaging
Boutique-style packaging to reflect the existing high quality product.Packaging project undertaken in one of my 3rd year design classes. The brief was to take an existing product packaging and redesign it to better suit the product.

boutique-style chocolate packaging design


27-Ecopack – Chocolate

eco-friendly chocolate packaging design


28-Chocolate with Attitude
This packaging design from Bassermachen Design Studio is a wonderful example of how characteristics of a product can be translate into packaging design. Here, working with chocolate artist Henrik Konnerup, Brandhouse created 12 archetypes within one packaging.

artistic chocolate packaging design


29– Fearless Chocolate
Fearless Chocolate makes raw organic chocolate. What’s ‘raw’ about it? They make their chocolate with unroasted cacao beans. Throughout the production of the chocolate, the temperature never rises above 118 degrees (F). For this reason, raw chocolate retains far more nutrients and valuable antioxidants than other chocolate. Their packaging is also kind of ‘raw’ and organic-looking.

organic chocolate packaging design


30-Vere Chocolate

grungy style chocolate packaging design


31– Lust Swiss Boutique Chocolate
Lust Swiss Boutique Chocolate is a sensuous blend of exquisite ingredients designed to seduce your palate.The bold identity is inspired by the idea of a passionate kiss where lipstick smudges when Lust takes over. It communicates a sense of passion and urgency that the Lust name demands, yet remains true to the brand’s premium positioning.

dark chocolate packaging design


32-Monbana Chocolate Cube
Monbana, a French chocolatier, has recently introduced a very unique chocolate gift item designed for entertaining or food service. Le Cube à chocolat de Monbana is a reusable cube shaped receptacle that holds different flavored chocolate thins. The format is innovative as a way of serving chocolate thins, which tend to lay flat if served on a plate or tray. This makes them more interesting.

reusable chocolate packaging design


33-100% Chocolate Cafe
The concept behind Tokyo’s 100% Chocolate Cafe is to put your senses in the middle of a chocolate kitchen. They live up to their name with over 56 types of different chocolates, even cheese and black pepper chocolates. They also serve chocolate drinks, chocolate pastries, chocolate ice cream, and even chocolate sandwiches. Their packaging is pretty neat too!

chocolate packaging design-typographic

chocolate packaging design-typographic


34-The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

elegant chocolate packaging design


35-A Sweet Matching
If you are looking for the sweetest way to invite relatives and friends at your wedding, then you definitely found it!
Milk chocolate coating with your wedding invitation!

chocolate packaging design


36-Salzburg Chocolate Werks
Type-inspired chocolate packaging.

chocolate packaging design-typographic


37-Chocolate Bar Packaging
Vosges Haut Chocolat is famous for its combinations of chocolate with exotic spices. The concept for this packaging is to transform these chocalate bars into postcards from different countries. The idea is to enjoy the chocolate as a cultural experience – put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and you will be there

chocolate bar packaging design


38-Thomas Haas Chocolates
These chocolates are perfumed with fine BC wine, oak barrel aged maple syrup from Quebec, vanilla beans from Tahiti, fresh citrus zest, loose leaf teas and organic herbs and spices.

perfumed chocolate packaging design

perfumed chocolate packaging design


39-Camino Chocolate
Developed by Karacters Design Group, the brand idea “a joyful food revolution” captures Camino’s belief that through the joy of eating great tasting food made from quality ingredients, people will be encouraged to think differently about their food – where it came from, who made it and what’s in it.

chocolate packaging design for Camino


40-Ticino Chocolates
The main focus behind this packaging campaign for a brand of Swiss chocolate is simplicity. Consumers know exactly what is in each package and are presented with elements of simple design that are reflective of the pure ingredients that go into each chocolate.

simple packaging design for Swiss Chocolate brand


41-Muscadine Chocolates

chocolate packaging design for Muscadine


42-Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
Check out the beautiful package designs for Bon Bon Fine Chocolate. Note the warm tones PDC creative used for the packaging that evokes colors of white, dark and milk chocolate.

beautiful chocolate packaging design for Bon Bon Fine Chocolates


43-Coppeneur Chocolates

innovative chocolate packaging design


44-Askinosie Chocolate
This packaging makes use of rugged military ration feel that brings to mind WWII ephemera and old typewritten forms. The bars feature a wonderful waxy paper that becomes naturally marred like a rugged leather saddle.

natural rugged chocolate packaging design


45-Original Beans Chocolate

chocolate packaging design for Original Beans

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