175 Free High-Res Animal Fur Textures

Animal textures, especially wild animal fur textures, have been among  the biggest design trends in recent times. From clothing to home accessories to graphic and web designs, animal textures have found their usefulness in these markets. In this post, you will find 175 high-resolution textures composed of images of animal fur and skins–from leopard to zebra to tiger, cats and dogs, among other animals. With this extensive collection, we hope that you will be able to find something that you can use in your safari-inspired designs. On the other hand, you may want also to download some free animal Photoshop brushes. How about some animal silhouettes clip art in vector format?


01– Animal Print by ~mercurycode
This pack contains 5 high-res pictures of hair of leopard, cheetah, etc. Please refer to the preview image for the previews of these animal fur backgrounds. Free to use in commercial and personal projects.

animal leopard print texture

02– Reptile Skins and Animal Fur by ~DanielaK
There are 4 reptile skin plus 10 animal furbackgrounds in this set. Each image has a resolution of 800×800 pixels. These textures may be used for commercial purposes.

reptile skin and animal fur textures

03– Fur textures by ~angelet25
These fur textures may be used for both personal and commercial projects. The zip file includes 6 jpeg files, with resolution of 1000×600 pixels each.

wild animal fur texture

04-Animal fur textures by =DiZa-74
There are a total of 40 high-resolution images in this set featuring different furry animals’ skins and textures. Each image has a resolution of 2000×2000 pixels.

animal fur texture and backgrounds

05– Stuffed Fur by ~jrumans
This texture pack includes six “stuffed animals” high-resolution images to use for your next project. Each Image is around 2500px x 2500px.

stuffed animals fur texture

06– Fur Textures Pack by ~Salic33
There are 11 animal hair images in this set at resolution of 1500 x 2062 pixels each. The images are in JPEG format.

animal textures

07– Animal Textures by ~flocska
There are six realistic animal hair backgrounds in this set that you may download and use for free.

animal fur textures

08– Cat Textures by ArnaTornwolf
A pack of fur backgrounds of various cat species. These images were taken from real skin/fur of zoo animals.

cat animals fur textures

10– 14 High Resolution Animal Fur Texture by Web Texture
A combo pack of 14 high-resolution animal fur textures.  Since these are high-resolution images, they are therefore suitable to be used as desktop wallpaper or as as nice background or texture for your graphic design or web design projects.

wild animal fur textures

11– Fur Textures Pack by *BFstock
Pack includes 5 high-resolution furry and hairy animal textures for your designs.

animal hair and fur textures

12– Fur Textures Pack 2 by *BFstock
Here’s another pack of high-resolution animal hair textures from the same author. These images have resolution of around 1920 x 1200 pixels.

various animal fur textures

13– Textures Pack 3 by ~Arctosis-stock
Includes 4 close-up textures of animal fur/hair. Each image has resolution of 2304×1728 pixels.

animal fur texture and backgrounds

14-Animal Grunge Textures by *DusterAmaranth
There are 4 textures in this set which include tiger, snake, cow, zebra. Each image has resolution of over 1200px.

animal grunge textures


15-What fur! by tukat (1040 x 780 pixels)

orange animal fur textures

16-Fur Textures by Carla Finley (3161 x 2529 pixels)

animal textures

15-Fur Texture by Iscah Bay (1040 x 780 pixels)

animal textures

16-Fur and Feathers (2753 x 2095)

fur and feathers animal textures

17-Golden Fur by Hosking Industries (5184 x 3456)

golden retriever animal textures

18-Ocelot Fur by Chris & Angela Pye (3968 x 2976)

ocelot fur animal textures

19-Giraffe Fur Texture by Fantasy Stock (2592×1944)

animal textures-giraffe fur

20-Cheetah Fur by Shaire Productions  (3465 x 2599)

animal textures-cheetah fur

21-Giraffe Fur Texture by Lucas Stanley

animal textures-giraffe fur

22-Fur of a White Tiger by Chacal 1233 (1408 x 1347 pixels)

animal textures- white tiger

23-Grey Horse Fur by ~EumyCookie (2048×1536)

animal textures-grey horse

24-Fur Texture by ~xNickixstockx (5616 x 3744)

animal textures-leopard fur

25-Red Retriever Dog Fur Texture by `FantasyStock (2592 x 1944)

animal textures-Red Retriever Dog Fur

26-Golden Retriever Fur Texture by ~Orangen-Stock (2048 x 1536)

animal textures-Golden Retriever Fur

27-Tiger Fur by *mirengraphics (1920 x 1200)

animal textures-tiger fur

28-Fur Texture 1 by ~Rynozerus (3616 x 2400)

white fur animal textures

29-Fur Textures 01 by ~DKD-Stock (3072×2304)

animal textures-brown fur

30-Fur Texture 6 by *BFstock (1920 x 1200)

animal textures-grey fur

31-Fur Texture 9 by *BFstock (1920×1200)

black and white fur animal textures

32-Cat Fur Texture 1 by ~Orangen-Stock (2048×1536)

animal textures-cat fur

33-Polar Bear Fur by ~ennoeaadvent (3264×2448)

polar bear animal textures

34-Sheep Fur by ~Mihraystock (3072 x 2304)

sheep fur animal textures

35-Spotted fur – stock by ~paintresseye (2560×1706)

spotted fur animal textures

36-Smooth White Fur stock by ~paintresseye (2560×1706)

smooth white fur animal textures

37-Cow Fur 1 by ~Mihraystock (3072×2304)

cow fur animal textures

38-Fur Cat 2 by ~jaqx-textures (1600×1202)

cat fur animal textures

39-Fox by Cindy Funk

fox fur animal textures

40-Fur Texture by ~Animalluver1985 (3648 x 2736)

kitten fur animal textures

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  1. Great Collection :)

    Thanks for sharing !

  2. OOOh! These are really great. I cannot wait to use them! My brain is ticking away with ways to use them on text, backgrounds UIs etc. Pretty cool collection. Thanks for the list!

  3. My daughter needed to build a 3D giraffe for a school project. The giraffe fur image was ideal to cover the project. It made it look almost like a real giraffe.

    Thank you for making them available!

  4. Thanks a lot !!

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