26 Inspiring Annual Report Design Samples

I am currently working on an annual report design project. So I was out looking for some design inspirations online when I stumbled upon these beautiful annual report designs. I picked mostly the recent annual reports (that means, 2007 or 2008 annual reports) so we could see the trends and what other designers have been using in their designs. Although there are some exceptions, I cannot resist the temptation of putting these annual reports in this list because they just look really awesome even if they are five years old or so already.

annual report design examples preview

Would you believe that I  actually had a creative block when I started working on this annual report project but just looking at some of these annual reports, I was able to get back into the groove? Yes, these designs are really inspiring that I am pressured to share them with you as well.

So here are what I believe are the best of the recent annual reports that I have seen so far. If you have other resources that you think are better than what are posted below, please leave a comment at the end of this post and do not  forget the link where we could find these resources and hopefully, we will be able to add them on this list. So without much further ado, here are 26 beautiful annual report design examples and I gathered from around the world wide web.

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01 – Rossendale Borough Council Corporate Plan
The spiral wire used to bind this report makes it look less formal but yes, it separates this report from the traditional ones which usually have perfect binding or saddle stitched.  The shade of  yellow used for the cover is also very attractive that no one would surely miss or ignore this Annual Report.

annual report design in yellow with spiral or coil wire binding

02 – YWCA of Adelaide Annual Report 2006/07

annual report design in pink with bold typography

03 – Palmetto Annual Report

typographic annual report design in half size

04 – SPAM Annual Report

typographic and minimalist annual report design

05 – British Council Annual Report 2007-2008

illustrated annual report design concept

06- Gertrude Street Annual Report

urban grunge-theme annual report design

07 – Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation 2006 Annual Report

typographic annual report design in white and orange

08 – The New School Annual Report

clean minimalist annual report design for school

09 – Calgary Society for Persons With Disabilities 2008 Annual Report

grunge-typographic annual report for persons with disability

10 – Edwards Lifesciences 2004 Annual Report Design

annual report design with multiple folds

11 – British Council 2006 Annual Report

modern annual report design for British Council

12 – City of Sydney Annual Report

colorful annual report design for City of Sidney

13 – Micrel 2006 Annual Report

simple and modern annual report design for tech company

14 – EFMD Annual Report 2006

blue and white simple annual report design

15 – University of California Press Annual Report

minimalist annual report design for university

16 – Brooklyn AIDS Task Force Annual Report (2004-2005)

simple annual report design for AIDS task force

17 – Gruen Brewery Annual Report Design by justcreativedesign.com

vintage looking annual report design for brewery

18 – Leargas 2007 Annual Report

annual report design with interesting infographics

19 – Gleaners Annual Report

annual report design in half mini size

20 – OXFAM 2008 Annual Report

colorful annual report design

21 – Annual Report of the Professional Footballers’ Association

annual report design for Football association

22 – Kodak 2007 Annual Report

photography-themed annual report design for Kodak

23 – Oculus Annual Report 2007

water-themed annual report design in blue and white

24 – SRS Labs 2003 Annual Report Design

blue annual report design with sleeve

25 – New Century Financial 2005 Annual Report Design

annual report design with hard cover in dark blue

26 – Legal Services Ombudsman Annual Report

annual report design for legal services provider

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  1. I was surprised to not see the Feltron Report here! People should check it out too! He does a personal annual report that is really interesting and has been doing it for years. I saw him speak at the Future of Web Design in NYC. I was really impressed! This is a great post though!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love your stuff…

  3. Hey

    You showcased an annual report for yahoo that I thought was pretty cool. I wanted to show it to my colleague, however now you have removed it from the list.

    Can you e-mail a screen shot of that one to me?
    Thanks sooooo much

  4. Great examples of printed design work, thanks. With fewer businesses opting for print-based marketing material, it’s great that annual reports are providing such scope for creative design.

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