20 Sea Animal Brushes for Photoshop

We had a great weekend at the beach last weekend.  While walking on a white sandy beach with my four-year old son, we spotted different sea shells and a few star fishes. They were very beautiful so I took plenty of pictures of these lovely creatures that we saw. When we reached home, I was so excited when I found out that the pictures really looked great that I decided to share these wonderful images with the rest of the world.

But, I wanted to be more creative. So instead of sharing these images as photographs, I decided to make Photoshop brushes out of these images of sea shells and other sea  creatures (since I’m an avid Photoshopper). So I started making Photoshop brushes and indeed, the result was awesome. But, my son insisted that I include his favorite dolphin, manta ray, and shark and even Nemo (that clown fish!). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a decent picture of Nemo that I could use for this set.  So, in short, I was bullied by a kid to come up with a more complete set of  sea brushes.

I created these sea brushes using Photoshop CS3 so I assume (correct me if I am wrong) that you can use these sea brushes with any CS version of Photoshop. The set features 20 ultra large-sized Photoshop brushes of seashells, star fishes, crab, octopus, shark, dolphin, manta ray, etc. The picture above, however, does not include all the 20 Photoshop brushes in this set. The maximum resolution of each brush is set at around 2500 pixels while the file size of the zipped .ABR file that you can download is around 21MB.

sea brushes photoshop

Below is the preview of the sea brushes in Photoshop CS3:

sea brushes photoshop

So here is my first set of Photoshop brushes that you can use for free and without any restrictions in both your private and commercial projects. However, please refrain from making this set of sea brushes available for use in other websites. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word.


I hope you like my brushes. have fun and enjoy! If you need a tutorial on how to load these sea brushes in Photoshop, I have a 20-second Photoshop quick fix on how to install brushes in Photoshop 7 and above. I hope you will find these resources useful. Also, please check the other Photoshop brushes that you can download from Best Design Options.


01-Sea Shells Free Photoshop Brushes
A great set of free sea Photoshop brushes composed of different images of sea shells. These are useful for creating websites, scrapbooks, Photo albums or other beach and vacation-themed designs. Included in this set are pictures of scallops, star fish and other sea shell species. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, these sea shells Photoshop brushes may be used in any CS version of Photoshop.

sea brushes

02-Shells by Hawksmont For your summertime projects, here is a set of sea brushes for Photoshop from Hawksmont composed of 9 shells and 2 starfish. Go ahead and create yourself your own little sea.

sea brushes photoshop

03-Shells brushes by viKING
These sea brushes were created in Photoshop 7 using photos of shells and other sea creatures.

sea brushes photoshop

04-Seaside Memories Brush Set by *E-Derby
A set of sea brushes consisting sea-related stuffs such as shells, star fish, etc. This would be useful in creating a summer or beach-themed layout. Sizes of the brushes are in the teaser. Shadows are only used for the preview and are not applied to the actual brushes.

sea brushes photoshop

05-Sea Life Brushes
A set of 11 sea brushes for Photoshop composed of sea creatures you can use for creating beach-themed designs.

sea brushes photoshop

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  1. Fantastic set of brushes, sure these will come in handy, thanks for sharing :)

  2. i love the look of these and want to download them but the download bottom opens up another page with code in it.

  3. Hi Cat, a dialogue box for downloading the brushes should pop up when you click the download button. If your browser does not allow pop ups then that could be the problem I think. You can just try to right click on the download button and choose “Save target as” in IE or “Save link as” in Mozilla.

  4. Also, I guess you are using Mac because other people using Mac are also complaining about the same thing. I’m still trying to figure out the solution to this one. :)

  5. Thank you. These are great and just what I was looking for.

  6. ahh finally some fish brushes i can use! thanks!

  7. Please could u tell me, how is it possible to quickly remove the background from an image in Photoshop?

  8. Just select the portion that you wish to remove with any of the selection tool (such as lasso, magic wand, etc.) and then hit delete. Or you can use the eraser tool to delete the selected portion. I hope that helps.

  9. I cannot get this to download as an ABR file…it will only download for me as a RAR file and I cannot open it or use it…

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