30 Best Brochure Design Samples for Inspiration

Brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tool for companies and organizations. Through brochures companies are able to tell people about their products or services as well as their mission/vision as a company or organization. In creating a brochure, design is a major factor such as the choice of color scheme, the size of the brochure, the printing process to be used or applied as well as the type of paper. These are just some of the major considerations when conceptualizing a brochure design.

When designing a brochure we always look up first for inspiration and the best place to search for inspiring designs is the Web. Like in web design, creating a layout for print is also influenced by certain trends. As a starting point for you, we compiled in this post the 30 best brochure design samples that we found from all over the Internet.  I hope that you will also find some inspiration in this list of brochure designs especially if you are feeling like you are running out of artistic ideas.

In case you are looking for free tri-fold brochure templates, then visit our post featuring 20 stylish yet free editable templates in PSD or Ai vector formats. Click on the image below to view this post.

tri-fold brochure templates

We have more inspiring brochure examples. You can find them here:

I admit that there might be many more unique brochure design ideas when it comes to designing brochures that were not included in this list. Feel free to add them in this post by leaving comments and indicating the link where we can find more resources related to this.



01 – Treble Cone Mountain Guide
A mountain information booklet for the Aspiring Avalanche Dogs Inc, a nonprofit organization. The design features a simple look using vector design elements with a casual and quirky feel that would suit the style and character of the skiers and snowboarders at Treble Cone.

mountain ski brochure design with vintage look


02 – Mosaic Associates Architects Corporate Brochure

typographic brochure design for architectural company


03 – Foliomania Brochure for Designers
Foliomania is a portfolio brochure designed for designers. A series of vibrant colors were used to represent style of design. This is an example of a portfolio brochure that will attract the audience even without them flipping through it.

colorful portfolio brochure for designers with pictures


04 -Media Pro Brochure
This brochure was designed for a London-based event focused on the future of integrated marketing and communications. Two sets of shapes overlay and integrate to reveal the intended message.

modern brochure design for event


05 – Unique Brochure Design by Anais Lee
This unique brochure uses a fastener in one corner to give a whole new page orientation.

unique grungy vintage brochure design


06 – CHP Brochure
A three color gate fold brochure done for Duke’s Center for Health Policy. This piece uses the fluorescent Pantone 805C.

modern three-color gate folded brochure


07 – Carpathia Office House Brochure
The brochure was designed in bright, creamy color palette with retro style photography. To make it more coherent, the publication is wrapped in a paper stripe.

black and white corporate brochure design sample


08 – The Book Shelf Brochure
A brochure for a Library run by volunteers for the local community. It was envisioned as a state of the art library that included various sections situated at the heart of the community, serving as a central hub for knowledge and creativity. To go along with this type of library, a very clean and stripped down design were used to reflect honest and good business.

clean brochure design folded with die cut


09 -Simple and Elegant Brochure
The use of solid colors and lots of white spaces make this brochure look very elegant and attractive.

elegant booklet type brochure design in purple


10 – Advertising Brochure
An advertising brochure for a fictitious company that does not only specialize in fashion but also interested in lifestyle and sports.

advertising clothing brochure design


11 – Vespa brochure
This is a brochure for a Vespa veteran show in Norway. The vintage look was achieved using old paper textures.

vintage brochure design using old paper texture


12 – ITOS Brochure
A proposed brochure design for a local company.

booklet type corporate brochure design


13 – Subdivision Brochure
A brochure example for a residential subdivision in Abu Dhabi. This real estate brochure uses a simple design featuring colors of the brand and a few die cuts that serve as subject dividers. Spiral binding was also used in this brochure.

real estate brochure design with spriral binding


14 -Taj Villas Brochure
Here is another brochure for a real estate business. This brochure was for a project that sells contemporary living spaces – high-end luxury villas, complete with modern amenities. The focus was to design a brochure with nature as the fountain of inspiration.

real estate brochures with saddle stitch binding


15 – Rebrand – Folder Brochure
The brochure features illustrative photography to showcase the companies core services. The cover doubles as a pocket folder to house additional company literature.

folder brochure design with illustrative photos


16 – Ewaan Corporate Brochure
Ewaan is more than a company building real estate projects. It is dedicated to the craftsmanship involved with conceiving living communities that are inspired by our surroundings, thus providing wonderful feelings and hidden potentials, and urging us to develop them in the best and most respectful way possible.

irregular shaped die cut corporate brochure


17– Photo-realistic Brochure Mock-up
Easy to replace pages with your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save, and you are done!

brochure template example


19 – Cream fields–Bible by RGB Studio, UK
With leather de-bossed covers and three separate fluro sections, the ‘bible’ documents the success of Creamfields events worldwide, The book is held together with a single lanyard.

portfolio brochure sample with leather cover


20 – Advanced Digital Identity Brochure by RGB Studio, UK
The Advanced Digital Institute is an independent research and development institute based in West Yorkshire focused on becoming an international center of excellence. The optical nature of the ADI logo reflects their work, in contrast the spacious photography brings a human element to the brand. The dot matrix grid is carried through the stationery range and printed materials, underpinning everything they do.

modern digital looking corporate brochure design


21 – Electronics Yorkshire Directory, 2007 by RGB Studio, UK
The directory is a pocket sized source for regional electronics related companies, institutions and funding organizations. Bound in an embossed Mirri board, the directory follows a simple grid and indexing system for ease of use.

booklet brochure design with simple cover


22 – Silkroad Project Brochure by Megan Brock @ Behance Network
This is a brochure/poster for The Silkroad Project. The musical ensemble focuses on creating a flow of connectivity amongst different cultures across the world. Lines flow throughout the brochure and meet at each fold to eventually fold out into a poster.

brochure design with multiple folds


23 – Richard Moran Photography
This brochure in book form documents the photographic direction of Richard Moran over the past few years, focusing primarily on people, movement and observation. It comprises three high gloss image sections and three uncoated text sections and printed in full color. Notes and camera details are printed in a metallic ink on black Kaskad uncoated stock. Each section is open sewn to the next and wrapped in a debossed PVC orange jacket for protection.

book form brochure design


24 – Cerniglia Typography Book 2 by Rikku813 @ Flickr
This typography book was designed by Christine Cerniglia in Paula Angel’s typography course.

typographic booklet brochure design


25 -Urban Picnic Event Brochure
Ant and blanket pattern graphics are used to interpret the common picnic in this event brochure for Architecture Week. Using architecture stencils as the basis for the typography, the brochure has contrasting colors which reflect building materials.

magazine type event brochure design


26 – Promotional Brochure for Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
A series of brochures for the Museum’s permanent exhibitions. The brochures would be published in ten languages (Greek, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew) and in six different alphabets.A flexible layout was designed to accommodate in the same manner each language (and most importantly each alphabet) in order to create a unified look.

promotional exhibition brochure for museum


27 -2012 Madison Craft Beer Week Field Guide
This brochure is designed to promote a week-long festival celebrating all that is craft beer, with events held throughout Madison and the surrounding area. This brochure acts as the field guide for all the festivities, and featured a bonus, fold-out poster cover.

event brochure design for beer festival


28 – W Hotel New York Brochure by Shine Box Print
These impeccably designed brochures give prospects a peek at the awesome new W Hotel on Washington Street in Downtown NYC and its amazing residences.

book type hotel brochure design with hard cover


29 – MCA – A5 Brochure Design
A5 Brochure Design to advertise the events and exhibitions at the MCA in Sydney.

A5 folded event brochure for exhibit


30 -Orscom Developments Brochure
Two brochure designs for Orscom Developments in Egypt. One is for Gouna, a major project at Hurghada and the second is for a residential project called Joubal, one of seven projects at Gouna.

two-fold real estate brochures

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