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16 Free Infographic Vector Templates, Kits

Infographics are the most popular tool nowadays for presenting financial data, workflow and processes, presentations, meetings, or just for personal inspiration. Designing an infographic, however, can be very tedious especially if you have to do everything from scratch. Drawing charts, graphs and diagrams for example would surely consume a lot of time. In addition, you also have to think about creating icons and symbols that you will use for your infographic designs. As graphic and web designers, time is a very limited and precious commodity. That is why having a handy vector infographic kit can make our job easy and effortless.

In this post, we put together all the best but free infographic templates and kits from around the web. The first 15 entries are in vector format while the last one is in editable Photoshop PSD. You can extract the elements that you need and combine it with other elements, change the color of the graphs. add text so on and so forth. To download the infographic template that you want, please click on the preview image and it will take you to a new page where you can get the files from the original source. All of the templates are fully editable vector files, either in Illustrator, EPS or SVG.

01-Free Vector Infographic Kit from Wegraphics
Here is an incredibly useful infographic vector template/kit that includes data-related graphics.

infographic vector templates dark background

02-Free Vector Infographic Vol.2 from wegraphics
Here is a second set of infographic tools and templates that may be downloaded for free. Useful in creating business-related infographics.

free vector infographic templates blue

03-Infographic Vector Kit by Web Designer Depot
An infographic vector kit, with the most used elements that you may need for your infographic designs.
Included in this set is a world map, gender elements, as well as multiple pie and bar charts. You can easily combine and modify all the elements to create a distinctive infographic.

free vector infographic templates dark

04-Retro Infographic Vector Graphic via freepik
A free infographic template in vector format featuring vintage or retro design. Includes chart, graphs and other design elements.

free vector infographic templates retro vintage

05-Free Vector Infographic Design Elements by Vector Editors
A beautiful pack of infographic design elements served up in blue. Just download, open in vector editor, change the text and you have a cool-looking information graphic.

free vector infographic templates blue

06-Vector Infographic Elements in Green from Free Web Elements
A free infographic template consisting of useful infographic design elements such as charts, graphs, maps, people icons, etc. in green color theme. Just download the zip file and add your own content. This is the easiest way to create a cool presentation. The download includes fully editable vector files.

free vector infographic templates green

07-Fresh and Free Infographic Set to Download by Design 4 Ux
A new and fresh set of infographic icons, bars, pie-charts and graphs, in lively colors.

free vector infographic templates new

08-Charts and Graphs in Vector Format from Free Vectors Daily
This set contains various colorful charts in vector format. Some samples include pie graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, line charts, and other statistical graphs.

free vector infographic templates charts graphs

09-High Tech Infographic Vectors from Free Vectors Daily
Your high-tech design not looking techie enough? Use this free set of hi-tech graphics and add that futuristic look your design. Incorporate these vector elements in your flash website or use as design elements on your wallpaper to create a unique modern look.

free vector infographic templates high-tech

10-Free Vector Infographic Kit from Media Loot
A huge vector set for creating infographics. Included in the package are over 50 elements, ranging from graphs and charts to maps and symbols.

free vector infographic templates

11-Business Data Elements Vector 02 from Zezu
A template in vector format containing elements for designing infographics such as diagrams, charts and maps.

free vector infographic templates

12-Business Data Elements Vector 01 from Zezu
Here is another template in vector format containing elements for designing infographics such as diagrams, charts and terrain maps, etc.

free vector infographic templates charts graphs

13-Infographic Design Elements Vector from Free Vectors Daily
This is a fantastic pack of 6 files EPS with all sorts of useful graphics to make this work, with which they can certainly save time in creating them and so we can focus more on the creative process.

free vector infographic templates charts graphs

14-Economic Infographics and Chart Design Elements in Vector Format from Zezu

15-How to Make Beer – Vector Infographics from Webby Arts
This is an editable vector file about an infographics on beer making. This might not be applicable for most of your designs but this would be great inspiration in creating your own infographics.

free vector infographic templates

16-BONUS: Infographic Elements in PSD from Design TNT
We classified this as bonus since this is not in vector format but rather Photoshop PSD. But this would be very useful so we decided to include this nonetheless. This set contains 21 top quality infographic elements you can use in presentations, slide shows, display statistics, websites, prints and more. Each graph is fully editable and organized into distinctly colored layer groups. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to easily browse through the layers, it is very easy to understand.

free psd infographic templates


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