36 Free-to-Download Tribal Tattoo Fonts

Got ink? If you are a tattoo artist or someone who plans to get a new body art tattooed, then this post is for you. Since tattoos are semi-permanent, one must plan carefully in deciding the design and theme for your design. Tattoos could vary from purely drawings to typographic designs. Thus having a good set of fonts to use that are not only artistic but readable as well is important. These tattoos could be a name, a phrase or an entire song lyrics or poem stanza.

In this post, you will find 36 sets of tribal themed fonts, including cursive tattoo fonts as well as script and calligraphy fonts. The first 25 items are purely types (alphabets and numbers), while the last 11 entries are dingbats that you could use along with a complementary set of font. I love dingbats because you can actually use them as vector drawings. In Adobe Illustrator for example, simply type in a dingbat type and then convert the dingbat font into a vector drawing using the command “create outlines”.  Most of the fonts below are free for personal use only while there are some also that are free to use in any way you want. A detailed discussion on the terms of use and how to acquire license for those fonts that you wish to use commercially are available at the source page.To get  the set that you want, simply click on the preview image and it will take you to a new page where you can download them.

For more vector tattoo designs, check these out as well:



01- Delinquente Demo by Måns Grebäck

calligraphic tattoo fonts

02- Feathergraphy Decoration by Måns Grebäck

tribal cursive tattoo fonts

03-Highway to hell by TattooWoo

highway to hell-tribal cursive tattoo fonts

04-VTC-Tribal Three Free Font by Vigilante TypeFace Corp.

Uppercase tribal fonts

05-League of Ages by TattooWoo

league of ages tattoo fonts

06-Tribal Script by TattooWoo

free tribal script tattoo fonts

07-Tribal Garamond Font
Download the free Tribal Garamond font by Raslani Shaashimov at FontRiver.com. You can also “Test Drive” the font and view a sample without having to activate the font or add it to the system fonts folder.

free tribal garamond tattoo fonts

08-Raslani Tribal Free Font

raslani tribal textured fonts

09-Bombora font by Jan Paul
This font evolved over years of designs in the world of surfing. The native name is given to massive surf building up over a reef, often dangerous, always spectacular.

surf inspired tattoo fonts

10- Tattoo Sailor by Juan Casco

free tattoo sailor fonts


11-Your Bloody Choice font by TattooWoo
You may use this version of ‘Your Bloody Choice’ for personal use only but if you wish to use it commercially you will need to purchase a license.

scary tribal tattoo fonts

12-Dearest Free Tribal Font
This font was found on the internet and did not come with a license.

dearest free gothic  tribal tattoo fonts

13- Rose Tattoo font by Billy Argel
This font is free for personal use only. If you need to use this commercially, you have to acquire a license.

rose free tribal tattoo fonts

14-Lupus Blight
This is a freeware font. Commercial use is allowed.

lupus tribal tattoo fonts

15- Vtc-Nue Tattoo Script font by Vigilante TypeFace Corp.
This font is freeware for non-commercial use. If you wish to use it commercially such as for Advertising your Business, on t-shirts, band albums, etc..Read the included Text file,VTC-Vigilante Typeface Corporation Commercial Licensing.txt.

free tribal script tattoo fonts

16- Tribal Dragon font by TattooWoo

free tribal dragon tattoo fonts

17- Tribal font by Apostrophic Lab

free tribal dragon cursive tattoo fonts

18- Ink in the Meat by Billy Argel
This calligraphy font is partial and free for personal use only. The complete set have a lot of scrolls different letters and final letters. Commercial licenses available.

free tribal calligraphy tattoo fonts

19-Pauls 3-D Tribal by Paul

free 3D tribal tattoo fonts

20- Bleeding Cowboys font by Last Soundtrack

free tribal cowboys tattoo fonts

21- High on Fire font by Billy Argel

free fire tattoo fonts

22- Exotica by West Wind Fonts

floral tattoo fonts

23-Sword Thrasher font by TattooWoo

sword thrasher tattoo fonts

24-Still Time
Here is a free display font with a  is a rock and roll feel.

free rock and roll tattoo fonts

25-Tribal Time by TattooWoo

Tribal Times tattoo font


26- Tribal Dragons Tattoo Designs font by TattooWoo

free tribal dragons tattoo dingbats

27-Hearts and Stars font by TattooWoo

free tribal hearts and stars tattoo dingbats

28-Tribal Animal Tattoo Designs by Tattoowoo

free tribal animals tattoo dingbats

29-Tribal Butterflies font by TattooWoo

free tribal butterfly tattoo dingbats

30- Abstract Alien Symbols by TattooWoo

free abstract alien symbols dingbats

31-Tribalz by Marioz

free tribal tattoo design dingbats

32-Tribalism Free by Intellecta Design
Tribalism Free is a version with unpublished glyphs in a special free set.

free tribal tattoo design dingbats

33-Tribal Tattoo by kaiserzharkhan

free tribal tattoo design dingbats

34-Tribalistica Figures Font by Manfred Klein

free tribal animals tattoo design dingbats

35-Africa font by House of Lime

free African symbols tattoo dingbats

36-Rosegarden by House of Lime

free rose tattoo dingbats

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