20 More Free Winter Desktop Background

From time-to-time, we always try our best to come up with roundups of fresh wallpapers carrying themes that are relevant to what are happening around the globe. So this time, we come up with a fresh list of wallpapers that you may display as backgrounds for your computers this Winter season. The wallpaper backgrounds we included here feature snowy landscapes and sceneries, evergreen trees, snow covered roads, lakes, ponds and other breathtaking scenes.

These winter desktop backgrounds are free to download and use. They are also easy to install in your computer desktop since they come in big resolutions. Some are even available in different sizes so you just need to get the right size for your desktop.

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Below, you will find a total of 30 wallpaper designs. To get the high-res versions of these wallpapers, visit the source by clicking on the preview images. The we featured below are low-resolution pictures  and are only meant to give you a quick peek of what the actual winter desktop backgrounds look like.

01-Onset of Winter Desktop Wallpaper
This is intended for widescreens and available in many sizes. It features a landscape covered with snow shot at sunset.

winter scenes desktop background

02-Snowflower Wallpaper
If you prefer a minimalist desktop this winter, then here’s one for you. You may use this photograph as a wallpaper (1920×1080).

winter scenes desktop background

03- Winter Wallpaper
A good winter wallpaper to display on your desktop if you want that nice feeling on snowy days.

winter scenes desktop background

04- Beautiful Winter Wallpaper

winter scenes desktop background

05-Winter Morning
A set of very refreshing desktop backgrounds to remind you of cold winter mornings. These are available in different resolutions. So pick the size that fits your screen.

winter scenes desktop background

06-Balance Wallpaper
A special Christmas treat for those who want to be reminded of the beauty of the Winter Season. This wallpaper is available at 2560×1600 pixels.

winter scenes desktop background

07-Snowy landscape at Sunrise

snowy landscape at sunrise

08-Lake on Winter
Here is a stunning winter wallpaper that features snowy mountains and lake in front of a bright blue winter sky.

Lake on Winter desktop background

09 -Sky Winter Trees Quality Desktop Wallpaper from Desktopedia.com
In this winter wallpaper, you’ll see evergreens covered with snow against a beautiful blue winter sky.

winter trees against the sky desktop background

10- Snowboarding
Snowboarding is a popular winter sport. If you are into it and would like to sport  a cool desktop background about this sport as inspiration, then here is one for you.

snowboarding winter desktop background

11-Winter Mountain
A simple winter scene with a mystical glowing mountain against a blue backdrop.

winter mountain desktop background

12- Land of winter
A Skyrim inspired landscape painting which may be used as desktop wallpaper. This wallpaper is available in different sizes.

land of winter desktop background

13- Winter wonderland
Another Winter themed wallpaper featuring long grasses with droplets of snow. Available in 2882×1725 resolution.

dewdrops winter morning desktop background

14- Winter Wonderland
Inspired by the Christmas song with the same title, this wallpaper will let you feel the cold weather and at the same time the warmth brought by the Holiday Season.

winter scenes desktop background

15- Winter wallpaper
An Instagram-style wallpaper featuring evergreens covered with snow.

instagram winter desktop background

16- Winter wallpaper
Forest and creek covered with snow

winter forest scenes desktop background

17- Winter Parchment
Here is an artistic wallpaper for your desktop.  Should work nicely on all sorts of computer screens.

artistic winter scenes desktop background

18- Winter Trees 1080p Wall
A very nice and cold desktop wallpaper to remind you of Winter. Very high resolution.

trees winter scenes desktop background

19- Beautiful Backyard Winter Scene

backyard pond winter scenes desktop background

20- Winter Road
This background for your desktop features a snowy road out in the middle of nowhere. This desktop wallpaper is sized at 2560 x 1440. This can be scaled down, however, to 1920 x 1080 and other resolutions with 16:9 aspect ratio.

winter road scenes desktop background

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