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42 Unique 2013 New Year Wallpapers

A very happy new year 2013 to all! To kick off this year, we decided to present our top picks of the best 2013 wallpapers from around the web. We selected 42 unique designs to inspire you in starting 2013 with high hopes. The wallpapers featured below range from minimalist designs to dark-themed art to futuristic themes, among others. There are also wallpapers that serve as calendars as well.

To get the design that you want simply visit the source page by clicking on the preview images below. Please note that the images below are displayed for purposes of giving readers previews of the wallpapers. Let us celebrate the New Year 2013 by displaying one of these wallpapers in your monitors or screen.

01-Futuristic 2013 Wallpaper by ~ravirajcoomar
Actual size is 1920×1080 pixels.

New Year 2013 futuristic wallpaper

02- 2013 Wallpaper by =demeters
For those who prefer a minimalist wallpaper in less colors, this 2013 wallpaper is perfect for you. Would really match the look of an apple desktop of Macbook. Maximum resolution available is 1980×1280.

minimalistic New Year 2013 desktop wallpaper

03-Wall Calendar 2013 for January by ~photonica
If you need a calendar on your desktop for this month, this wallpaper has a groovy design that would make any desktop come to life. Actual size is 1366 x 768 pixels.

calendar wallpaper new year 2013

04-Happy New Year! 2013 by ~tajio
Here’s a simple yet sophisticated wallpaper to Welcome the new year 2013. This is available in different sizes for widescreen monitors.

happy new year 2013 wallpaper

05-Psy wallpaper Gangnam style 2013
In recognition to the pop music last year and new year, here is a gangnam style wallpaper for your monitors. Available in 1920×1080 resolution.

2013 gangnam style wallpaper

06-2013 New Year by *GuilleBot
This wallpaper features a fantasy-themed design set in a forest. Maximum size available is 3000×1875 pixels.

2013 forest-themed fantasy wallpaper

07-Happy new year 2013 by ~r3xon
A typographic wallpaper featuring bokeh background. Simple yet festive. Available in 1920×1200 resolution.


08- Happy New Year 2013 by ~ImPact-Design
For you techies out there, here’s a simple yet very creative wallpaper about the new year.

tech 2013 happy new year wallpaper

09-Calendar 2013 by ~Pyrion42
A typographical calendar to welcome the new year. Size is 1400×900.


10- 2013 High-Tech and Futuristic Wallpaper by ~jnusjnus
Another modern-looking wallpaper available in high-resolution format.

New Year 2013 futuristic wallpaper

11-Happy new year 2013 by ~play4fun94
A very simple 2013 wallpaper with gradient background. Size: 1600×900 pixels.

New Year 2013gradient wallpaper

12- Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper by Marrakchi
The wallpaper features 2013 in bold cut-out fonts and comes with a quote saying, “In this new year, may you always be blessed with contentment, peace and abundance.”

grass 2013 desktop wallpaper

13- 2013 by ~ravirajcoomar
Another Futuristic wallpaper to welcome the new year. Available in 1920×1800 resolution.

New Year 2013 futuristic wallpaper

14-2013 Wallpaper by ~NoMotus
A galactic 2013 desktop wallpaper in high-resolution format. Size: 1920×1080 pixels.

2013 galactic wallpaper

15-2013 New Year Wallpaper by ~injured-eye
A beautiful digital art about the New Year.

2013 digital art wallpaper

16-Typographic 2013 wallpaper by ~betamax777

typographic 2013 wallpaper

17- Fancy 2013 Wallpaper by ~Niklasso
A new wallpaper for a new year, and what is better than a reminder of what year it is – With a fancy look!

polka dot 2013 new year wallpaper

18- Patterned 2013 Wallpaper by *wuestenbrand
Using a modern font, this wallpaper features a huge embossed 2013 type on a patterned background. Available in different widescreen high-res formats.

patterned 2013 new year wallpaper

19-Wishing you the best in 2013 by ~Stephanievm
A dark beautiful typographic wallpaper for 2013.Size: 2560×1440 pixels.

typographic 2013 wallpaper

20-2013 Wallpaper by ~ChrisenMedia
Here is a simple wallpaper in dark background for a happy 2013 New Year!

black simple 2013 new year wallpaper

21-2013: A new journey begins by ~RhinoBlindado
An outer-space-inspired wallpaper to celebrate New Year 2013

space 2013 new year wallpaper

22-2013 Bokeh Wallpaper by *GENAYNAY
It’s 2013! Make your computer background festive with this wallpaper.


23-New Year Wallpaper 2013 by PSD Blast
Here is a dark New Year 2013 wallpaper featuring textured background with lighting text effect. This is a simple concept wallpaper for desktop.

dark typographic 2013 wallpaper

24-2013 Clouds Wallpaper by ~PSDRoman
A nice 2013 Cloud wallpaper in 2560×1440 resolution.

cloud 2013 new year wallpaper

25-2013 Doodle Wallpaper by ~storms-and-lightning
A cute high-resolution wallpaper featuring a digital painting of a doodled giraffe.

doodle giraffe 2013 wallpaper

26-2013 Wallpaper by ~Amoagtasaloquendo
Another dark 2013 New Year wallpaper featuring grungy cracked wall background.

dark grunge 2013 wallpaper

27-Happy New Year 2013-Neko Girl by ~Takuneru
Here’s a high-definition wallpaper in very light background featuring a Japanese Girl cartoon character.

cartoon character 2013 hd wallpaper

28- Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper by ~EspioArtwork31
A typographic wallpaper featuring cut-out bold types against a screaming yellow background.

yellow cut out wallpaper for New Year 2013

29-Graphical Desktop Wallpaper Calendar January 2013 by ~Lahmia2705

calendar wallpaper new year 2013

30-2013 Wall by ~balumiracle

minimalistic New Year 2013 desktop wallpaper

31-Happy New Year 2013 by ~joscardozo
New Year greetings from Amexicana brand.

blue 2013 new year wallpaper

32-Simple Minimalist Dark 2013 Wallpaper with beautiful lighting effects.

simple dark 2013 new year wallpaper

33-A simple 2013 New Year Wallpaper in Blue by ~Lil-Queen-Bee

sisimple blue 2013 wallpaper

34-MMXIII by ~jrathage
A very minimal 2013 New Year wallpaper featuring a Roman Numeral equivalent to 2013 in brushed metal background.

brushed metal 2013 New Year wallpaper

35-HD 2013 Wallaper by *4EverYoungKid
yet another dark-themed wallpaper in high-resolution format.

dark modern 2013 wallpaper

36-High-Definition New Year 2013 Wallpaper by ~SSxArt

2013 high definition wallpaper

37-2013 Wallpaper Featuring an Orange Sky by ~cheLebhieh

orange sky 2013 new year wallpaper

38-Happy New Year 2013 Wallpaper by ~whiteroselady
A simple typographic wallpaper featuring old paper texture as background.

paper grunge 2013 wallpaper

39-Paint Rollers 2013 New Year Wallpaper

paint roller 2013 new year wallpaper

40-HD 2013 New Year wallpaper Featuring Gingerbread cookies via HD Wallpapers

gingerbread cookies 2013 new year wallpaper

41- Happy New Year 2013 in Purple Swirly Background

purple 2013 wallpaper with swirls background

42- New Year 2013 Wallpaper Featuring Ornate Type

ornament type 2013 wallpaper


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