65 Sets of Photoshop Line Brushes for Techy Designs

The easiest to create lines, especially if you need some patterns and abstract backgrounds in Photoshop, is to use brushes. This way, you do not need to create them one by one using your line and pen tools.  There are actually a lot of free resources out there when it comes to line Photoshop brushes. You can choose from simple lines and dots to swirly, curly and twirly, to more complicated ones like techno lines and spirographs. For anything you need, I’m sure there’s one that’s waiting for you out there. The only problem, maybe, is how to find them.

line photoshop brushes

In this post, we decided to put together a total of 65 great sets of lines brushes that you can download and use for free. The variety range from simple lines to abstract as well as dots and dashes. Most of these sets are free for personal use only so make sure to check with the individual authors when using these brushes for commercial projects. To get the set that you want, simply click on the preview image and it will -take you to the source where you can download the brush set and view more information about it. Have fun with these brushes!


To make it easier for you to browse through this kind of lengthy listing of line brushes, we decided to group them into six categories. The first group is the high-tech and geometric line brushes, followed by dashed and dotted line brushes, abstract line brushes, doodle and hand drawn lines, grunge line bushes and those that do not fall under any of the above category as miscellaneous line brushes.


01-Infinity Brush Set by ~ShiftyJ
A great vector brush pack inspired by the author’s first brush set called Midnight City Brushes. There are 17 brushes in this set with resolution of 1000 pixels wide. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

line photoshop brushes-infinity

02-Scan Line Brushes by ~PAULW
There are 10 line brushes in this pack that you can use to create high-tech and futuristic designs.

high-tech line photoshop brushes

03-Photoshop Tech Brushes by ~Fortelegy
A niche pack of 7 tech brushes. Each brush has resolution of 2500 pixels, 300 dpi. These tech brushes are useful in abstract, sci-fi, textural, futuristic, minimal and psychedelic work.These brushes are free for personal use.

high-tech line photoshop brushes

04-Z-Design Tech Brush Set v3 by *z-design
There are a total of 40 brushes, full instructions are in the ReadMe file. Compatible with most versions of Photoshop, up to CS5. As long as it accepts .ABR files.

high-tech line photoshop brushes

05-Tech Line Brushes by ~PAULW
Some nice line brushes to enhance your abstract/vector work.

high-tech line photoshop brushes

06-Geometric Line Brushes by *StarwaltDesign
Includes 10 brushes with resolution of 2500px. Compatible with Photoshop CS- CS5.

high-tech geometric line photoshop brushes



07-Solid and Dotted Line Brushes by ~ArrsistableStock
A pack of solid and dotted lines created in Photoshop CS2. The packs comes with an image pack in case your version of Photoshop is not compatible with the ABR file.

dashed and dotted line photoshop brushes

08-Dash Line Brushes by ~RainyDoll-Stock
There are 15 different dashed lines in this pack. These are great fro creating abstract backgrounds for your designs.

dashed line photoshop brushes

09-Crazy Lines Brushes by ~szuia
Pack of 26 simple brushes, made with pen tool and dot/square brushes in Photoshop CS2. All brushes are high-res.

abstract crazy line photoshop brushes

10-Dashed Line Brushes by =demeters
A set of 30 brushes composed of different dashed lines.

dashed line photoshop brushes

11-Dashed and Dotted Line Brushes by ~blacknovART
There are 6 dashed and dotted line brushes in this set created for Photoshop 7.0 and up.

dashed and dotted line photoshop brushes

12-Dashed Line Brushes by ~Aless1984
There are 52 dashed line brushes for Photoshopp CS. Image pack is likewise available for those using lower version of Photoshop or other programs.

dashed line photoshop brushes

13-Border Line Brushes by ~chokingonstatic
Set includes 52 border/line brushes.They were created in Photoshop version 7.0.

border line photoshop brushes

14-Vector Line Dots for Photoshop 7 by ~IHEA

dashed and dotted line photoshop brushes

15-Dashed Line Brushes by ~luosxterces
A set of brushes in the ‘dashed line’ style made with Photoshop 7.

dashed line photoshop brushes

16-Dotted Lines Brushes by ~DirtyCharity
Includes 10 large brushes with dotted lines. Made in Photoshop 7.

dotted line photoshop brushes

17-Dotted Line Brushes by ~ohgalore
These brushes were made using Photoshop CS3. An image pack is included in case you are using a different version of Photoshop.

dotted line photoshop brushes

18– Dotted Lines set 01 by ~forpumpkin
This set includes 10 beautiful dotted lines for creating backgrounds

dotted line photoshop brushes

19-Just Lines by ~WKLIZE
Includes various dotted and dashed lines.

dashed and dotted line photoshop brushes

20– Dotted brush pack by ~JenniStock
Contains 13 brushes composed of horizontal and vertical dotted lines.

dotted line photoshop brushes

21-Dotted Line Brushes by ~xCJx
Some odd dotted line brushes made for Photoshop 7.

dotted line photoshop brushes

22- Dashed Line Brushes by =demeters
Includes 30 brushes consisting dashed lines.

dashed line photoshop brushes

23-JLD Dotted Dashed Line Brushes by ~JustLaugh143
Includes 17 brushes composed of vertical and horizontal dotted and dashed lines.

dashed and dotted line photoshop brushes



24– Abstract Glowing Lines Brushes by legenddesign
This set features some strait lines brushes and some curvy lines brushes. Simply apply the outer glow and/or inner glow to get the lines brushes to come to life!

abstract glowing line photoshop brushes

25- 3D Abstract Lines by ~env1ro
Set contains 27 big (up to 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up.

3d abstract line photoshop brushes

26-Outer Space Grid Lines
Includes 10 abstract line brushes for Photoshop CS and up.


27-Hi-res Flowing Line Brushes by ~JPeiro
Set of 10 Hi-res flowing line brushes created with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS4.

flowing line photoshop brushes

28-Magic Sparkle Lines by ~IHEA
Includes 6 high-quality brushes featuring sparkling lines perfect for creating magical and fantasy themed backgrounds.

magical sparkling line photoshop brushes

29-Photoshop Audio Lines Brushes by ~freshemedia
Fresh eMedia is offering some new technical audio line brushes, free for commercial and personal use. These brushes can be used to create equalizer effects in Photoshop with ease!

line photoshop brushes-equalizer audio lines

 30-Abstract Lines Brushes by ~shadow-sapphire
A set of 5 abstract line brushes that you can use in your designs such as backgrounds and other effects.

abstract line photoshop brushes

31– 15 Spirograph Brushes by =rocked-out
Included in this set are 15 brushes featuring digital spirographs. If you are using a different program or a lower version of Photoshop, then you may use the .png files included in the download folder.

spirograph line photoshop brushes

32-Photoshop Spirograph Brushes
This set features spirographic and basic fractal line brushes. Includes a mix of digital spirograph and line brushes that are free for personal use.

spirograph line photoshop brushes

33-Free Line Art Pack 104 Brushes and 104 Vectors by ~ThemeCavern
A set of 104 high quality line brushes for your Photoshop.

free line art photoshop brushes

34-Ribbons brushes by ~Rozairo
HIgh-resolution brushes for Photoshop Cs3.

ribbon curvy line photoshop brushes

35-Lines Photoshop Brushes Set by ~CommunicAnimation
Includes 9 wavy and abstract line brushes.

abstract wavy line photoshop brushes

36– Curvy Line Brushes by ~SET07
Includes 36 curvy line brushes with resolution of around 2500 pixels.

curvy and flowing line photoshop brushes

37– Abstract Lines Photoshop Brush by ~Romenig

abstract wavy line photoshop brushes

38- 14 Lined Waves by Cary_HMS
Includes 14 stroked and lined waves great for background touch-ups.

abstract wavy line photoshop brushes

39– Scan Lines by FlourKirby
Includes 4 scan lines brushes for creating backgrounds.




40-Doodle Line Brushes by ~cesstrelle
A set of doodle line photoshop brushes.

doodle hand drawn line photoshop brushes

41-Sketchy and Line Art Brushes by ~Genflag
Add an handmade and creative feel in your design with these sketchy lines. Includes 6 different strokes.

sketched hand drawn line photoshop brushes

42-Messy Lines by ~crazykira-resources
This set is composed of 15 messy line brushes in .abr format.

messy hand drawn line photoshop brushes

43-Phone Lines by ~crazykira-resources
This set includes 23 curvy line brushes that resemble a telephone wire. Included are the .abr brush file and an image pack.

messy curvy telephone line photoshop brushes

44– Curled Marker Lines Brushes by ~DieheArt
Created for Photoshop 7 and up, this set contains 11 curled marker lines.

doodle hand drawn line photoshop brushes-curled marker pens

45– Lined Scribbles Brushes by coydreamer
10 rough underlining scribbles brushes compatible with Photoshop CS and up.
Image pack included.

scribbled hand drawn line photoshop brushes

46– Art Class watercolor Lines by Brush Chick


47– 12 Fine Line Art Brushes
These 12 line brushes are free to use for yor drawings and decor- with finely pointed ends.

whimsical  line art photoshop brushes

48– Basic Line Art by BWvdS
Total of 10 basic line art brushes free to download and use.

messy hand drawn line photoshop brushes



49– Line 002 by ~ShadyMedusa-stock
Contains 8 brushes composed of thin lines that look like scratches.

grunge scrtach line photoshop brushes

50– Grunge Lines Brushes Part.1 by ~DieheArt
This brush set was created in Photoshop 7 and contains 35 brushes.

grunge line photoshop brushes

51-Grunge Lines Brushes Part 2 by ~DieheArt
As the name suggests, this is a set of brushes composed of grunge lines. What makes this pack special are the various patterns incorporated in them. These are compatible with Photoshop 7.0and up!

grunge line photoshop brushes

52-Grunge Lines Brushes Part 3 by ~DieheArt
This brush set only contains grunge lines in slanting patterns.Like the last set, this brush pack is compatible with Photoshop 7 and up.

grunge line photoshop brushes

53– Speed Lines – 600 DPI by ~screentones
High-resolution brushes that mimic speed lines. Use the ‘Rotate’ option in brush palette to change direction of the lines.

speed line photoshop brushes

54– Grunge Line Brushes by *StarwaltDesign
Includes 8 brushes with resolution of 2400px. Compatible with Photoshop CS – CS5.

grunge line photoshop brushes

55– Grungy Lines Brushes by ~AlenaJay
A selection of grungy line brushes for any use you decide to put them to.

grunge line photoshop brushes

56– Watercolor lines by brushchick
18 high resolution random textures between 840-2069 pixels each, in an .zip file.

grunge watercolor line photoshop brushes


57-Vector brushes by ~d-three-stock
Set of 5 brushes composed of vector lines, arrows, circles.

line photoshop brushes-vector

 58– Pulse Line Brushes by ~pindlekill
This set of brushes is composed of pulse lines. Pulse lines are those you normally see on the life monitor in a hospital.

pulse line photoshop brushes

59– Photoshop Brushes lines by *PeterPlastic
There are 16 different brushes in this set composed of grids, lines and spatters. These were created in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

line photoshop brushes-grid and patterns

60-Let’s Fade by ~WKLIZE
A set of brushes composed of thin and thick fading lines.

fading gradient line photoshop brushes

61– Photo Lines Brushes by ~DieheArt
Includes brushes made of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines useful for framing photos.

photo frame line photoshop brushes

62-Diagonal Stripe Brushes by ~Moretz
Include total of 5 Brushes in resolution of 1000px each.

diagonal line photoshop brushes

63– Birds And Power Lines by Robert Anthony
This set includes 11 power lines and 8 solo birds.

power line photoshop brushes

64– 14 Beautiful Decorative Line Brushes by ~fiftyfivepixels
A set of line Photoshop brushes that you can use in your design. These are very useful for adding decorative elements in your photos of designs to make them more interesting. There are brushes with floral designs while others have hearts and other gemstones.

decorative line photoshop brushes

65– Arrows and Lines Brush Set by ~OopsYeah

arrows and  line photoshop brushes

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