3000+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes

I am a big fan of vector art. This is the main reason why I so love Photoshop custom shapes. This tool in Photoshop lets you use graphics called “shapes” as vector elements in your design. The ability to enlarge vectors without losing crispness or sharpness makes them incredibly useful to every designer.

But what are Photoshop Custom Shapes? Adobe introduced custom shapes along with Photoshop version 6. With custom shapes, you can do much more with vector graphics than you could before. For example, you can break a shape to use a curve that you like or combine paths of two or more custom shapes to come up with a new shape. But what is more exciting is the ability to use custom shapes created by some generous and talented artists who make their work available to others for free. So even if you can’t draw, as long as you have the ability to arrange your elements in a way that make them nice to look at, then custom shapes becomes even more valuable to you.




Let’s have a basic tutorial first on how to load the custom shapes you have downloaded somewhere in your Adobe Photoshop program. The Photoshop custom shapes pack usually has a file extension .csh (e.g. shapes.csh)

Select the Custom Shape Tool from the toolbar.

custom shape tool menu


Now, go to the Custom Shapes Options Bar and then select the Custom Shape Picker dropdown. Click the arrow on the right side of the picker. From here, we want to “Load Shapes…“.

photoshop custom shape picker


Once you click this, a browser will open then locate or select the directory where you saved your custom shapes to. Once you found the CSH file, clik OK.  Your new shapes will be available in the Shape Picker afterwards.

Now you’re ready to use custom shapes. Have fun downloading some useful shapes below. But first, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have just finished working on my own set of Photoshop custom shapes featuring labels, badges, ribbons and tags. Below is a preview:

40+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes: Badges, Ribbons and Labels

photoshop custom shapes



01-Edgy Frames Custom Shapes Set 1
From Graphics Soft About, these custom shapes will work in Photoshop CS and higher and Photoshop Elements 4 and higher. They may work in older versions as well, but have not been tested. Visit the links below for installation and usage instructions.



02- Edgy Frames Custom Shapes Set
This is the second set of frame custom shapes for Photoshop from Graphic Soft. Like the first set, these shapes also work in Photoshop CS and higher and Photoshop Elements 4 and higher. You may also download the other seven sets that can be downloaded from Graphics Soft for free. The links can be found in the download link provided below.



03-Frame and Borders Custom Shapes
Composed of three sets, there are  42 free custom shapes featuring an assortment of frames and borders.  Designed by Shelby Kate Schmitz, these shapes may be used in Photoshop 7 and up and Photoshop Elements 2 and up. They may work in Photoshop 6, but have not been tested in this version.



04- Distorted Frames
This set consists 13 different frames in grunge style that you can use for scrapbooks.



05- Bracket Frames and Mattes Custom Shapes
A set of bracket custom shapes using dingbat fonts. These are useful for digital scrapbook projects. They are available for download at author’s blog.

bracket frames custom shapes


06- Labels, Tags, and Ribbons: Custom Photoshop Shapes
A lovely set of 6 labels, tag, and ribbon custom shapes. If you want to use them outside of Photoshop, you can use the image files of these shapes which are saved in PNG format.



07- Label Frames Custom Photoshop Shapes
A sweet mixed set of 5 free Photoshop custom shapes by Star Sunflower Studio. (PNG files are included for those who are running Gimp or PSP).



08-Simple Border Custom Shapes
A set of 16 border shapes used primarily for digital scrapping but you may find other uses for them. The preview shapes are representative of how the shapes would look if dragged onto a 3600 x 3600 canvas with proportions constrained. Created in CS3.

decorative border photoshop custom shapes


09- Doodle Frame Borders Shapes
This set comes in vectors, brushes and Photoshop custom shapes. You may use this item to make blog headers/banners, digital cards, digital collage sheets and commercial use digital scrap booking elements if the file is flattened and coloring/style added to it.



10- Photoshop Filmstrip Shapes
Here is a set of 4 Photoshop custom shapes that you can use to create a film-strip presentation of your digital photos.

filmstrip frames photoshop custom shapes



11- Flower custom shapes for CS2
Includes 47 floral shapes you can download and use for free.



12- Leaves Custom Shapes Vector
This custom shapes set includes all common types of flourishes, foliage and swirly curls that you can use for creating floral ornaments. Draw, duplicate, rotate, scale or do whatever you can imagine with these shapes. With these wide variety of elements, you can easily create your unique design. Have Fun!



13- Flowers Vector Shapes
A nice freebie set composed of 25 hand drawn flowers that you can download and use as custom Photoshop shapes (CSH). These flowers shapes are made in Photoshop and Illustrator.



14- Yazooy Paisley Shapes
A set of 24 Paisley custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop.



15- Ornate Custom Shapes Designs
There are 150 free ornate custom shapes in this set. Designed by Shelby Kate Schmitz, these may be used in Photoshop 7 and up and Photoshop Elements 2 and up (Mac or PC). The examples shown below are just a portion of the full set.



16- Vector Floral Shapes: 258 Spiral, Curves, Arcs
New amazing set of floral swirls, curves, spirals and arcs. These are  vector Photoshop Custom shapes that are easy to modify, change, rotate, reflect and re-size. Use Warp (Edit -> Transform Path -> Warp) function to modify single shapes in one touch.



17 – Flowers Photoshop Custom Shapes
A pack of 57 free flower vector graphics . These look like natural like flowers, with plenty of roses silhouettes, and hibiscus shapes. These are excellent for making floral illustrations and seamless floral patterns and backgrounds, borders, frames, among other things.



18- Flower Vectors Photoshop Custom Shapes
This is a set of Photoshop Custom Shapes composed of various flower shapes in vector designs.These are also available as Flower Vectors Photoshop & GIMP Brushes.

flower vector shapes for photoshop


19- Photoshop Custom Shapes-Ornaments
Here are 77 ornaments designed as custom shapes that can be used in Photoshop. Compatible with Adobe CS3 programs.

ornaments custom photoshop shapes


20- Custom Shapes Vegetation
There are 15 different hand drawn flowers in vector CHS Photoshop custom shapes that you can use in making decorations in your design.



21- Photoshop Plant Shapes Part 1
There are 9 Photoshop custom shapes in this set that you can use for creating landscaping plans and other designs.



22- Custom Shapes: Winter Trees
There are 18 high-quality winter trees you can use in architectural illustrations.

winter trees photoshop custom shapes


23- Palm Trees Custom Shapes
This set includes 17 very detailed shapes of trees in Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) format.  A sample artwork to demonstrate some uses of these shapes is shown in the preview below.



24- Dead Trees Custom Shapes Vector
This set is composed of 24 silhouettes of dead trees packed as CSH or Photoshop custom shapes.



25- Dead Trees Custom Shapes Part 2
Here’s part 2 of the dead trees custom shapes. There are 24 more shapes that are useful for making Halloween-themed designs.



26- Live Trees Custom Shapes
This second set of trees is composed of 24 silhouettes of live trees packed as CSH or Photoshop custom shapes.



27- Palm Trees Custom Shapes
This set includes 6 tropical flavored palm trees in Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) format.

palm trees custom shapes



28- Horses Custom Shapes
This set contains 15 horse shapes in CSH or Photoshop custom shape format. This set was created using Adobe Photoshop 7. For personal use only

horse animal custom shapes


29- Wild Animal Custom Shapes
A collection of various wild animals that you can download as custom Photoshop shapes.



30- Zebras Shapes Vector
This set contains 15 horse shapes in CSH or Photoshop custom shape format. This set was created using Adobe Photoshop 7. For personal use only.

zebra animal photoshop custom shapes


31- Free Vector Custom Shapes Dogs
Here is a mega pack of dogs’ silhouettes! There are a total of 86 free vector silhouettes of dogs available in vector format and as Photoshop custom shapes. The shapes includes different kinds and poses such as sitting dogs, standing dogs, poodle, bulldog, dachshund, sheep dog, and many others.

dogs photoshop custom shapes


32- Animals Custom Shapes
Here is another set of wild animals in silhouette. These are available as Photoshop custom shapes.

wild animals custom shapes


33- Custom Shapes: Birds
Set of 12 custom shapes for Photoshop featuring different species of flying birds.

flying birds custom shapes


34- Butterfly Doodle Shapes
A set of doodled butterflies drawn in Illustrator and pulled into Photoshop CS3 to create custom shapes.



35- Butterfly Photoshop Custom Shapes
This pack consists 15 custom shapes in a CSH file that you can download for free.



36- Heraldic Vintage Custom Shapes
This set includes 63 heraldic shapes that you can use as custom shapes in Photoshop. A CSH file can be downloaded from the link .

heraldic animals photoshop shapes


37- Heraldic Animals Custom Shapes
These vector silhouettes converted into Photoshop custom shapes  were taken from free font SLMytholSil. It include all kinds of heraldic animals such as dragons, lions, horses, unicorns, griffins, Pegasus, centaur  and other mythological creatures. These shapes are free for personal, non-commercial use only.




38- Sexy Girls Custom Shapes
This set includes 36 silhouettes of sexy girls in Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) format.



39- Business Ladies Custom Shapes
This set includes 12 silhouettes of businesswomen in Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) and EPS format.



40- Costumes and Character Shapes
One more interesting set of Photoshop custom shapes – characters from different times and situations. In this set you can find shapes of mags and wizards, superman, cowboy, policemen, clown, etc.

costume and character photoshop custom shapes


41- Silhouettes of Jumping People
This set includes 104 silhouettes of jumping people in Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) format.



42 – Free Vector Silhouettes of Common People
This set includes 200 silhouettes of people in various casual poses: sitting, standing, walking. With umbrellas and hats, with baggage and bags, different ages and occupations.



43- Sexy Fashion Models
This set consists 56 vector silhouettes of sexy fashion ladies. These high-quality outlines will help you to create eye catching illustrations in few minutes. This set includes both AI (Adobe Illustrator) and CSH (Photoshop CS Custom Shapes) versions.

fashion women custom shapes for photoshop


44- Custom Shapes of People Silhouettes
There 60 silhouettes of people in individual poses or as pairs.

people silhouettes photoshop custom shapes



45- Sunbursts Vector Shapes
This set includes 30 sunburst shapes that you can download free. You can use them as backgrounds for your designs.

sunburst photoshop custom shapes


46- Circles, Lines and Sunbursts
There are 100 circles, lines and sun lights and sunburst design shapes to make your art process more quick And easy. These custom shapes can be used with Photoshop CS and later versions.

geometric photoshop custom shapes


47- Petite Simple Circle Shape
Includes 20 circular shapes for Photoshop.

circular custom shapes for Photoshop


48- Straights and Swirls
These are some technical shapes that can be used for creating tech backgrounds.

technical arrows and lines photoshop custom shapes


49- Isometric Shapes II
Includes 16 isometric shapes in vector format (CSH).

isometric custom Photoshop shapes


50- Cafe and Restaurant Icons and Symbols
This set includes 78 vector clip art of cafe and restaurant-related icons and symbols such as glasses, bottles, cups, coffee seeds,  coffee grinder, coffee machine, percolator, cook symbols, icons of cook hat, teapot, teabag , wine bottle and many others.



51- Airplanes Top View Custom Shapes
A set of 61 custom shapes in silhouettes featuring various airplane models in top view.



52- Circular Shapes Designs
This custom shapes set includes an assortment of 30 circular designs. These free custom shapes by Shelby Kate Schmitz can be used in Photoshop 7 and up and Photoshop Elements 2 and up. They may work in Photoshop 6, but have not been tested in this version. You may also download the other five circular sets that are available for download from Graphics Soft for free. The links can be found in the download link provided below.

circle photoshop custom shapes


53- Photoshop Shapes: World Map
This could be very useful in any design. Includes the world map as well as the other major continents such as the UK and USA shapes.



54- Tribal Tattoos CSH
There are four 4 excellent set of tribal tattoos containing of a total of 51 tattoos packaged as Photoshop custom shapes. You are free to use any of the files here for personal or commercial designs.


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