500+ Free EPS Files, Vector Templates

There are thousands of free EPS files that can be downloaded from around the web. But, for those who are not familiar with this type of file format, EPS actually stands for Encapsulated Post Script. Technically, these files are documents that describe an image or drawing and can be placed within another PostScript document. EPS files can be opened and edited in vector programs like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand. Since this format is vector, you can still edit, change properties such as colors and even enlarge them to any size you want without losing details.  However, if do not have any of these programs or you do not have any background or skill to use the drawing programs mentioned above, then you can always import EPS files to Photoshop. Just make sure that you choose a high-resolution option upon importing and rasterizing them in Photoshop.

Keeping EPS files also saves you a lot of storage space since the file remains small regardless of the drawing’s final dimensions. That is why it is important for designers to have a library of vector clip art that you can use when needed for different projects without having to redraw them over.

In this post, we listed more than 500 designs in EPS format. Not everything are in EPS format because some of them are in Illustrator or PDF, which are also vector formats.  These vector drawings can be downloaded for free and maybe useful in creating logos, web banners and headers, posters and party fliers, and a lot more. To download the free EPS files that you want, simply click on the preview images which are linked to the original source.


01 – Ecology Icons Set 1
There are 25 vectors in this set that you can use for ecology-themed designs. This even include the famous recycling logo. These graphics are ideal to use in logo design, website headers and web banners, among other things.

free ecology themed vector eps files


02 – Ecology Icons Set 2
Second set of the ecology icons with 22 symbols in this set. These are ready to use with the included PNG files. Again, these are useful for any ecology-related designs, especially for logos and website headers.

free ecology themed vector eps files


03 -Packaging Template Ideas
If you are doing a packaging design for anything from milk package to paper shopping bags to CD cases, and many more, this collection from Diego Mattei will prove really useful. There are more than 250 free designs that you can get from this collection. Warning: non-English site.

free packaging template in eps format


04 -Flow Goodie Pack 08
Here is a pack of vector graphics composed of miscellaneous that you can download free. These EPS files may be used for anything like logo, party fliers, posters, among other things.You will get more than 50 designs in this pack.

free miscellaneous vector designs for flyers, posters


05 -Monkey Vector Pack 1
This is a big pack of free vector graphics containing hundreds of comic style individual designs such as icons, logos, lines, even some figures.

free comic cartoon vector eps files


06 -Monkey Vector Pack 1
Here is the second pack of free cartoon-ish vectors from DJ Monkey. As in the first set, this one also contains more than a hundred individual designs intended to be used as icons, logos, lines, etc. You may use these free EPS files for personal use only.

free monkey cartoon eps files


07 -Go Media Sample Vector Pack
This is a free sample of some of the stuff you can get from Go Media. They are giving these designs as freebies as a way to advertise their premium vector packs, which you can purchase from their site. This sample pack include more than 40 designs.

go media free sample vector files


08 -Go Media Sample Vector Pack (4-6)
This is a free sample of some of the vectors included in the sets 4-6 of Go Media’s premium packs. They are giving these designs as freebies as a way to advertise their stuffs, which you can purchase from their site.  Includes more than 25 designs.

funky and grungy free eps vector files


10 -Vector Stock Pack Number One
This set includes various drawings that you can use in your designs.Includes over 30 individual drawings.

free vector graphics


11 -Music and Instruments EPS File
This set includes 20 free vectors composed of music-themed artworks. These are perfect for creating headers, logos, party fliers, among other things.

free eps files-music and instruments


12 -Vector Skyscrapers
Collection of famous sky scrapers in vector format (AI, PDF and EPS Files available).

free vector buildings and skyscrapers


13 -Vector Notes Set By Dragon Art
A collection of Vector notes set. Use these free EPS files to create fun Post-It notes.

free vector post-it notes templates


14 -Realistic Vector Planes
Here is a set of realistic vector plane that you can use for free. These planes may be used in web design projects and graphic design projects to make them more attractive and good looking. Includes 10 aircraft designs.

free realistic vector aircraft and airplanes


15 -Beauty Girls Vector Graphics
This set can be used for designs about makeup, skin, body care, cosmetic, perfume, skin test, etc. This pack contains 7 drawings.

free fashionable girls vectors for beauty themed designs


16 -T-Shirt Models
These free EPS  files contain 4 T-Shirt Models and 2 T-Shirt Shapes, front and back, for girls and boys.

free t-shirt vector templates


17 -Transport 012
Free vector graphics composed of cars and trucks.

free vector cars and trucks


18- Free Citrus Vectors
pack of citrus vectors. Includes lemons, oranges and limes. Check out the little splashy slices… pretty cool! These free vectors would work great with the our previous tropical objects.

free vector citrus, lemons, lime


19 -Abstract Stock Vectors
Includes abstract clip art vector elements for your designs.

free abstract grunge background in vector format


20 -Vector Leaf Labels
A set of free EPS files containing designs for labels with green leaves and water drops. Useful for website.banners and other designs.

free vector leaf labels

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