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20 Inspiring Magazine Layout Designs To Checkout

We usually judge a magazine by its cover. However, the key to getting the attention of the readers and make them read the magazine from cover to cover does not depend on the magazine cover design alone but on having an enticing, easy to read layout and design for the inside pages. So how do you achieve creative, consistent and visually appealing content for your magazine? Here, we decided to pool together in this post a showcase of 20 creative and beautifully designed inside pages of magazines.

In viewing these examples, be aware and critical about the main elements or factor that we give importance to when designing the inside pages of a magazine such as the typeface used for headlines, sub-headlines and the body, the color palette or combination of colors used, the paragraph style, the folio, the styles applied to images. Another part of the inside page of a magazine the designers frequently give less attention is the table of contents design.  These are some of the elements that we set in our templates, master pages or style sheets when doing the layout in Adobe Indesign or other desktop publishing programs in order to create a coherent look for a particular publication or magazine from cover to cover.

magazine spread layout designs

We tried our best to include visually appealing, interesting and creative design solutions just in case you are looking for some inspiration in designing the inside pages of a publication, be it a magazine, an annual report or a book. To know more about each design, just click on preview image and it will take you to the portfolio of designers where they were taken. There, you can get additional information such as the type/fonts used, photographs, color combination and most importantly, you will be able to view the larger or high-res version of these magazine layout. Make sure to checkout also the portfolio of each artist for more inspiring examples. I hope everybody will find something interesting in this post. Enjoy!

01-Modern Design Magazine issue 13, July 2008
The example below is a magazine about modern architecture. This look best represents what it does by using a very modern and sleek look. From the font or type used, the excellent use of white space, colors and photographs all look good together.

Clean design for inside spread layout of Modern Design Magazine

02-Dwell Magazine
This magazine is also about homes. The use of a nice photograph that spreads from one side to half of the other side of the spread page made this layout interesting. If you want to create something like this, make sure you have excellent quality pictures to use.

layout for home and interior design magazine using large image

03: Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
A magazine about technology should likewise look modern and tech-savvy. The use of modern fonts and other design elements can help you come up with this kind of look for a magazine  layout.

high-tech background and typography for a gaming magazine layout

04: MM Magazine
You can never go wrong using traditional look for a magazine layout and cover. This example is best for magazines with “serious” theme or topic such as financial and business magazines .

three-column layout for financial magazine

05: Modern Design Magazine issue 13, July 2008
A minimalist cover design could look very modern and sleek if you have the right photograph to use as in the example below. Photo collage on a spread can break the monotony as shown below.

minimalist cover and inside layout of magazine

06: MAP Magazine
Using a panoramic photo that runs from one page to the other in a magazine spread also makes a page look very interesting. just make sure you are using colorful and interesting photographs for this kind of layout.

magazine spread layout with colorful panoramic photo

07: Magazine Spread with Closeup Portrait in Black and White
Another trend that we see in magazine layout design is the use of closeup photos. In fact, in this example, the close-up photograph occupied one side of a magazine spread.

magazine spread layout in black and white with closeup portrait

08: Life Lounge Magazine
A dark layout looks nice: dark photos in dark background and white types on it. Just make sure you break the darkness with a page or two in white background.

spread magazine layout in dark background and white text

09: Radical Magazine
A radical magazine should have a radical layout as well. The layout below breaks the common and traditional layout standards. That makes it unique and interesting, I guess.

magazine layout with irregular sized columns

10: Keeping on Track
Again, a dark background using one big picture as a background for the first page of a long article or writeup looks nice.

magazine spread layout in dark background

11: Change in the Feather
Another good example of a spread layout, with one side featuring one big interesting photo and the other side containing the text.

magazine layout with bold colorful pictures

12: Eyes on the Skies
This spread layout made use of one photo for both sides. What makes this kind of magazine layout interesting is the placement of texts. It makes your eyes run diagonally from one side to the other.

diagonal magazine spread layout

13: Breaking New Ground
Another spread layout with photo as background. The use of red that looks like a hole on the ground as background for text makes this magazine spread layout standout.

typographic magazine layout design

14: Berlin Fashion Week, Modern Design Magazine
A fashion magazine usually features faces of people in colorful clothes. So make sure your background is simple enough to make the photos stand out. White and black would be the best choice for this type of magazine layout.

fashion magazine layout in white background

15: The Carbon Connection
Another interesting magazine spread composition with graphics imposed on a photo on one side.

magazine layout design with super imposed graphics on picture

16: Modern Design Magazine, Kumi Yamashita, The Art of Shadows
Using just black and white can be modern too!

spread layout for a modern magazine in black and white

17: Between the ducks…
This spread does not have continuity, which is consistent with the theme of the article.¬† The “oddness” makes people wonder and thus makes it interesting enough to make them read through.

asymmetrical magazine spread layout

18: The Oklahoman Review, Issue 001
Grunge is still in. It makes a rather boring white layout interesting.

grunge magazine spread layout

19: Three Sixty Magazine
Lines could draw the eyes instantly. This page look three-dimensional, which is very fitting for a magazine title Three Sixty.

3D magazine layout using lines

20: Editorial Design
A spread with a dark layout on one page and a lighter background on the other page creates a balanced look.

dark and light magazine layout


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