20 Beautiful Typographic Graphic Designs

Designers are making type sexy again. Painting or designing with type is a growing trend nowadays especially with the use of computers giving designers the various tools to do amazing things with type or fonts. I am talking about the design trend where the type or typography itself is becoming the main element of a graphic or web design. We see them in almost any form of print and web designs such as for posters, brochures, flyers, Annual Reports, book covers and even for product packaging design. For advertisers, especially, words are extremely limiting when it comes to conveying ideas and concepts. That is why design has to go hand in hand with types to ensure that these words carry their intended meaning into the minds of the waiting public.

Typographic design is interesting because it at first glance, it looks very simple to execute. But contrary to what we want to believe, a typographic design is  difficult to create and involves a lot of sensibility and creativity. When using this kind of design style, there are things that need to be considered. First the choice of the font style relative to the message that you want to convey to your intended audience as well as the sizes and arrangements of types. All of these things are to be considered along with the color schemes and other design elements.

So if you are looking for some inspiration along this line, here is a round up of 3o awesome use of  typography in graphic design from around the web. Clicking on the preview image will take you to the original post where you can view the larger version of the image as well as some design notes from the authors. I hope you will find these typographic designs inspiring as well.


01: Jazz A LA Villete CD Cover

typography graphic design

02: Morgan’s Spiced

typography graphic design

03: The Electric Ballroom

typography graphic design

04: I’m not Swiss but I Love Typography

typography graphic design

05: Numbers and Symbols

typography graphic design

06: Stolichnaya Retro

typography graphic design

07: Countries

typography graphic design

08: Typographic Poster

typography graphic design

09: Why are the Arts So White?
typography graphic design

10: Sports Poster

typography graphic design

11: Virgin Atlantic

typography graphic design

12: Explore the Thames-Totally London

typography graphic design

13: Totally London

typography graphic design

14: Grunge Typography

typography graphic design

15: Creative Typography

typography graphic design

16: Typographic Illustration

typography graphic design

17: Typographic Grunge Poster Design

typography graphic design

18: Unravel

typography graphic design

19: Culture is the sum of all forms of art

typography graphic design

20: Typographic Brochure

typography graphic design

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  3. i like the number 1 typography illustrations..great!

  4. nice examples thanks for the inspire list..

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  6. I enjoyed your article 30 Examples of Beautiful Typography Illustrations. You posted very creative and inspiring examples. Thx!

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  10. Great post, truly inspiring uses of typography from us to learn from.

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  12. #10 is great….just needs one last word:


  13. CULTURE — typography is the best!

  14. I always struggle with my own typography, but it’s nice to see some great work by others.

  15. Hey there,
    I’ve been really into typography lately and just spent 14 hours with my latest creation.

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