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50+ Gorgeous Twitter Bird Icons For Your Blogs

Twitter is taking the blogosphere by storm and has been one of the main avenues to increase readership and traffic to a blog or site. Having a twitter account where you can post all your updates for your site works the same way as an RSS feed. But since tweets do not require a program such as an RSS feed reader to read, this is a lot far easier for people to get updated with your blog. Not only thus tweeter also allows you to exchange views and socialize unlike an RSS feed.

twitter bird icons

But how do you tell your readers that you have a twitter account? Simple. Just put on one of those readily available eye-catching twitter bird icons (that blue bird) that can be easily spotted in your homepage and link it to your twitter page.  So, if you are interested to increase Twitter followers through your blog and you have not displayed a Twitter bird icon just yet, we compiled here some twitter bird icons that you can use on your site. Or, maybe you want a more attractive and interesting Twitter bird icon than the one you are using at present. To download the twitter bird icon set that you like, just click on the download link found below each preview image. I hope you will like these cute twitter icon sets as well. Have Fun!

01 – High Resolution Twitter Bird Icons by The Design Super Hero
This Twitter icon set is available as Photoshop file and also has PNG versions in different dimensions ( 256, 128 and 64). The icons are 100% free. Use them anywhere. Just do not claim that you created them.

twitter bird icons

02 – Tweeties by Chris Wallace
Tweeties is a free Twitter icon set with three cute little baby Twitter birds for you to enjoy. The icon set includes four different  .PNG image sets (32×32, 48×48, and 80×80) and the original .AI file so you can modify and create different variations.

twitter bird icons

03 – Vector Twitter Icons by Rocket Genius
These Twitter bird icons are available in illustrator eps file, which means it can be scaled down to any size you want without losing the details. Ideal if you are working on a high-resolution project which is not always the case when it comes to the uses ofTwitter bird icons. Just scale them to any size you want and use it for free in any non-commercial project.

twitter bird icons

04 – Happy Birds by
You may use these 4 happy go lucky birds on your blog or website to encourage others to share your content or to follow you on Twitter. These Twitter bird icons are available in PSD and PNG formats. You may use these twitter icons for both private and commercial projects. However, this icon set may not be distributed in any way including reselling, sub-licensing, renting, or transferring.

twitter bird icons

05 – High Resolution Twitter Bird Icons by Productive Dreams
These free Twitter bird icons is 100% vector (Fireworks file) containing 4 different poses of the Twitter bird. Both PNG and PSD versions has been included in the .zip file.You can use the icons for private and commercial projects, blogs and web-sites for free, without any restrictions whatsoever. However, you are not allowed to sell or redistribute the icons.

twitter bird icons

06 – Twitter Bird Icon Set 2 by Productive Dreams
Here are another 6 free Twitter bird icons from Productive Dreams. This set comes with 6 icons (360×360 high quality transparent PNGs). You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes.

twitter bird icons

07 – 31 Logos et boutons pour Twitter by Vincentabry
This set includes 31 different and unique Twitter logos that you can use on your blogs and websites. The icons are available in two dimensions in PNG format.

twitter bird icons

08 – Twitter Icons With Attitude by Monkeyworks
Use these icons if you want your Tweeter icons to be different.

twitter bird icons

09 – Cute Twitter Icon Set by Mirjami Manninen for Smashing magazine
This new set contains eight transparent PNG icons for Twitter, available in resolutions of 128×128 pixels, 256×256 and 512×512. The sources are in EPS files (for CS4 and CS3), PSD files and AI files (for CS4).

twitter bird icons

10 – High Resolution Twitter Bird Icons by The Design Super Hero
Download this free icons for your Website or Application. Includes 2 icons in PNG and in various sizes, from 256×256 down to 16×16 pixels) format.

twitter bird icons

Want more Twitter bird icons? Checkout this site, which features hundreds of nice-looking twitter bird icons for your blogs and websites.


Note: All visual content featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement intended. Please read the Terms Of Use of these images/resources before using to prevent unwanted occurrences. Unless otherwise specified, the Website is intended for your personal use only.


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