25 Funny Advertisements With Great Recall

Funny advertisements always sell! Plain and simple. If you want people to remember your advertising campaign, your corporate identity or product branding,  humor is the way to go. It does not only get the attention of consumers, it also make your product or service easier to recall or remember. We love to remember things that make us smile or laugh, don’t we? People love to be entertained that is why laughter has an enormous power when it comes to advertisements.  Do you have any advertisement that you seem to remember up to this day? I bet it is one of those advertisements that made you smile or laugh. So if you are a brand manager or a marketer, always remember that as long as people smile, they will surely buy. On the other hand, try to use some serious approach in your advertisement and people will surely find it boring, making them skip your ad.

There are plenty of advertisements out there that makes use of humor element to get the attention of people. Some makes use of funny copy while some are more creative in terms of photography and graphics.  So we did a research to come up with some of funny advertisements from around the web. These funny advertisements include not only print ads but also billboard ads and some guerrilla marketing campaigns. Let us know if you have seen funny advertisements but were not included in this list by leaving your comments below.

funny advertisement - mashed potatoes

Photo by Dick Smolinski

Here are 25 great examples of such advertisements. To view the advertisements from source, just click on the link found below each image.

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01 – Toohey’s Beer

typographic advertisement for Toohey's Beer

02 – Perrier

funny advertisement for Perrier

03 – Vintage Coffee Ad

funny Vintage Coffee Ad

04 – Coca-Cola Billboard Advertisement

Coca-Cola Billboard Advertisement with giant straw

05- Subway
Aside from humor, sex also sells.

subway sex advertisement

06 – Coke Light

funny coke light advertisement

07- Jobs In Town

jobs in town funny advertisement

08 – Nivea Hair Care

Nivea Hair Care Funny ad

09 – Have a Break…Sit on a Kitkat

Kit-kat funny ad

10 – Nothing Can Replace a Tree
The post has a tree shadow? On second look, the tree shadow is actually painted on the pavement.

nothing can replace a tree-funny ad

Can’t get enough of these funny advertisements? Here’s more…

11- Schizophrenia can be treated. Seek help.

Schizophrenia funny ad

12- Mouse pad for tired hands

funny mouse pads

13- Yoga Center

funny advertisement for Yoga Center

14-Big Pilot Watch

funny advertisement pilot watch on subway

15-Pepsi Twist

pepsi twist funny ad

16-The New Mini John Cooper Works

 New Mini John Cooper Works

17-Carlsberg Beer

funny advertisement for Carlsberg Beer

18- FHM Ad

funny advertisement for FHM men's magazine

19- Anti-Smoking Campaign
Smoking could kill you.

funny anti-smoking campaign with gun advertisement

20-New Audi makes everything else go pale

New Audi makes everything else go pale

21- Highway Ad
Any motorist will not miss this billboard ad for a chain of motorway rest stops in Austria.

funny highway tunnel advertisement

22- True Blood Posters

funny vampire advertisement

23- Olympus Binoculars

funny Olympus Binocularsadvertisement

24-Change Your Head

funny Change Your Head advertisement

25- FedEx ad

funny Fedex advertisement

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