25 Creative Water Bottle and Packaging Designs

Bottled water is one of the essential gears this summer to keep you hydrated on the go. So we think that it is timely to look at the most inspiring water bottle designs. Packaging design plays a very important factor whenever we buy bottled water mainly because that’s the only difference there is among bottled water–all bottled water almost have the same taste, after all.

In order to compete with other products in the beverage department, manufacturers of bottled water products are also constantly looking for fresh and more creative water bottle designs. In addition, the growing health and environment concerns on the use of PET and plastic bottles also continue to pressure manufacturers to come up with an alternative packaging designs such as the growing use of clear glass bottles, cardboard and other renewable or recyclable materials. So if you have to drink bottled water, it is always better to support the brands that make an effort to be more sustainable.

The only drawback for using glass bottles in water packaging is the fact that glass bottles are heavier and thus, takes more effort and money to transport them. In addition, bottles break easily and thus extra care must be taken in transporting them from the factory to supermarkets and then to our homes.

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In terms of graphic design, most companies continue to follow the trend for design simplicity such as the use of minimal type on the bottle and less color. However, we must admit that the water bottle design feature in this roundup would also cost consumers more because of the cost of production. But surely, there are people who are willing to buy them and keep them or maybe convert into something like flower vases.

Thirsty for more water bottle designs? Below are 25 of the most inspiring water bottle designs that we found online. If you need to know more about each design, simply click on the preview image. However, there are items whose links are no longer available. So sorry for that. It is something that’s beyond our control. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy browsing through these water bottle designs.

01 – Purified Water Package Design by Metagraf

purified water bottle designs

02 – Swig Purified Sparkling Water

sparkling water bottle with big caps

03 – Reter Mineral Water

water bottle designs with cork

04 – Aqueduct Mineral Water

water packaging using glass bottles

05 – Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

flavored water packaging using botlles

06 – Ô Water

slim water bottle designs

slim water bottle designs

07 – Lofoten Water

elegant tall water bottle designs

elegant tall water bottle designs

08 – Agua 22 Mineral Water

typographic water bottle designs

09 – Beauty Water

water bottle with colorful floral design

water bottle with colorful floral design

10 – Splash and Sparkle Natural Spring water

long neck water bottle design in blue

11 -Zepra’s Pure Taste water

happy water transparent bottle design

12 – Boxed Water

cardboard paper box water packaging

13 – Ferrarelle Water

elegant water bottle designs with box

14 – Evian Limited edition

water bottle with decorative patterns for evian

15 – Himalayas on Top

typographic water bottle designs

16– Clarte Pure Water

clean transparent water bottle designs


transparent water bottle designs

18– Veen Bold Sparkling Water

slim and tall water bottle designs

19 – Llanllyr Source premium bottled water by Parker Williams

long neck water bottle designs

20 – 1 Litre Water

one liter water bottle designs

21– Lacquen Water

elegant and modern water bottle designs

22 – Bling Water

elegant studded water bottle designs

elegant studded water bottle designs

23 – Karim Rashid’s Fine Bottled Water

shapely water bottle designs

24 -Lanjaron Water Limited Edition

limited edition modern water bottle designs

25 – Font Vella Premium Water

water bottle designs with flower designs in blue and white

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  1. What absolutely gorgeous bottles! I’ve been known to buy and save a beverage just because the bottle design was great.

  2. really nice designs.

  3. On some of these pictures I’m getting confused since many of them look like expensive liquor bottles. I hope people aren’t not spending premium prices for water. You’re just paying for a pretty bottle and that makes me sad.

  4. These bottles may be beautiful, but they don’t solve the major problems with bottled water. Whether or not it’s packaged in plastic, bottled water comes at an environmental cost; the creation and disposal of the packaging is only one component. It also takes energy to bottle and transport the water, which is unnecessary if you’re drinking your local tap water (water is part of the local food movement, too!). In addition, water extraction–the pumping of water for bottling–can hurt ecosystems and local communities by depriving them of water. Once it’s bottled and shipped elsewhere, the water can’t return to the water table through the hydrologic cycle.
    On top of all that, the bottled water industry is a scam. These companies are making giant profits off a product that they get for nearly nothing and then mark up by hundreds or thousands of times.
    Instead of paying through the nose for bottles that will end up in the trash–fancy or not–we need to focus on funding our public water infrastructure so that everyone in the US can have clean, affordable water.

  5. Yes, some lovely designs for sure, but I bet the water is the same stuff they sell for $3.99 a case at your local gas station.

    With out a doubt though, package design really does influence our buying decisions.

    Nice post!

  6. very nice collection of bottled package, I like “Design 22 – Bling Water” thanks for inspire..

  7. Great designs but from an equipment manufacturer’s point of view I can tell you the machinery to bottle and package these exotic bottles come at a higher price, however packaging is important for sales to be strong. The pay off is there for those that survive the marketing wars.

  8. Wow, these are really fantastic. Not just the package design, but the bottles themselves are appealing. I am assuming you are mainly paying for the cost of printing and packaging when you buy these waters.

  9. Through you for details. It helped me in my assignment

  10. okay these are very pretty bottles but what does that do its just water we have cups at home and fossets. why do we need to pay like 30 dollars for a bottle of water?

  11. Wow.. absolutely stunning.. must cost a bomb too… But worth having one on my table!

  12. Nice Designs inoperative

  13. I want to establish a bottle water factory, how can I contact you for more business discussion?

  14. Nice design & look is good.

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