20 Free Kids Fonts for Kiddie Projects

Free kids fonts with their hand drawn style and irregular shapes are always useful if you want to bring a childlike fun to a design. So if you are looking for fonts to use for a kids party invitation, fun family gatherings or for your kids’ school project, you actually have hundreds of options to choose from. Here, we offer our top picks when it comes to kids fonts that you can use for free. These are wonderful substitutes for Comic Sans which seems to be the preferred font used by many people whenever they need a less formal or playful font. (No offense meant, Comic Sans is a great font but it has been overused. Time to look for some fun substitutes, right?)

kids fonts

This round up contains wonderful selection of youthful and high quality fonts that are certified True Type fonts that let you create and print your own party invitations to please your kids or their guests. Most of these fonts have versions for both PC and Mac OS platforms. To download the font that you want, just click on the text link provided below each preview image below and it will take you to a new page where you can view the entire alphabet, try out the font and of course download the font that you want. So without much further ado, here are 20 kids fonts you may download and use for free. I hope you enjoy using these fonts.

01 – Homework Font
This font is ideal if you need something that looks handwritten.

free homework kids fonts

02 – Ziggy Zoe
This font would look nice in a greeting card or a gift tag but not for long series of texts.

free curly handwritten kids fonts

03 – Dingle Berries

free curly handwritten kids fonts

04 – My School Font

cursive free kids fonts

05 – Smiley Font

smiley thick free kids fonts

06 – Camden Font
This font has a doodled effect and perfect to use for fun and kiddie themed designs.

free doodle kids fonts

07 – SpongeFont Square Type
Use this if you are planning a Spongebob-themed party for your kid. Simply put some graphics and write the text using this font.

free spongebob themed kids fonts

08 – Sparkly Kiddie Font
This font looks magical and ideal for a Fantasy-themed layout.

free sparkling magical kids fonts

09 – Calvin and Hobbes
From the comic Calvin and Hobbes, this font surely brings childhood memories.

free comic kids fonts

10 – Candy Randy
Kids love candies so they would also love this font, for sure.

candy inspired free kids fonts

11 – Cookies

free cookie-inspired kids fonts

12 – Mickey
Who does not know Mickey? Every child can surely relate to this font.

free mickey-inspired kids fonts

13 – Space Out
Another font that simply spells magic. Ideal for Fantasy-theme designs.

free star studded kids fonts

14 – Happy Sans

free happy sans kids fonts

15 – Jungle Juice

free jungle juice kids fonts

16 – Scooby Doo

free scooby doo kids fonts

17 – Gilligans Island

free beach island theme kids fonts

18 – Bean Town

free kids fonts-bean Town

19 – Marker Monkey

free kids fonts

20 – Iron Man

free kids fonts-iron man

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