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Free Business Card Templates for Making Your Own

Business cards are among the most inexpensive yet very powerful marketing tools you can use to promote yourself or your business. Most important to remember in designing your business cards, according to experts, is to make sure that the design you create for your cards reflects the image that you wish to convey.  Remember,  that every time you give someone your business card, you do not only provide them with your name and contact details. That same card also create an impression or image about the quality of your products or services.

Business cards come in different, colors, shapes and sizes. To determine the style that fits your requirements, it is best to think first about your “customers or clients” and how they will use and store your card.

free business card templates

So, here, I will share with you some of my great finds–free or royalty free business card templates that you could use in designing your own business cards. You can open these free templates file in Photoshop. However, to edit the EPS or Illustrator files, you need to open them in Illustrator. I hope you will also like them! Enjoy!

I do not host these templates in my own server because obviously these are not my creations. If you find a dead link or if a certain file does not exist, please let me know so I could update or remove it.

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01- Visiting Card (DevianArt) by VELAVAN


02 -Swirly Background Business Card Templates from
This set of free business card templates contains several designs in vector EPS format. The 20 various card designs feature  swirl object, silhouette, floral pattern, among others.  Simplify your graphic design work with this templates.

floral business card templates vector

03- EPS Vector Card Templates from DryIcons
The pack contains two free business card templates in EPS format that are free to use for non-commercial work only. Licenses for commercial and extended licenses are available from the author’s website.

free EPS businesscard template

04-Free Business Card Templates via Marketing Hub
The free business card templates that you may download from this site include business cards for DJ, Graphic Designer, Interior Design, Painter, Personal Trainer, Plain, Restaurant, Travel Agent, etc.

free business card template in photoshop psd


05- Floral Business Card Templates
A pack of business card templates featuring floral designs in purple and pink. The design features a light pink background with floral designs and spaces for text. These business cards are ideal for women in any business as well as for other businesses like boutiques, spa, beauty salons and as personal business cards. The templates come in an EPS file that can be easily customized. To edit the file, you will need a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

pink floral design business card templates Free Card Templates
Here are some free business card templates for you to get started. Remember to add your own graphics and photos to personalize your card further. The cards are in full color but there are also some in black and white with minimal graphics and simple layout, all vector graphics. Also remember to follow the printer’s recommendations for crop marks, cut lines and bleed settings.

simple vector business card templates

07-Building/Audio Equalizer Background Business Cards Vector
There are 16 free business card templates featuring different designs from this pack. These templates are available in different colors and feature background that look like building silhouettes or an audio equalizer. The templates are contained in one EPS file that you can edit in Illustrator or other drawing programs.

free business card templates with building background


08-Abstract Business Cards from Dry Icons
This free business card template features abstract background in blue and pink. All graphics in the free vector graphics section come in .eps file format. You will need a vector editing program to open this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

free business card templates-abstract background

09-Simple Dark Business Card
Here is a simple business card template in black in case you want a minimalist design for your card. The template is in PSD (Photoshop).

simple dark black business card templates

10-Abstract Business Cards from Dry Icons
Here is another free template for business cards in abstract bubbles background design. This is great for any kind of business or as personal business card. This is also ideal for people who want to express creativity in their business cards.

bubble background vector business card templates


Note: All visual content featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement intended. Please read the Terms Of Use of these images/resources before using to prevent unwanted occurrences. Unless otherwise specified, the Website is intended for your personal use only.


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