30 Linen Textures for Web and Print Designs

Textures remain to be an element that is widely used by designers in different graphic presentations such as website, banners, posters, brochures, magazines and even in video footages. Textures are also versatile. You can use them in many ways and in different styles. You can come up with striking art pieces if you are able to implement textures effectively along with typography, lighting, colors and other design elements. In Photoshop, you can easily add textures by putting it in one layer and then experimenting with the blend modes. Textures can also add dimension to any design.

Here, we searched the web for quality fabric linen texturesthat you can use in your designs. Linen, if you still do not know, is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant and is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Since linens have been around for centuries, you may use these textures, especially the grungy ones, to create realistic vintage look in your artwork. For example, you can use a scanned image of an old book with linen covers to create a vintage looking background for a vintage-themed website or poster. The clean-looking linen backgrounds, on the other hand, can give a website or a book cover, for example, a modern and natural look.

Most of the textures that we include in this post have creative commons licenses which allow you to use them for free provided that you credit the source or you link back to their respective sources. Please check the terms and conditions of each texture before using them. If by mistake we included a texture here that is copyrighted, or if the license has been changed, then please let us know so we can immediately remove it from this list.

By the way, have noticed that this site is using a linen background? Well, that is just one way of using linens in design.

To download the linen texture that you like, simply click on the image and it will open a new page where you can get the high-resolution version along with some important information or details about each texture.

01 – Creamy Book Linen
A scanned image of an old book with linen textured cover.

creamy book linen texture

02 – Blue Linen
This fine and clean linen texture are best to use for modern and contemporary designs.

blue fine linen texture

03 – Linen With Decorative Borders
This background would look best when used for photo collage and other designs where you need frame or border.

linen with decorative border texture

04 – Striped Linen Natural

striped natural linen texture

05 – Yellow Linen

yellow linen texture

06 – Vanilla Linen

vanilla linen texture

07 – Vintage Book Linen

vintage book linen texture

08 – Old Book Linen

old book linen texture

09 – Linen Table Cloth

linen table cloth texture

10 – Yellow Embroidered Linen Cloth

embroidered linen cloth texture

11 – Oranssi Kangas Linen Texture

orange linen texture

12 – Coarse Linen

coarse pink linen texture

13 – Circle Detail-Embroidered Linen Cloth Texture

embroidered linen cloth with circle details

14 – Cream Linen

cream linen texture

15 – Scratched Up Book Linen

scratched linen book texture

16 –Three Linens

folded linen texture background

17 – Runes

runes linen texture

18 – Classic Linen

classic linen cloth texture

19 – Grungy Linen

grungy brown linen texture


20-Vintage Linen Texture

vintage linen texture

21- Dark Linen

red coarse linen texture

22 – Old Salmon Pink Linen

old salmon pink linen texture

23 – Old Pine Linen

old pine linen texture

24 – Fabric Linen

fabric linen texture background

25 – Green Grunge Linen

green grunge linen texture

26 – Water Color Dreams on Linen Tetxure

linen texture with watercolor artwork

27 – Fern Imprints on Olive Green Linen

linen texture with fern imprints

28 – Grungy Terracotta Linen

grungy terracotta linen texture

29 – Vintage Linen Background in Pale Yellow

vintage yellow linen texture

30 – Grungy Linen

grungy brown linen texture

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  1. Reminds me of my college days when we had an assignment to go out and find 50 natural textures, photograph them and then use 25 of them in an image manipulation. Thanks for the memories!

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  4. Is there a way to get the cool white linen texture that is the background for this page? I love it.

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  5. Thanks for sharing – this is extremely useful!!!

  6. Great collection! Thanks for sharing

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