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200+ Free Editable Illustrator Patterns and Swatches

Using  patterns and swatches in your Adobe Illustrator projects lets you save time but still presents you with an opportunity to create beautiful designs. I have always been fascinated with plaid and swirl patterns, so in this roundup, I am going to list some 200 free illustrator patterns contained in 15 sets and includes designs in plaids, floral, swirls, retro and other types of patterns that I found online. You may use these patterns for not only graphic or web design but also for fashion design, textiles and package designs. Also, since these illustrator patterns are in vector format, you can also alter them if needed using drawing programs such as Illustrator or Corel Draw. Vector format also allows you to scale these background patterns into whatever size you want without losing quality. To download the background pattern that you want to use, just click on the link provided below each preview image.

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01- 25 Woven Plaid Swatches by Colorburned
Plaid patterns have countless uses for fashion design or textiles, graphic or web design, package design and more. What makes this set different is the simulated twill texture applied to it. Another advantage of these swatches is the flexibility that they provide. You can perform a number of transformations on them including scale and rotate without affecting the shape of the object they are applied to.

free plaid illustrator patterns

02- 10 Incredible Seamless Destroyed Vectors from Colorburned
Here is a set of very detailed and very large distressed vector that you can use for free. Aside from being detailed these4 illustrator patterns are also seamless and have the ability to repeat. The patterns are in SVG format that are perfect for creating distressed vectors. This may be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator.

seamless grunge destroyed vector patterns

03-Ocean Waves Pattern Pack by Shori Ameshiko
These nice illustrator patterns can be used for anything, including for desktop wallpaper, website background or any artwork that needs pattern. This set from ShoriAmeshiko contains 20 patterns and are available in both JPEG for those who do not have Illustrator or vector program and the Adobe Illustrator format.

wavy illustrator patterns

04- Ginko Leaves Pattern Pack by ShoriAmeshiko
Another background patterns pack from Shori Ameshiko, this set also contains 20 patterns/swatches. As in the previous set, these Illustrator patterns are available in both JPEG and Illustrator formats.

leaves illustrator patterns

05- Swatch Patterns in Illustrator
There are a total of 20 useful Illustrator patterns in this set featuring swatches in various designs and colors.

swatch illustrator patterns-different designs

06-Batik is Beautiful
The design is based on a beautiful Indonesian batik fabric. Feel free to play around with these exotic background patterns  available in 3 different color schemes.

batik fabric in vector illustrator patterns

07-Magic Patterns – free resources for Photoshop and Illustrator by PeHaa
There are 6 patters in this set composed of cute graphics in different colors. You may download them as Photoshop .pat file (the tile size is 600pixels by 600pixels) or in vector format as Adobe Illustrator pattern swatches. Free for both personal and commercial use.

floral swirls illustrator patterns

8. Victorian Scrapbooking Seamless Pattern Swatches for Illustrator by createsk8
This set includes 7 free Illustrator patterns. The files are in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats.

swirly curls illustrator patterns

09- Climbing Flowers – free patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator
Another pack of flower patterns by PeHaa featuring vines and flowers. There are seven color variants in set which you may use them freely for you personal and commercial projects.

flower and vines illustrator patterns

10- Autumn Leaves: Free Illustrator Pattern Set
A set of free repeat patterns with a leaf motif inspired by the beautiful Autumn/Fall colors. There are three EPS files that you can load into Adobe Illustrator (or your favorite vector editor) and edit to change the scale, colors etc.

For those who do not have vector program, the patterns are also available in PNG thumbs that you can use right away in your web designs or load them into your Photoshop pattern library (Edit->Define Pattern).

autumn leaves illustrator swatch pattern

11. Iris Pattern Pack
The .rar file that you can download includes .jpegs of the patterns to be used as wallpaper tiles as well as an Adobe Illustrator file with all of the patterns on hand. Simply go into Illustrator and select (depending on your version of Illustrator) Window > Swatch Libraries > Other Libraries… and select your desired pattern file. A swatch box filled with the patterns will show up for your use. Feel free to use these for anything that needs a pattern. Desktop wallpaper, website background, artwork, etc.

flower and leaves illustrator swatch pattern

12- Pattern Set 1 by Fudge Graphics
There are 26 seamless vector pattern swatches in this pack that you may use for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. Features basic geometric shapes that are perfect as overlay.

vector circles and squares illustrator patterns

13- Pattern Set 2 by Fudge Graphics
There are 20 seamless vector Pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. Includes some basic geometric shapes that are ideal as overlay.

vector circles and squares illustrator patterns

14- This is a selection of 8 Vector Halftone Patterns created in Illustrator. Use them for masks, grunge work, or vectorized halftone saturation. Whatever you come up with. CC License, Royalty Free.

free half tones dots illustrator patterns

15- Free Seamless Vector Patterns – Abstract Gears
In the download you will find these files: 3 EPS files that you can load into Adobe Illustrator (or your favorite vector editor) and edit to change the scale, colors etc. and 3 PNG thumbs that you can use right away in your web designs or load them into your Photoshop pattern library (Edit->Define Pattern).

free gears illustrator patterns


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