16 Free Script Fonts For Elegant Designs

Script fonts are elegant and formal. To use them effectively, however, you must match them with equally elegant photos or images. These type of fonts are usually used for formal occasions such as wedding invitation, formal dinner parties, scrapbooks, etc.. Script fonts, especially those typefaces with fine lines and lots of swirls and flourishes have a feminine feel to them, and thus used for designs and graphic designs intended for females.

free to download script fonts preview

However, for serious occasions like when you are designing a formal wedding invitation, choosing a script font is a bit more complicated. You cannot just pick a typeface that looks nice. Several factors must be considered when deciding on a font. According to lovetoknow.com, there are three major factors that you should consider in looking for the best font for a wedding event:

1. Character Set: If the font will be used for multiple purposes, a full character set including upper and lower cases, numbers, and punctuation is essential. Special characters may also be desirable depending on the wedding invitation wording.

2. Readability: An ornate script font may be beautiful and romantic, but it may be too difficult to read unless it is very large. Choose a font that is suitably formal but still legible at a practical size for the wedding invitations and other stationery.

3. Style: Script fonts are the most popular for weddings because they are stylish and elegant, but they are not the only option. A casual font is suitable for a second wedding or less formal event, and themed fonts can be used as well. An old English ornate font, for example, is perfect to use for a Renaissance wedding ceremony, while a gothic font may be best for a Halloween wedding.

So here are the best Script fonts that you can download for free or as shareware (Please check the individual Terms of use).



Less formal yet fun! The script fonts curl together to create a tight but classic appearance. You may use this font for names and accents for wedding invitations or for logos or short words and phrases. This font is also best paired with a serif fonts to make important information such as dates more legible and easy to read. The numerals, especially the number 1 and 7 are very hard to tell apart in this typeface. Also, the loops and descenders require extra line spacing to be readable. (Available in PC/MAC versions).

scriptina free script fonts


This is more subdued compared to many script or handwritten typefaces. The letters are a little more stylized compared to the more organic-appearing typefaces that many fonts use. English is the best choice if you prefer crisper and cleaner script fonts. (Available for both MAC and PC users)

English free script fonts preview


This type has slender letter forms similar to those older style of script fonts. Its classic style can give a wedding invitation a stately air. Champignon also comes with a secondary font that allows users to embellish letters of your choice with swashes. (Available for both MAC and PC users)

Champignon free script fonts preview

A fancy script font that is still quite readable despite of its exaggerated swooshes and swirls. Remember to use alternate characters to add variety and enhance readability of this typeface.

freebooter free script fonts preview

This type mimics cursive handwriting but is more formal and stylized. The letters also tend to connect between letters. The classic look of this beautiful script makes it a good choice for wedding and other formal invitation. (True Type Font for PC).

Commscript free script fonts preview

This lovely formal script font was distributed by Prima for free to introduce users to its commercial CD collection of fonts.(True Type Font for PC)

Exmouth free script fonts preview

Thistypeface is commonly used for wedding invitations and other formal documents. This may be downloaded for free from Dafont.

Old Script formal script fonts preview

Described by its author Edward Benguiat as emotional, lyrical, even passionate calligraphic typeface, Edwardian script has a look of a true handwriting. Its appearance was influenced by the look of writing with a steel pointed pen, an instrument which can be pushed as well as pulled, and which produces stroke contrast when pressure upon it is varied.

Edwardian script fonts preview


The Shelley Script font was designed by Matthew Carter to be used as a new script face for the photo typesetting machines. The basic idea was to create one script font that would offer different elegant letter scforms.

Shelley script fonts preview


This typeface has a flowing and artistic, yet scholarly look, making it one of the favorites for formal invitations or announcements. You may also use this script font to add a personal touch to some types of work other than invitations. An advantage of this typeface is that there is also a bold and black version, something that is rare in copperplate fonts.

Kunstler free script fonts preview

Other runner up fonts:

11 – Adine Kinberg Script

Adine Kirnberg script fonts

12 – Windsong Font

Windsong free script fonts

13 -Belphebe

Belphebe free script font preview


hancock free script font preview


ohio free script font preview


marriage free script font

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  1. I appreciate the effort and time taken to compile this post, but none of the fonts you’ve selected really resonated with me.

    I’ve always had a hard time finding a script font that I actually like though.

  2. nice article, This is a post to check and return to, bookmarked. Added a subscription to your feed.

  3. @Philip Downer
    Try Bickham Script Pro it has excellent alternative characters

  4. hi, i’m trying to look for PF Champion script font, anyone have it, i really need it for my wedding invitation. thanks

  5. Scriptina can be made to look really nice with some work in Photoshop, basically feathering the edges to make it look softer.

    Not a big fan of any of the other fonts on here though to be honest.

  6. Does anyone know if there are alternate names for Markham and Florham fonts used by Encore

  7. Markham is Bickham with Swash capitals and alternate “g, p, and y”

  8. Hi

    I’m trying to download script font 7 onwards, but keep getting an error message. Do you know why?

    Also, from font 1-6, I can’t find any terms of use relating to commercial use. Do you know where I can find these terms?

  9. good, thanks

  10. Thank you for the lovely fonts, I really like script fonts. They look really good if you use them wisely in a design =D

  11. I was trying hard to get these scripts.. thank u very much for making it so easy.. :)

  12. Thank you very much for sharing this, it is just something i’ve been searching through the net. :)

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