Over 200 Free Old Paper Textures for Vintage Effect

Aside from wood textures, the other texture type  that is equally gaining popularity among designers and hobbyists are old paper  textures. Today, good quality paper backgrounds are a must in any designer’s toolbox. So, in this roundup, I am going to provide links to impressive high quality old and vintage paper textures that you can use in your projects. Starting from grungy to old paper backgrounds to old cardboard, there are more kinds of papers to check out. Use these paper backgrounds to make grunge theme of web background or as background to your digital scrap booking projects. You can also add these items to add texture to any design using layers in Photoshop.  Terms of use of most of these free paper textures are governed by Creative Commons License. I hope you will also find these paper background textures useful.

To download the set that you want, simply click on the preview image.


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01- Grungy High Resolution Paper Textures
This set of free old paper backgrounds includes six high-resolution grungy and crumpled paper backgrounds. These may be downloaded and used for free. Full size of these textures are 2005 by 3000 pixels each.

grungy high-resolution and crumpled old paper textures


02– High Resolution Plain and Grunge Paper Textures by Fudge Graphics
There are 10 free high resolution old paper textures divided into 2 sets (plain and grunge) in this set. Resolution of each image is about 3000 pixels wide.

grungy old paper texture background


03– Grunge Paper Textures by Best Photoshop Tutorials
This pack contains five large-sized grunge and old paper images that you can use in any of your Photoshop project. The size of each image is set at around 1280 pixels by 1024 pixels.

grungy paper textures in dark brown


04– Paper and Cardboard Textures from Grunge Textures
This set contains high-resolution stock photos of old paper and cardboard. All images are licensed under Creative Commons.

old paper and cardboard texture background


05– Paper Backgrounds and Textures from Creative Closeup
This set contains 30 high-resolution old paper pictures that you can use as background. Please visit the site to download the items that you would like to download.

vintage scanned paper textures


06– Fantastically Free High Res Brown Paper Textures
If you are a fan of the distressed and craft like feel of old brown paper, then this set is for you. The five old paper pictures included in the pack are scanned from the likes of parcel wrapping, grocery bags and old envelopes. At 300 DPI each, these textures are not only useful for web design projects but also for print.

distressed old paper textures


07- Exclusive Paper Textures
This is the first texture set released at PSDFAN. The ten (10)old paper textures are offered by PSDFAN for free. Actual size of each texture image is 1280 pixes by 960 pixels.

old brown paper texture background


08- High Resolution Burnt Paper Textures
There are 19 burnt paper textures included in this set. The resolution of each image is relatively high at 1600 pixels by 1135 pixels. Some of them may need some color adjustments and cleaning up. But generally, they are fun to play with and add to your designs.

burnt paper textures


09– Old Book Cover Textures by Lost and Taken
The set contains 15 high resolution and absolutely free to use old paper textures from scanned images of books in various states of disrepair and sometimes decomposition.

old book cover paper textures


10– High Resolution Cardboard Textures and Objects from Six Revisions
Cardboard textures and objects can be used in numerous ways to give a design a raw and realistic look. You will find a variety of very high-resolution paper backgrounds and pieces that you can use in any manner you choose. You can even use these paper backgrounds and objects for commercial work without attribution. However, even if the author does not require attribution, let us give credit to whom credit is due.

old cardboard textures


11– Grunge Book Cover Textures from Lost and Taken
There are nine 15 old paper textures in this pack composed of scans of old book covers. These book covers were originally sourced from the public domain over at FromOldBooks.org. This version are more grungy since these are already edited using Photoshop to make them look dirtier.  Just a forewarning: these textures are not super high-res, most are around 1200px-1500px.

grunge book cover textures


12 – Old Paper Pack
This pack contains 12 images composed of 4 old papers with ragged edges and transparent backgrounds, 4 scrolls with ragged edges and transparent backgrounds, and 4 aged paper textures all in PNG format.

old paper textures pack


13 – Natural Paper Texture by cloaks
This pack contains nine old paper textures made from natural paper. The file size of the zipped downloadable file is 3.4 MB, with resolution of each image set at 1024 x 850 pixels.

natural fiber paper textures


14– Paper Grunge Textures
This set includes five (5) large grunge paper and other miscellaneous textures. Resolution of the images are  at 749×443 pixels, 821×408 pixels, 747×443 pixels, 821×408 pixels and 816×408 pixels. Total file size is 3.1 MB.

old grungy paper textures


15– 14 Large Paper Textures
These old paper textures were scanned from some old papers and book pages. These would be pretty useful for people who want to give their designs or general art stuff an antiquarian look.

old high-resolution paper textures


16-Delicate Grunge Paper – vol.2
A new set of old paper textures that you can use for anything, from digital art, texture to background, etc.

delicate grunge paper texture


17 -160 Old Paper Textures: Grungy, Vintage, Crumpled, Wrinkled, Stained, Torn and Burned!
Here is an amazing collection of 160 free old paper textures from the Deviant Art site.

large pack of old paper textures

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